Wednesday 6/29/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 6/29/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge barks to Bill to let this go. If he cares about Brooke then let her go and go home and honor his wife. Bill growls this is none of his business and has nothing to do with Ridge. Ridge says it is tearing Brooke up and not to even mention what it is doing to Katie. Just go home to her and leave Brooke out of this. Bill says to be a gentleman and back out the door. Rick visits Katie and plays with Will and she wants to tell him something about his mother. She admits that she has been drinking a little too much in the last few months and as such Brooke and Bill are left alone talking about her a little too much. Wyatt tells Steffy he is putting all his faith in her leading his followers. Quinn barges in, saying the door was unlocked. Steffy says she is not allowed here, she is no longer family. Quinn just smiles and says she is behaving. Wyatt goes to her and says she needs to call him first. Quinn says they are family and she only wants to see them. Steffy says okay, but not here in this house. She never wants to see her again. Bill says Brooke is not just a side piece and who is Ridge with his secrets to tell him what to do. Brooke asks to talk to Bill alone. Bill tells her there is nothing to say; he is not leaving her. Rick tells Katie that even if there were feelings Brooke would never act on it. She loves Katie too much. She says she has asked Brooke and she says nothing has happened. But Bill has changed and is always at the office for no reason and she starts wondering if they are together. She does not want to feel this way but she does. She looks at the bottle and begins to sweat. Bill gets a phone call at that moment from Katie asking when he will be there for dinner. Will wants to know. He says he will be home soon….can’t wait to see him. Brooke tells him that is his family and they cherish him. He says he has not been happy in a long time. Brooke says this has to stop today. It is only torturing Katie. It is the lies she has been telling Katie. She senses it….she feels it. He needs to go home and be her husband. Bill admits he does not want to lose Katie and Will but he does not want to lose Brooke either. Brooke says he already has and now he just needs to go home and reassure Katie. Steffy says she is not telling Quinn she cannot see her son but just not here. And stay away from Liam. She should thank her lucky stars that she is not in prison. Quinn says all she has ever wanted is to be respected by Steffy and have the love of her son. Steffy snarls again that she does not want Quinn in her life at all.

Ridge comes back and asks Brooke how did it go with Bill. She says she told him. She has been trying but Bill won’t hear it. She says she does love Bill but she loves Katie more and it is her happiness that matters. Katie holds the bottle….Bill comes home and says he is home. He kisses her and says again more emphatically he is home. She cries and clings to him. She pours the bottle down the sink and goes back to his arms. Steffy tells Wyatt that his mother is a liability. She just pops in and stirs the pot like the witch she is and then leaves. She does not even know where she goes now. Wyatt tells her that she knows the house is off limits. You only get one mother and he is stuck with her. He wants to talk about something more important. Quinn goes into a room and smiles when she sees a man lying there. She grins that is good, she cannot get enough of him. She walks over and runs her hands up and down his bare leg to his face and kisses him. It is Eric!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad demanded answer about what happened to Abby. Chad called JJ to find out if he heard anything about Abby. Brady told Maggie that Summer played them. Summer overheard Brady talking about her and tried to explain herself. Theresa took Tate to the park, but got sleepy and nodded off. Victor happened to walk up on her and saw her sleeping. Victor put her in her place about not paying attention to Tate. Nicole arrived at Chloeís place and saw Deimos there. Theresa defended herself to Victor about not watching Tate. JJ showed up at the hospital and showed Chad the bandages she was wearing. JJ also found out that Abby started the fire at the hospital. There was videotaped footage of her at the hospital starting the fire. JJ said that she would have to go to the state facility once she was caught. Deimos reminded Nicole what happened the last time they saw each other. Nicole wanted him to tell the police that he was alive. Theresa let Victor know that no one would keep Brady and Tate from her. Victor warned her that Brady would eventually leave her. Brady didnít believe what Summer said about Clarke.

Chad called someone and demanded that he/she look for Abby and keep him informed about the search. Chad didnít want anyone else to know that there was a search for her. Janet saw Summer at the town square and demanded that she tell her what happened to Clarke. Nicole told Deimos about Kate pretending to be his wife. Deimos knew what Kate did. She also told Deimos that Kate videotaped their argument and told the police that she killed him. She wanted Deimos to go back to Salem with her and clear her name. Victor arrived home and saw how upset Maggie and that Brady tried to comfort her. Victor let Brady and Maggie know that he knew about Clarke and that he worked with Summer. Victor blamed Brady for Summer being in town. Maggie warned Victor to stop blaming Brady for it. Deimos agreed to go back to Salem with Nicole if she would tell him how she felt about him. Nicole reminded Deimos what he did to Maggie. He believed that Nicole had feelings for him. Victor poured his heart out to Maggie but she told him that he was the one who hurt her. Summer went back to her room and saw the $50,000 on the bed. JJ warned Chad not to do anything foolish when it concerned Abby. Nicole and Deimos poured their hearts out to each other and Chloe overheard them talking.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Morgan announces to both of his parents that his life is back on track and reveals the main reason why he's happier than they've seen him in a long time and, for the first time, confident that he will succeed, is because he's back with Kiki. Although they are both encouraged to hear that, they both warn him not to make Kiki the sole source of his happiness and well being. He's not worried, confident that Kiki has willfully chosen him over Dillon Quartermaine. However, as they speak, Dillon finds Kiki and urgently protests to her that she needs to get over Morgan, realize he's holding her down and her future will be better if she's with him instead. At first, she raises objections but admits that she seriously considered Dillon before he "let her go" and make her own decision, and that has not changed. They kiss and are seen by Carly who is outraged knowing that her son has just informed her that Kiki is committed only to him and done with Dillon. Maxie and Nathan are ready to set their wedding date. Yet she senses that the plans may be "cursed" for some reason. Meanwhile, Griffin reveals to Anna that while he was a priest, he made a fatal mistake by "crossing the line" with a married woman, although he does not reveal to her who the woman was, nor her husband, nor the specific consequences that occurred. However, we see the "flashback" of his "encounter" and the distinct ring the woman had on her finger. We then see Maxie and Nathan's wedding announcement and the hand of a woman observing it on her tablet, wearing the same ring as Griffin's married partner was wearing. When Sonny informs Julian that Alexis is pregnant and Julian realizes it may be true, for all he knows, he returns home to his wife. She adamantly tells him they are through and whatever happens with her pregnancy, he will have nothing to do with any of it. He protests that he is reconsidering what he previous planned. When she "prompts" him to tell her that he murdered Carlos and set her up to take the fall for it, he tells her he will "do what she wants", under the condition that she takes a pregnancy test, in front of him, in order to prove she is really pregnant.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy and Travis have a confrontation at the bar in which Billy makes it clear that he will always protect Victoria so he better not take advantage of her. Victoria arrives and she and Billy argue because he doesn't want the kids to be put in danger by a stranger. Victoria tells Travis that Billy can't stand that she is falling in love again and that is why he came to have a talk with him. Chelsea manages to get Ian to believe that she and Adam plan to help him escape after he testifies on his behalf. Michael sees the footage from the jail that Kevin has of the mystery woman helping Victor frame Adam. Kevin tells Michael he can't figure out the identity of the woman yet. Michael shows the footage to Adam and he and Chelsea are hopeful that if they find the woman he can be free to be with his family. Michael tries to persuade Nick to help with Adam's plan to prove that Victor framed him. Phyllis can't stop thinking about Billy while she is at the Abbot cabin with Jack, and she pretends to be drunk and pass out so she won't have to make love to Jack.

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