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The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 6/28/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill relives the moment when Brooke tells him they cannot do this anymore. He calls her and she says she cannot talk now; do not call back. He calls a quick meeting and has someone special come in and prepares the repast of caviar and champagne. Steffy and Wyatt are impressed. He tells them they are the bright stars in his otherwise dark clouds. Wyatt asks and Bill says no just a little bump in the road. Wyatt informs Bill they are losing some of their audience to the internet. They need to be more creative to their magazines with gossip and information. He thinks Steffy can bring that to marketing. He wants her to be outrageous and more…..everything money can buy. Bill thinks it is a good pitch so if Steffy is okay with it, he will go with it. Liam walks in late and says this looks like a meeting and he was not told. Bill tells him to settle down. All is okay. Liam gets on his soapbox and tries to convince Bill and Wyatt and wonder why they do not see the value of this. Bill even texts at same time and is not listening to Liam. This upsets him of course. Liam takes offense and says fine he will do this on his own. Bill says he told him that a few hours ago – do it on his own time. Liam storms off.

Ridge comes at Brooke’s call and she fills him in on the divide between Katie and Bill and her caught in the middle. She confesses she never got over Bill and now it has become a problem. He says he is sorry but Katie and Bill will get her back on track. Will deserves both of his bio parents to raise him. Every child deserves that. She asks if he just heard what he said….does that mean Douglas too? Ridge admits he was being King Ridge again and only doing what was best for him. He thought Thomas had taken advantage of Caroline but he was wrong. She admitted it was a misunderstanding and the only one who misunderstood was him. So he has given up all claims on Douglas. He feels sort of numb now. Ridge tells her that Will has a mommy and a daddy so she has to let Spencer go. He says he unburdened himself but he feels okay. She says when he first came back from Paris she thought he came back for her. Ridge tells her that she is not being firm with Bill. Just do it. Wyatt tells Steffy that his brother has a big heart and he knows it will be a big success and they will help him. He tells Steffy that she is the image he wants to promote. Bill gave him this job but he feels like it is a shadow of a doubt. He’s a Spencer and Liam will make a good thing with this foundation and he needs to see his goal through too with her help. He wants to know if she is with him and she says she cannot resist. Brooke goes to Bill’s office. He starts something and she says no that is not why she came. He kisses her and Ridge walks in the door and tells him that is enough; take his hands off of Brooke.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

John told Brady about Clarkeís sister looking for him. Summer let Dario know that Janet was going to investigate what happened to her brother. Aiden and Hope had a romantic evening at the lodge. Hope was a little hesitant at first, but she started to enjoy herself. Dario wanted Summer to calm down because she panicked over Janet being in town. Summer wanted to leave town. Dario let her know that was a bad idea. Summer was afraid that Janet would tell Brady who Clare really was. Brady told John that Summer got $50,000 from him to give to Clarke. Hope thought about being with Aiden and when he tried to kill her. She stopped dancing with Aiden and he wanted to know what was wrong.

Hope explained to Aiden that she had a good and bad memory about their lives together. Aiden was upset because he looked like Hopeís attacker. Dario assured Summer that she could handle Janet. Brady showed up at Summerís place to demand answers about Clarke. Brady wanted to know if she and Clare were working together to con him. Aiden reminded Hope that he wasnít the one who tried to kill her, but he knew she saw his face. Hope didnít want Aiden to think about what happened. She didnít want him to feel the way that she feels. Brady demanded Answers from Summer about Clarke. Summer lied and said that Clarke left with the money. Dario tried to defend Summer and Brady assumed he was working with her. Aiden made Hope feel better and they kissed again. Summer told Brady that Dario wasnít involved with her and Clarke. Brady reminded Summer that he helped her when she didnít have anyone. Dario tried to butt in again, but Brady yelled at him. Brady thought it was a mistake to bring her to Salem. Aiden wanted to make love to Hope, but she wasnít ready for that yet. Summer apologized to Brady for not telling him about Clarke. Brady wanted Summer to leave town and go back to LA.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Kristina still has Parker on the brain and is leaving messages for her while with Aaron. She expresses concerns for the fact that her mother has been arrested for murder and has clearly been set up by her stepfather. As Julian is hearing Carlos' ghost tell him he has to kill Alexis before she has him put away for murder, she has her own strategy to prove he's framed her for murder. While taking a bath and appearing to him like she suspects nothing, she is recording him from her phone. Sonny comes to visit her and demands to know why Julian is still in the house, endangering not only her but Sonny's daughter and niece, and why Alexis is blinded by this loser and all he's done to ruin her life. Alone with Sonny, she informs him she has a plan yet he informs her he bets Julian plans to kill her since it's the only way for him to save himself from what he knows she's doing, as they speak. Sonny later goes to The Metro Court, finds Julian sitting alone and informs him that Alexis is pregnant. Dante and Lulu are happily together celebrating getting back together, closing the deal on their dream house and the prospect of having another child. Yet she admits that she is empty with the fact that her brother, Nikolas is likely dead and will never get to meet their prospective child. She realizes that although Lucky could be there for herself and her mom, she cannot ask that of him because he's very much like her father, who is habitually MIA when his family needs him. She informs Dante that Nikolas was always there for his family and she cannot accept the fact that she is likely to never see him again. Nikolas and Ava are on the run and have successfully escaped Huxley and his helpers. At first, he wants to go to Greece and for her to return to Port Charles. Yet he later realizes that maybe the should travel together. Jason is alone and finds a guy who pulls a gun on him but manages to disempower and disarm him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Phyllis and Ashley have a meeting to discuss their working together and also about the figures for the last three months. Ashley reminds Phyllis that tomorrow is Jack's birthday or has she forgotten. Billy and Johnny have a day out together. Nick, Sharon, and Mariah discuss  the fact that Natalie is working with Victor to set up Adam. Kevin questions Natalie about her involvement with Victor and possibly being his accomplice. Natalie denies her involvement. Kevin gets a call from Victoria, but Kevin tells Natalie to keep trying to find out who mystery woman is. Victoria is in her office with Luca and Summer discussing Travis' possible involvement in the oil spill. At the Coffeehouse, Jack and Hilary discuss his birthday. Once Jack leaves, Hilary gets on the phone to plan a surprise birthday party for Jack. Lily walks up  and tells Hilary that she cannot believe her. Phyllis denies forgetting Jack's birthday. Ashley tells Phyllis that the other night Billy had a picnic laid out in the living room for a very special lady. Ashley tells Phyllis to take Jack to the cabin for his birthday. Victoria, Luca, and Summer discuss Luca trashing her in front of Travis. Summer is surprised that Luca would trash her aunt in front of Travis. Kevin interrupts them and acts as though he doesn't have any leads. Nick walks in and tells Kevin that he is covering  for Natalie. Sharon and Mariah discuss her meeting with Dr. Miller and her suggestions. Sharon tells Mariah that she sees Sage everywhere.

Mariah tells Sharon some of Dr. Miller's suggestions such as hypnosis, but Sharon is dead set against it. She becomes quiet and feels as though the walls are closing in on her. Lily and Hilary argue when Lily accuses her of trying to get her hooks into Jack. Lily puts Hilary out of the club and tells her to pack her bags. Kevin tells the others about the film footage and the woman who resembles Natalie. Natalie joins them with evidence that it is some other woman who is Victor's accomplice. Phyllis joins Billy and Johnny in the foyer. Billy asks Phyllis about her going away with Jack and begs her not to go, but Phyllis insists that she has to. Jack and Hilary meet at the Coffeehouse and he tells her he is going away for his birthday. Phyllis and Ashley meet to discuss business. Kevin apologizes to Natalie and they make plans for the evening. Luca rejoins Summer in Victoria's office. Summer looks at Luca and remembers her talk with Nick about not trusting Luca. Nick comes back to Sharon's to talk to Faith. Nick asks Mariah if Sharon is taking her meds. Lily stops Hilary from coming back to the Athletic Club, but Hilary tells her that she will ask for this place in her divorce settlement so Lily had better polish up her resume.

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