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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie grills Brooke if Bill kissed her. That voice in her head makes her ask. She needs the truth from Brooke. Katie says Brooke is very quiet; she must be right. They must be right back where they started. Bill comes in and Brooke laments that Katie has that desire to drink again and she is thinking it has something to do with them. Bill stands there and says he has made a commitment to her and this family and Brooke feels the same way. So they are doing their part and Katie needs to do the same. He hugs her. She says she must have done it again in not believing him, and she knows he will not betray her again. She goes to check on Will. Bill accuses Brooke of almost telling Katie about them. Brooke tells him that she does not want to betray her sister and what they are doing is wrong. He does not care about that. Katie needs help and they do not have the option of telling her the truth in her fragile state. He will not go on without Brooke. She says he will have to as she is not going to continue this. Bill tells Brooke that nothing he said to Katie was a lie. They will be there for Katie and this will not hurt her. She keeps saying they will be torturing Katie so she will not come over here again nor is he to come to her house. She cannot do this.

Ridge says he was over-reacting over what happened that night and he has only been wanting to protect his family since then. He has misjudged Thomas since then, but he retorts that this is Thomas' baby now. Caroline hands Douglas to Thomas. Ridge tells Thomas that he loves him and apologies to Caroline for taking some special moments away from her and Thomas so he will leave them alone and let them share some now. Ridge watches from the staircase above as Thomas sits besides Caroline and says this is the way it should be – the three of them. He wants Douglas to know he is his dad and recognize him when he sees him each day. He can never get that time back he missed, but he wants to be there from now on. Thomas says Caroline was vulnerable but in love with another man. He wants to be there for Douglas and for her if she will let him. At that point Ridge walks away and does not hear her reply. Thomas says he needs something deeper. He wants to be with Caroline now and his son. His parents need to be together to give Douglas the best life possible. She has the opportunity to do that now. She tells him to hold on. She knows a lot has happened today and they will work this out. But she still loves Ridge and she and Thomas cannot be a family like he wants. Katie comes back and says Will is fine. She sees how quiet Bill is and sees Brooke is gone, and he must be upset with Katie and all her accusations. She cries that she is tired of feeling this way, and she hopes he has not given up on her as she does love him. She hugs him and he tries to hold her as well while Brooke is remembering the words. Suddenly Ridge is there per her call. She says she betrayed somebody, her sister.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Theresa and Brady announced that they were getting married. Summer overheard them and wasnít happy about the news. Chloe wanted Deimos to leave, but he tried to explain how he felt about her as well as Nicole. Andre wanted to help Kate with whatís going on with Deimos. Kate was skeptical about taking his help. Chloe called Nicole back and asked her about Deimos. Nicole told Chloe that Kate said she pushed Deimos. Andre tried to convince Kate that Deimos was going to come after her. Kate was convinced that Andre was wrong.

Maggie yelled at Victor for the way he treated Brady, Theresa, and Summer. Victor tried to apologize to Maggie and wanted to take her on a cruise. Maggie refused to go with him and asked him to leave. Summer ran into Brady and Theresa at the town square. Theresa wasnít happy to see Summer and didnít hesitate to let her know that. Summer ended up leaving and Brady got upset with Theresa for the way she spoke to Summer. Nicole told Chloe everything that Kate did. Deimos was shocked when he overheard Chloe say that he was married to Kate. Victor talked to Caroline about Theresa. The conversation took a bad turn when Victor badmouthed Theresa. Nicole told Chloe that she was being charged with Deimosí murder. Deimos assured Chloe that he didnít marry Kate. Chloe assured Nicole that Kate wouldnít get away with what she did. Janet went to see Summer because she was worried about her brother, Clarke. Janet thought Summer had something to do with his disappearance. Summer told her that she didnít do anything to him. Victor reminded Caroline about the things that Theresa did. Caroline assured Victor that Theresa has changed. Caroline yelled at Victor about his ways. Brady reminded Theresa that Summer didnít have anything and that she should cut her some slack. Janet approached John about finding Clarke. Caroline wised Victor to change or he would lose Maggie. Kate decided to let Andre stay with her after he continued to convince her that he needed her help. Chloe told Deimos that Kateís framing Nicole and that he had to help her. Deimos agreed that he had to go back to Salem.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

When Alexis returns home after posting bail, Julian is surprised to see her, realizing there's an excellent case against her to get her convicted for the murder of Carlos. She is also equally unpleasantly surprised to see him, knowing he's framed her and she cannot trust him. He continues to see the ghost of Carlos reminding him that Alexis has sold him out and the only way to protect himself is to kill her. He first suggests Julian poison her. When she gets up to take a bath, Carlos reminds Julian he could drown her. Julian argues that he cannot do that to his wife yet Carlos continues to remind him it's either that or he risks having Alexis send him to prison and ruin his life. Meanwhile, Sam is with Jason in London still unsuccessful in finding Nikolas, when she finds out, for the first time, that her mom has been arrested for the murder of Carlos, which everyone knows Alexis did not commit. She realizes that either her mom is so brainwashed by her dad that she's willing to put her life on the line for him or else he's framed and threatened her. Sam realizes she has to get back to Port Charles to be there for her mom. We wonder if Julian will really go through with murdering Alexis before Sam returns.

Back in London, although Nikolas and Ava have escaped Huxley and have not been found by Sam or Jason, they realize they are both in trouble if they return to Port Charles or get found out by anyone. He tells her he wants to wash his hands of her but she reminds him how easily she could let everyone know that he staged his own death and enable them to find him. At that point, they are stuck together. Back in Port Charles, Finn notices that Sabrina's baby has a fatal and urgent illness that needs to get treated. Tracy and Michael rush the baby to the hospital and although Finn is suspended, they insist that he gets to treat baby Teddy. He asks all the appropriate questions of Sabrina in order to figure out exactly what happened and knows exactly how to treat it. At first, Monica does not intend to let him do that but later realizes saving the baby's life is the most important thing. Dr. Obrecht calls security and they send Valerie Spencer to arrest Finn. She gets ready to do so until the others tell her that letting Finn save a baby's life is the top priority. Finn informs her after he's finished doing that, she may arrest him. He is successful and praised by everyone however, Valerie does inform him she has to place him under arrest regardless.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kevin accuses Natalie of working with Victor.  She denies the allegations, so Kevin goes to visit Victor who doesn't tell him anything about who he is using to do his dirty work.  Natalie and Kevin hack into the prison computer and discover that Victor is working with a woman, but they don't know the woman's identity.  Sharon continues to be haunted by Sage. Since she isn't taking her medication now, she sees Sage more often to the point of distraction.  Mariah goes to Sharon's doctor and tells her  that she is having nightmares and needs sleeping pills and agrees to arrange more sessions so they can talk.  Mariah thinks that if she tells Sharon's doctor what is happening to her without using her name, Sharon can get help dealing with her guilt over keeping Nick away from Christian.

Adam tries to be strong for his family, but as the evidence against him mounts, he fears he will go to prison.  Mariah and Natalie have a jealous argument about Kevin.  Natalie tells Mariah that she won't allow her to come between her and Kevin by making him think she is working for Victor.  Mariah goes home and tells Sharon and Nick that Kevin thinks Natalie is working for Victor to help him cause the oil spills.  Michael goes to visit Victor in jail and asks him to reconsider taking Adam away from his family.  Victor tells Michael that soon everyone will know what he thinks of Adam when he testifies at his trial.

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