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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Caroline tells Ridge that she knows he does not want to her this but Thomas is right. It is time to tell everyone the truth. Liam continues to hound Bill and Wyatt about his feelings for the business. Wyatt tells Steffy that this foundation of Liam’s sounds crazy and something he does not want to discuss with their own kids some day. Liam says he knows it is not his comfort zone but it would be a good thing. Bill says Liam is not going anywhere. It is all about the dollar, so if Liam wants a foundation then do it on the weekend on his own time. Nine to five he expects him to be here; he needs them both. Wyatt apologizes for telling Liam that he can go elsewhere. He wants them to get along. Katie and Brooke bond more over a cup of coffee in Katie’s kitchen as Katie relates how much happier she is now. They discuss Thomas and how he wants to acknowledge his child. Even Thomas joins in and tells Ridge to look and see how this is affecting his wife. Ridge tells Caroline to please not give up on their family; they can still do this.

Caroline is teary eyed as she says they need to give Thomas his son. They can stand before everyone and tell them the truth and not let it become a scandal. Thomas tells Ridge again do not do this to his wife. He is not asking them to give Douglas up or love him any less; just to let him call him his son. Caroline explains again this won’t change anything. They will all be in Douglas’s life. She simply cannot live with the lie anymore. It’s not fair to Douglas or Thomas. Ridge says Thomas gets to see and hold Douglas any time he wants; that should be enough. Caroline goes on that it is his anger, how he keeps on going over that night. It should not have happened but it did. Ridge had broken up with her and she needed someone and that someone that night was Thomas. Now they just all have to let go of that anger and admit that Thomas is the father. She is telling Ridge that she cannot lie anymore or live like this anymore. Ridge admits he just wanted to give her the world and he did not know what that night meant until now. He picks up Douglas and says he called him his son but he is not going to do that anymore. He hands him to Thomas to hold. Both Wyatt and Bill have to leave, leaving Liam and Steffy alone. He says he is not giving up on this foundation. He will make time to sink his teeth into something positive. He needs a distraction and will wait for Steffy. In their bonding Katie senses that Brooke is more peaceful now; there must be a man in her life. When Brooke won’t tell her who, she guesses it is still Bill. She says she does not want to drink but sometimes that little voice inside her head tells her that Brooke has not given up and to drink is the only way to quiet the little voice. Brooke tells her that voice is her disease. Katie asks her to assure her that nothing is going on between her and Bill. Has he kissed her, touched her, did he do anything inappropriate? She wants to know now.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad found André at the mansion. Chad caught André taking money from the safe. Chad warned André to stay out of his life. André wanted to get long for Stefano. Abby talked to Dr. Robinson about wanting to leave the hospital. Abby pictured Ben telling her that she would never get rid of him. Deimos offered to take Chloe and Parker away with him. Chloe wasn’t sure if she should believe what he said. Deimos said he wanted to be the man he was when he was with her. They kissed each other. Kate let Nicole know that she was fired. Nicole begged Kate to tell the police what really happened at the river. Chad didn’t want to make things right with André and told him to get out. Ben told Abby she would be in the state hospital for the rest of her life. Abby screamed and the guard came in her room. The guard didn’t see that she was “talking to Ben”. Chloe broke off the kiss with Deimos. Deimos believed they had something between them. Chloe told Deimos about her childhood. Deimos didn’t want to hurt her so he started to leave. Chloe stopped him and they began to make out on the couch.

Kate explained to Nicole that it was too late for her to tell the truth about Deimos. Chloe and Deimos had sex. Deimos still wanted Chloe to run away with him. Nicole hoped that Deimos would show up. Dario wanted to take Nicole’s mind off the case. Chloe was upset when she thought Deimos was in love with Nicole. Chloe wanted Deimos to leave. Dario took Nicole to TBD. Abby tried to sneak out of Dr. Robinson’s office until she came back. Chloe called Nicole and debated on whether to tell her about Deimos. Abby snuck out of Dr. Robinson’s office and left the hospital.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Alexis is accused of Carlos' murder, but Diane is able to get her bail so she does not have to sit in jail. Paul listens to Anna and they agree that Julian should go down for the murder of Carlos instead of Alexis although the mayor is angry and disappointed in the DA for not denying Alexis bail, revealing she'd like nothing more than to get back at her after Alexis humiliated her not long ago in the breastfeeding case. Anna urges Alexis to get home ASAP and find evidence to clear her name, bring Julian to justice and get him out of her life once and for all. Alexis listens when Anna tells her she knows there's got to be something she can find for evidence because Julian had to have missed something and could not have cleaned everything perfectly to destroy evidence. In this time, Julian has returned to the house and sees the ghost of Carlos taunting him and telling him he has to frame Alexis and realize if he does not, she will turn on him. Julian protests that he loves Alexis and knows she loves him although Carlos tells him he has to wake up and realize that is not true, he cannot trust her needs to save his own skin. After listening to Anna, she returns home to do what she intends to do. Yet she is disenchanted when she returns home and sees Julian there. Sabrina tells Felix she needs to take care of her baby alone and does not want to give Michael that responsibility yet he urges her to consider getting back with Michael. Carly discusses the same thing with her son, urging him not to let Sabrina use him as a daddy figure when she betrayed him, disappeared with Carlos and made Michael unimportant in her life. Yet Michael tells his mom regardless of that, he intends to commit to her baby. Right then, Tracy calls Finn and tells him even if he can't legally practice medicine at GH, he can come to her house and talk and treat her there. Monica returns home and reminds them that if she allows Finn to have access to files and do what Tracy wants, GH could be exposed to lawsuits and she could be in trouble. Right then, Finn instantly notices that Sabrina's baby is ill and they rush him to the hospital and Michael goes with them. While she is talking to Felix at the hospital, they rush her baby in and she is shocked that she was unaware, as well as surprised to see Michael with Tracy and Finn ready to be there for her baby. Ava and Nikolas are in London. Sam and Jason are not far behind them when they find Huxley. He agrees to their terms and they hope that they will be able to catch Nikolas in his game.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Dylan informs Adam and Chelsea that Constance's body was exhumed and was riddled with poison. He has a warrant to search Adam's home. Adam throws a fit and calls Michael, who is having coffee with Kevin, who is waiting for Natalie to show up for a date. Dylan also has proof that Adam rented a storage unit under the name Gabriel Bingham. Adam admits he and Sage rented a storage space for Constance's belongings after she died but he'd never been there. The search of his home produces the key to the storage. Adam claims he doesn't know how it got there. Chelsea thinks Sage must have dropped it there when she was staying with them.

Luca shows up to Newman Enterprises bloody, claiming that Travis hit him when he told of his involvement in the oil spills. Victoria feels stupid but Nick tells her he was also fooled. Summer takes Luca away to clean him up. Travis arrives and gives a different story. He claims he had nothing to do with the oil spills and only hit Luca because he was being disrespectful to Victoria. Victoria and Nick agree they need to follow all leads. Luca convinces Summer he is telling the truth. They make love, then go to the club for burgers and a swim. Nick talks to Summer there and puts questions in her head about Luca. Again, Luca is able to convince her he is innocent and just trying to prove himself. Victoria goes to Hank's Bar to apologize to Travis. He accepts and they kiss. Victoria calls Kevin and asks him to check the computer for evidence as to who was behind the oil spills. The warden walks in as Meredith is about to kiss Victor. He warns Meredith to keep things professional or he will have her transferred. He warns Victor not to try anything along with Ian when they testify in Adam's trial. Nick visits Victor and asks for his help. Victor tells Nick to take a page out of his father's book and do what he has to do to protect his family. Victor meets with the mystery woman and tells her there is one more task to seal Adam's fate. He gives her a key. She uses it to get into Adam's storage. She plants a bottle of poison, which the police find when they search the storage unit. They present it to Adam, who says he's never seen it before. Kevin finds evidence that Natalie has been working with Victor. He confronts her at Crimson Lights.

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