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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With both men sitting side by side Bill reminds Wyatt and Liam they are Spencer’s and he expects loyalty and commitment from them. Liam wants to know what exactly are their roles now at the office. He appreciates what Spencer’s does but maybe it now needs a bigger stage. He thinks they could use the power and resources to make a difference in this world. Wyatt agrees they should not take that success and sit back, they could make a change in the world. Bill says this company is not a charity and he did not start this company for them to flush their profits down the toilet. Liam argues there is a difference and he could leave a legacy and a right way to give back. He says most of their magazines are just gossip and trash and they could do better with integrity. Wyatt isn’t sure the public wants change and it might be the wrong thing right now. Thomas comes in from a swim and tells his dad that he is trying to figure it out but he cannot do this anymore concerning Douglas. Ridge reminds him again that he was not raised by Massimo his bio father and it turned out okay. Thomas says it is different. The night Douglas was conceived was a misunderstanding. Ridge has used that night to take his son from him. He needs his real father. Ridge tells him to go for another swim and think on it again but he has to accept this. Thomas keeps saying it won’t work. Douglas is his son and Douglas and everyone else needs to know it. Caroline has a little chit chat with Steffy about all that testosterone living with the Spencer and Forrester men. It isn’t easy they both agree. Steffy says Wyatt and Liam are so different but she loves them both. She does not want to keep secrets.

Liam and Wyatt keep butting heads. Bill tells them the quarterly reports are up and he does not intend to chunk all of that for this new idea. Steffy comes in and says she was called for. Liam says it is about time….someone on his side. He tells Steffy there are a lot of causes out there that can use their help. She listens and says there are charities that even Stephanie helped, but Liam wants to do more. Wyatt tells him this is a little crazy. Liam wants to know what Steffy thinks. Thomas tells Ridge that he will take it to court if he has to, change the birth certificate, but this is too much for him and everybody. It is time for the truth to come out. Caroline comes in and Ridge tells her that Thomas is tired of the arrangement and wants to change it. But Ridge wants the secret to remain the secret and they will work this out. Thomas says no, too many people already know. They have to do what is right. Caroline says that it hurts her to see the family torn apart when they are all trying to do the right thing She tells Ridge she loves him and trying to protect their privacy but Thomas is right. They need to be honest about who Douglas’s father really is.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

A man named Monahan showed up at the station and told Roman and Rafe that he killed Stefano. They knew he didnít do it, but they let him explain how he did it. John offered Paul a position at his agency. Ciara was upset when she saw Chase. Ciara told Marlena about seeing Chase and couldnít work at the hospital anymore. Roman and Rafe wanted to trip up Monahan. Rafe called the jail to talk to Andre. Justin told Rafe that they have to let Andre go. Rafe didnít agree with that decision. Justin wanted Rafe to explain why he didnít agree with it. Rafe told Justin to question Monahan and he did. Monahan gave Justin a lie about why he decided to confess to the crime. Marlena offered to transfer Ciara to another hospital, but Ciara decided that she would stay. Ciara confronted Chase again.

Paul told Brady that he was working for John, but Brady said no. Chase offered to go to a different hospital, but Ciara didnít want him to go. She wanted Chase to get better. Justin admitted that Monahanís story sounded thin. Justin still thought Andre should be released. Justin looked at Rafe and wanted to know why he shouldnít believe Monahanís story. Chase admired Ciara for wanting to help people. Ciara let Chase know that she wasnít quitting. Rafe and Roman tried to convince Justin that Monahan didnít kill Stefano. Andre arrived at the hospital. Brady apologized to Paul for being upset about him leaving the company. Justin wanted Rafe and Roman to let Andre go. Rafe confronted Andre about getting Monahan to take the fall for Hope. Andre threw up Aiden and Hope in Rafeís face. Later on, Andre snuck into the DiMera mansion and was happy to be back there.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Anna is at The Metro Court bar awaiting a blind date whom she's met online when Paul Hornsby finds her. At first, she obviously wants him to leave her alone and stay out of her business. Yet the stranger she's arranged to meet does not show up or even answer her text. While she waits, Paul expresses concerns about the risks, uncertainty and lack of validity in internet dating, urges her to know he has her best interest at heart and wonders what it would take to win her over. She admits to him she once respected him when he was committed to Jenny Eckert and wonders what happened to that man he once was. He agrees he's socially isolated and asks Anna what he should to, to which she encourages Paul to make friends and trust people. Yet she still affirms she's not "interested" in Paul the way he's interested in her. Franco talks to Elizabeth, afraid and assuming he and Nina are through and both realizing she is alone without Jason in hers' or Jake's life, while Jason is off with Sam. In the course of their conversation, they kiss. They both pull away, each accusing the other of initiating it. He admits he wonders what to do with Nina. Meanwhile, Nina talks alone to Dillon while he's decided, although he wants to date Kiki, she needs to have "completion" with Morgan. After Dillon has left Kiki alone because of Morgan, she goes to find Morgan and they consider getting back together again. However, while that takes place, Nina encourages Dillon not to give up on Kiki and realize he's better for her than Morgan is. She sends a text to Franco, while talking to Dillon, who urges her not to settle or accept disappointment, which he suspects will happen if she gets back with Franco. Franco receives but does not respond to Nina's text, while he's with Elizabeth. He leaves Elizabeth alone and they both appear confused. Meanwhile, in London, Nikolas and Ava escape kidnappers and Jason and Sam are unable to catch them although Huxley offers to "deliver" Nikolas to them, if he can "keep" Ava where he wants her.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

In the offices at Newman Enterprises, Victoria tells the person that she needs this down in PR immediately. Nick tells her to call him back as soon as they hear anything. Nick asks if she thinks there is a connection between the oil rig spills and Travis. Victoria says that he lied about who he was. Nick asks if Luca could be right about Travis' involvement. Nikki gets a phone call from Amanda and thanks her for the update. Nikki joins Victoria and Nick in Victor's office. Victoria asks her if she heard the latest about the oil spill. Nikki confirms that she has. At the bar, Luca tells Travis that they know that he sabotaged the oil storage tank. Travis denies the accusation. Luca accuses Travis of using his relationship with Victoria to do it. Meredith joins Paul in his office for her meeting with Christine. She says she is no longer able to testify for the prosecution. Paul asks what changed her mind. Ian throws slurs to Victor for being out of solitary. Victor tells him that his time away was well worth it. Ian reminds Victor he is testifying for Adam in court, and he will be back in his abyss. Victor asks him if it scares him. Jack meets with Neil at the Athletic Club dining room and asks him if the considering confessing. Neil tells him that truth will come out and he wants to control the outcome. Jack remarks that is fair enough. Devon asks Hilary where she is going. Hilary tells him that she is moving out. Devon asks her if she is through with him. Nikki tells Nick and Victoria that Victor found a way to create these oil spills. Victoria tells them that the motive is there. Summer walks in and asks what this is about. Nick tells her that they think that Victor is involved. Nikki and Summer have a talk about Victor and his possible involvement.

Hilary is honest about her feelings for Devon and their marriage and tells him to let her leave now. Jack and Neil discuss Neville and his involvement in all this. Devon joins them and lets them know that Hilary is leaving town because their marriage is over. Nikki visits Victor to try to find out what is going on and they argue as usual when Nikki asks him to let go of all this. Hilary joins Jack, Devon, and Neil at their table to let them know she is leaving. Jack goes after her. Neil urges Devon to go after Hilary but he refuses. Nikki walks into the bar and starts to have a drink, but Paul joins her. Nikki tells him about her meeting with Victor and that their divorce will be final in a few weeks. Paul comforts Nikki. Victor pays Meredith a visit to let her know about his meeting with Nikki and that his divorce will be final. Summer nurses Luca's wounds after his fight with Travis. Travis pays Victoria and Nick to plead his case. He remembers his talk with Luca. Luca tells Summer his side of the story. Jack follows Hilary to the Coffeehouse and tries to get her to stay in town. Jack also promises that he will be on her side.

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