Wednesday 6/22/16 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Steffy that he loves his brother but not that much to let his life derail and give up Steffy. He’s not just going to stand there and hand her over to him. The only reason he is giving any pause at all is what his father just said of respecting a marriage and the example that he himself sets in his commitment to Katie. He wishes he knew how to do that. Steffy says it is hard for her too but they have to. He’s a Spencer and he cannot be cut off from the family. He replies it doesn’t mean a thing without her. She says this is not about Quinn and she is not stuck in this marriage. He says it should all be about them and the future that was stolen from them. She begs him to stop talking like this. She reminds him again that they had problems before he left and now she is married to his brother; that isn’t going to change. She said vows and now she has moved on. He wonders if she can forget all that happened between them. Katie is glad that Wyatt stopped by and they work in the kitchen. He says they both seem happy at home with all the wedding bliss. She grins that life with Bill is great right now and she has her son so life has never been better. For some reason Bill now seems more at peace. Wyatt is happy that she feels things are back on track and even better with her sister. For the hundredth time Brooke tells Bill they cannot do this. She does not want to be this person as Katie is her little sister. Bill says they cannot deny that they love each other so nothing has changed. She admits yes she does but she cannot keep doing this. She cannot look herself in the mirror; she knows she is betraying her sister again. All Bill will say is Brooke needs to talk to her sister…..she will see how happy she is. And for him to stay in that marriage he has to have Brooke in his life. It may sound crazy but he vows to never let her go. They kiss. She quickly tells him that she thinks she left her earring in that room. He says it is okay; he’s got it. Still while protesting they can’t do this Bill picks her up and throws her in the bed. Before he goes too far though Rick knocks on the door and asks if his mom is in there.

Bill won’t hide under the bed so Brooke scoots him to the bathroom quickly. Rick notices her disheveled look and even being out of breath. She tells him she was napping. Rick is worried about her being flushed and maybe coming down with something so he gently pushes her back into the room to nap again. Looking at the bed he realizes she was not in bed alone and is chagrined. He says he is happy for her and this lucky guy. He just wanted to stop by and tell her that Ridge made amends so he and Maya will not be leaving town after all. Bill comes out of his hiding place in the bathroom and says this is good if Rick suspects someone else as that means she has moved on. And Ridge wants to work with Rick so she is not losing her family……she is not losing anyone. She doesn’t have a choice; now they can be together. Katie will be happy now and they can set their times and he does not have to slip into her house. Just know that he cannot live without her. Steffy tells Liam that yes it was pretty fast but that doesn’t mean her feelings for Wyatt are less real. He needs to understand that she said vows and she meant them. She says again she cares about every single moment they were together but they now need to move on. She ends up in Liam’s arms with him telling her how good it feels to be there. But it is wrong to leave her. It should not end this way.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer tried to convince Chad to let Abby stay at the hospital. Chad wanted to get Abby out of it. Hope and Roman talked about Deimos’ “murder”. Aiden visited Chase at the hospital. Aiden assured Chase that he would get better. Hope sent Aiden a text asking him to meet her. JJ visited Abby at the hospital. Abby wasn’t sure if she’s crazy. She told JJ how she saw Jack at the hospital. Abby questioned whether she knew what was real or not. Chad said he wasn’t going to break Abby out anymore. Aiden met Hope at the police station. Ciara arrived at the DiMera mansion and let Chad know that she wanted to volunteer at the hospital so she could help Abby as well as others. Chad wasn’t overjoyed about it at first. Abby wanted to know what would happen to her if she started the fire. JJ let her know what would happen.

Aiden let Hope know that he visited Chase. Hope invited Aiden to go away with her. Aiden agreed to go with Hope. Abby was afraid that she would be sent to an asylum. Marlena visited her and tried to calm her down. Abby thought about the time Ben kidnapped her. She also thought about when she tried to set Ben on fire. Abby didn’t think Ben would let her have her life back. Chad called someone to prepare to get Abby out of the hospital. Hope told Roman about her trip and Rafe overheard them. Hope wanted to talk to him privately. She told Rafe that she’s going away with Aiden. Rafe pretended to understand it. Hope explained to Rafe that she needed time to work things out with Aiden. Abby told Marlena and JJ that she wanted to go home. Ciara got the volunteer position and got a shock when she saw Chase. Andre called Aiden and threatened him. Aiden assured Andre that his plan was in motion. A man showed up at the station and confessed to killing Stefano.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Nina is alone at the Crimson office missing Franco and having fantasies about him when Maxie finds her and "inundates" her with her joy about her up and coming wedding to Franco. She admits to Maxie she and Franco meant everything to each other yet she wants and needs to have children with him and cannot accept the fact that he refuses. In their conversation, they discover an sex toy sample that was sent to the office. Nina admits she has no experience with things of this nature and Maxie explains how people use things like this with or without a partner. Nina assesses that nothing will ever take the place of Franco. Elizabeth and Jake return to their new house yet he makes it clear he misses Franco. Right then, Franco comes by, explaining and assuring Elizabeth he is respecting hers' and Jason's wishes to stay about from Jake yet they both know Jake does not want that and feels neglected by his dad who's off on a mission with Sam. Elizabeth and Franco talk alone, extensively about both of their lives, his conflicts and competition with Jason, his need to prove himself and how Nina has brought out a new man in him. Elizabeth reveals that she cares about Franco, is beginning to like him and encourages him not to give up. She admits he's been a good friend to her. He is very attentive to her throughout the conversation and while they sit alone in the kitchen, they kiss. Meanwhile, Sam and Jason travel to London together to find out clues about whether Nikolas is still alive or not. They find out that both Nikolas and Ava have boarded the same flight together and are staying at the same hotel. They can only wonder why. Meanwhile, Huxley ties them both up and threatens to kill them if Ava does not hand over the "Weeping Naiad" which she has apparently stolen from him. Yet both Ava and Nikolas break free and are determined to escape from the hotel where they are held captive.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sharon continues to see Sage wherever she sleeps and feels even more guilty about keeping baby Christian away from Nick. Victoria is busy with Travis while Newman Enterprises suffers another oil spill. Luca suggests to Victoria that Travis is working for Victor to make her look like a bad CEO. Victoria doesn't believe the allegations but allows Luca to go talk to Travis and find out the truth. Chelsea is worried that Adam will go to jail for a crime he didn't commit, but he is confident things will be fine and he will stay out of jail to be with his family. Adam visits Victor who says he will do anything he has to do to be with his family. Victor tells Adam he persuaded Meredith Gates not to testify at his trial, but he will take the stand against him. Billy feels jealous when he sees Victoria with Travis, and he argues with her, because he doesn't think she is spending enough time with the kids. Phyllis feels guilty about her affair with Billy and she turns down Jack one more time when he wants to spend romantic time with her. Victor calls his female accomplice from the prison infirmary and asks her to do him another favor.

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