Tuesday 6/21/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 6/21/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Viv tells Nicole that you do not give a woman, any woman, but especially one like Sasha the chance to walk all over her again and parade around Zende in her lingerie. She laments being sorry and being a better person is two different things. Nicole says maybe but she should trust Zende. Sasha tells Zende that she feels badly for him that she is modeling and he is only shooting shoes. Bill barges into Steffy’s office. She snarls that he did not make an appointment and she does not want to see him or hear his opinions again. Bill says she cannot leave Wyatt. She cannot even think about that. He knows Liam is struggling with that but she made a commitment and Liam has to respect that. Thomas goes surfing with Liam while Liam pours out his problems to his almost brother in law. Thomas says he saw him as the knight that would slay the dragon to get to his sister. Liam replies that she is married with her own life now so Bill has pointed out that he will have to accept that…..they both do. He looks at his dad and it does seem there is a reason for those vows even if it is for the wrong reasons.

Nicole tells Zende that she feels awful the way she feels about Sasha. She should trust her but she doesn’t. He says he knows this is not a fairytale but she is his princess and he will make any sacrifice for her. Brooke looks in her bedroom vanity mirror and spots Bill. She tells him the kids are out for a while but could come back any minute so he has to leave. He kisses her and refuses to go…..they are going to take this opportunity. He tells her they are all happier now that Katie has stopped drinking and fighting. He gives a horsey sign that makes her laugh and he loves it. She says this does not make it right. He says it makes him alive, like breathing and now is their chance. She lets him kiss her again. Liam knocks on Steffy’s door. She says he just missed his father and neither of them should be here. He says it is taking all he can do but he is trying to do what his father said. But seeing her is all he can think of. That is what he is married to all the time now.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ciara met with Hope at the town square. Ciara thought Hope would be uncomfortable talking about Rafe. Hope was upset about what happened, but she knew that Rafe was a great guy and friend. Hope was convinced that she and Rafe would be able to move forward from it. Rafe went home and saw Blanca in a tank top and shorts. Blanca looked uncomfortable when Rafe saw her. They briefly talked about what happened with Hope. Lucas asked Adrienne if she thought about getting serious with their relationship. Eduardo and Dario had another argument when Eduardo wanted to work with him at TBD. Ciara talked to Hope about her sessions with Marlena. Ciara wanted to be a therapist. Aiden showed up while Ciara and Hope were talking. Eduardo tried to get through to Dario, but he refused to bend. Rafe showed up to help Eduardo and Dario make up, but it didn’t work. Hope had to take a phone call so Aiden took that time to apologize to Ciara for everything. Adrienne agreed to marry Lucas. Eduardo wanted to help Rafe deal with what happened with Hope. Rafe assured Eduardo that he was fine about it. After Ciara left, Andre called Aiden to confirm that he would help him get Rafe out of the picture. Aiden said he would do whatever it took to get Hope back in his life.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Alexis has been arrested and remains in the interrogation room when Julian goes to see her. She coldly tells her she knows he set her up, knowing the dagger used to kill her mother would point back to her. She concludes to him, the only way for her to be acquitted is if he confesses. He tells her he has a better idea which is her going to trial, pleading innocent and being acquitted. Yet she does not trust nor want to listen to him and knows he only wants to help her under the condition that she gets back with him and wants to reconcile their marriage. At that point, she sees no more options until Anna comes in to talk to her and informs her she can help her if she helps bring Julian to justice for the murder of Duke and covering it up by murdering Carlos. Morgan has been approved by doctors to leave his facility and goes to meet with his parents and Michael, admitting that he is having reservations about being free, realizing that following his treatment plan may be easier said than done if he leaves the facility. Meanwhile, Kiki is happily with Dillon and only focused on being with him. While she waits for him so they can start their date together, she is surprised to see Morgan, having forgotten about him throughout this time. Ava and Nikolas are stranded and kidnapped at a strange place somewhere in Britain. He concludes he bets she is working with the captor and playing him. Yet she all but proves that is not the case. They protest that Huxley lets them leave but it becomes complicated. Hayden spends time with Finn in his hotel room when he reveals to her that he's dying. She draws the conclusion that he blames himself for failing to save his wife's life. She further realizes her father was responsible for Finn's wife's death. Yet she is determined to find a solution and not let him give up hope.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Jack confronts Neil about Hilary's kidnapping. Neil admits that he kidnapped Hilary but said that he did everything he could to bring her back to health. Hilary tells Ashley that everyone involved will probably go to jail and it's all Ashley's fault. Neil tells Jack that Hilary has been blackmailing the family. Ashley tries to convince Jack to keep the secret because so many people are depending on Neville's research. Devon and Hilary fight about her ambition and hunger for power. He leaves angrily. He admits to his family that his wife might not be a good person. Jack goes to Hilary to tell her that he isn't going to the police because many people need Neville including Hilary. Hilary tells Jack that she doesn't need him and throws him out. He begs her not to shut him out. Phyllis and Billy continue their secret time together. She wants chocolate, so Billy goes to Crimson Lights where he sees Summer, Luca, and Travis. Summer introduces Travis, who leaves without a word. Summer and Luca tell Billy that Travis is Victoria's new man. They urge Billy to patch things up with Victoria. Phyllis calls Jack and starts to feel guilty about her affair with Billy. When Billy gets home, she tells him that she needs to go but not until morning. She wants to make the most of the time they have together. Nick thinks that Travis is a good influence on Victoria and convinces her that Travis is good for her. She goes to Hank's Bar and patches things up with Travis.

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