Monday 6/20/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 6/20/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam holds the earring and looks around and wants to know what in the hell does this mean. Alison comes in and inquires why Liam is there. He in turn questions her what happened to the private gym that now looks like a bedroom. Alison covers by saying it is for Bill and Katie when he is busy and can’t get home. Bill goes home to find both Katie and Will in chef’s hats making cookies. He feels like his life is in order and he has everything he needs. She gives him the egg cracking duty so he cracks one on his forehead. Will gets a kick out of that. Katie says she appreciates his new commitment to family. Whatever caused it she hopes he keeps it up. Alison calls Bill to alert him that Liam found his recreation room and a lady’s earring. She did not think he was suspicious but thought Bill ought to know. Nicole tells Zende that he will get another assignment. He says he already has, shoes. Steffy thanks the new photographer for stepping in on such short notice. Rick comes in and Ridge tells him he is glad he is here. He needs him here at Forrester so let them put the past in the past and move forward. Rick is shocked that Ridge says he needs him. Maybe he is on something. Rick says he has some things to hatch out but he cannot say no to an invitation like that. He’ll go tell Maya the good news. Viv tells Nicole that she was very smart. She made the right decision not to let Sasha sashay around in her lingerie around Zende. The photographer tells Sasha she did a wonderful job and he enjoyed working with her. Zende is behind the scenes and hears this.

Steffy overhears Thomas saying there is enough drama in the family without it being Ridge and Rick going at it again. She wants to know what is going on as she feels the vibes between them. Katie puts Will down for a nap, leaving Liam and Bill alone. Liam says he just discovered the napping room…..but there was an earring there so he doesn’t think Bill got much napping done today. Bill says of course it is Katie’s, no one else’s. But she will be embarrassed so do not mention it to her. Liam says with the candles and all he had a brief moment when he thought……but he knows what integrity Bill has and that is the reason he is not running around trying to get Steffy back. Sasha says Nicole is practically a girl scout and Mother Teresa all wrapped into one but she is wrong for telling Zende he needed to give up the photo shoot and now he is relegated to women’s shoes. She apologizes for telling him she was pregnant. She says that he is the greatest thing that ever happened to her and she did not want to lose him….to be honest she still doesn’t.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer visited Abby at the hospital. Chad told Jennifer that Abby had the lighter in her room because she saw Ben. Jennifer realized that Abby dreamed about Ben being in her room. Abby dreamed about seeing Ben and having a lighter in her hand. Deimos met Parker when he came home. Chloe wanted Deimos to leave, but he bonded with Parker. Shawn talked to Belle about helping Abby because of the fire at the hospital. Belle was willing to help her out. Chad wanted to take Abby out of the hospital. Jennifer thought that Abby would have to stay there because of the criminal investigation. Abby continued to think about Ben. Jack showed up in Abby’s dream to stop her from burning down the hospital.

Chloe reminded Deimos that he was supposed to be out of her house before Parker got home. Deimos let Chloe know that Parker bonded with him. Chloe explained that Parker bonded with him because he misses his father. Chloe did realize that Deimos made Parker happier than he was in a while. Abby woke up and told Jennifer and Chad that she saw Jack. Chad assured Abby that they would help her. Abby wanted to get out of the hospital. Chad told her she couldn’t leave yet. Abby wanted to know if she started the fire. Chloe explained to Deimos how it was hard for her to replace Daniel in Parker’s life. Dr. Robinson arrived so Chad wanted to talk to her. Dr. Robinson told Chad that there could be a criminal investigation against Abby. Chad let the doctor know that Abby wasn’t getting any better there. Shawn arrived at the hospital and questioned Abby about what happened during the fire. Abby told Shawn that she couldn’t have set the fire. Deimos thought about his last conversation with Kate. Chloe was upset that Deimos put her in the middle of his war with Victor.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Hayden spends the night with Finn in his hotel room sleeping on his couch. Although he appreciates the fact that she helped him the previous night, after having another of his "episodes", while respecting his wishes of not involving an ambulance or hospital, he is still not about to reveal to her what his secret is. He knows he desperately needs to get to the hospital to obtain a notebook kept in his locker yet she goes to get it for him, reminding him maybe he does not want to be seen there, given that he's a prime suspects in a murder investigation. While Hayden is in Finn's locker, Elizabeth finds her and demands to know what she's doing there but gets no answer. When Hayden returns to Finn, she tells him she'd really appreciate an answer and some explanation about what he tells her is his diabetic condition, for which he desperately needs his needle and drug. He replies to her that he's dying. Griffin indicates that he "knows something" about Nathan but does not reveal it to him or to Maxie and continues to "evade" and not get involved in what Maxie asks him for, regarding their engagement and future wedding. Alexis has suddenly and unexpectedly been arrested for the murder of Carlos. Both Jordan and Paul are adamant they've found the right person and can get a conviction although Sonny protests there must be a mistake and Julian must be behind this. While Julian is at Crimson after first talking to Nina about the "new feature" and then visited by Olivia who urges him to reconcile with Alexis for baby Leo's sake, he gets a visit from Sonny. When Julian asks him why he's there, Sonny informs him that his wife has been charged with Carlos' murder. Alexis gets taken to the station and, at first, refuses legal counsel, telling everyone she can represent herself but later reconsiders. She makes it clear she does not intend to speak to anyone or trust anyone regarding this case.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Mariah almost tells Kevin the truth about baby Sully, but Sharon begs her to keep her secret. Mariah tells Kevin that Sharon feels like the passion has gone out of her marriage. Sharon continues to have nightmares about Sage taking away baby Christian and giving him to Nick. Ashley almost catches Billy and Phyllis having sex, but Phyllis is able to hide before Ashley sees her. Hilary tells Jack that Neil was her kidnapper and everything she has done with the drug trial was to keep Neil from going to jail. Hilary's symptoms continue to get worse, and Dr. Neville fears that she will be back in a coma very soon. Billy wants Phyllis to work with Ashley at Jabot, but Phyllis is afraid Ashley will find out about their affair.

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