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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill and Brooke enjoy their time in the fornication shack room. Bill tells Brooke that he cannot pretend any longer. They will work this out. Alison tells Liam that Bill cannot be disturbed. She will give him the message later. Liam wants to know what is going on. She says he might be meditating and not taking phone calls, that is all she knows. Bill assures Brooke that Katie will cope when the time comes. Alison finally interrupts and tells Bill that Liam is outside the door. Bill says give him a minute. He has to stash Brooke back in the hidden room. She leaves by a unknown back way but unknowingly leaves an earring behind in the bed. Liam is suspicious and wants to know what Bill was doing in here all locked in. Bill looks over a folder and tells Liam good work. He says he knows he has been hard on him and he just wants him to get back in the game. Steffy and Wyatt are married and he has to respect that; be a man and accept it. Liam says it won’t be easy but he is giving up because of Bill. He wants to live up to his standards. He wants to be that guy just like his dad. Liam says his life was all changed because of Quinn. Bill says he knows and he would like to see Quinn suffer. But Liam did not press charges so he will have to accept that. They are Spencer men – heavy on loyalty and commitment and brotherhood. No one interferes with that. He wants him to remember that the next time he looks at his brother’s wife. He will have zero tolerance.

Katie shows up at Brooke’s and says she wanted her to know that she meant every word she said last time. From now on she is going to be as loyal and supportive as Brooke has been. She knows she and Bill loved each other once….and they still love each other in a good way. But she is not going to keep thinking the worst of Brooke as that is not fair. Brooke looks worried. Ridge tells Steffy that he knows she has some unresolved feelings for Liam, but her loyalty belongs to her husband. She says Quinn robbed all of them and now they just have to pick up the pieces. Ridge says Liam is a strong boy and he will be all right. He just wants to be sure that she and Wyatt will be also. Liam tells Bill that he will not go after Steffy and it is because of Bill’s commitment to his own marriage. Bill hugs him and says they will be in this together. He now needs to get home to his wife. Steffy laments to Ridge that he doesn’t have to keep talking about this. She loves Wyatt. Ridge says he knows, but is it enough for the rest of her life. Katie tells Brooke that she and Bill are in a good place right now and she knows it is because of Brooke; she gives her a hug. Liam looks around Bill’s empty office and the photos lovingly displayed and then he spies a door he had never seen before and pushes it in to find the room with disheveled unmade bed and also the earring. He picks it up trying to think who it could belong to.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad found out that Abby was burned in a fire.  Justin was upset that he could go down for helping Deimos get rid of the evidence against a perp.  Victor told him he wouldn’t go down for it.  Victor also told him that he would get Titan back.  Chad was upset with the hospital for letting Abby get burned.  He finally went in to see her and was mad that she was burned.  Summer talked to Maggie about being in love with Brady.

Maggie gave Summer advice about love.  Victor told Justin and Brady that he was getting Titan back from Kate.  Brady suggested that Victor retire, but he wouldn’t do it.  Abby saw Ben in the hospital.  She wanted to see Thomas.  Chad was furious with Dr. Robinson for not helping Abby.  When Victor went to see Maggie, she was upset with him for being mean to Summer.  Roman talked to Justin about the perp he helped.  Roman was determined to make the person who destroyed the evidence against the perp pay.  Shawn told Chad that he knew how the fire started.  Chad figured out that Abby started the fire.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Sonny is "reveling" in Julian going to prison for murder after he goes to the station and confirms with both Anna and Paul that they are ready to arrest him. Nathan is working with them and reveals that the dagger he found is more than likely what Julian used to kill Carlos. Meanwhile, Maxie and Nina are busy at the station photo shooting sexy men for their next featured edition of Crimson. They have Curtis modeling as well as Nathan although he tells Maxie he has important police work. Nina realizes that Julian is going to be in serious trouble, or at the very least, afraid and desperate, knowing that she was a witness to his bloody shirt the night of the murder. He demands to know what she knows, what she may have already told the cops or plans to tell them. When she "plays" with him and does not answer that question, he asks her what he needs to do in order to buy her silence. She replies he can get naked and on all fours, as she explains to him she and Maxie's new idea is the "turn the tables" on men and women and have men displayed as ornamental objects, fixtures or furniture. When Nikolas and Ava are both in London, at the hotel and using aliases, unknown to them, the guy they met on the plane is tailing them. He reveals it's not Nikolas whom he wants to entrap. It's Ava. Sam and Jason are not far away and ready to find them. Sonny goes to Julian and Alexis' house, ready to watch Julian get arrested for murdering Duke and Carlos. However, when Nathan gets there, he reveals it's not Julian whom is the suspect about to be arrested. It's Alexis. He arrests her for the murder of Carlos Rivera.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Devon comes home early from his trip. Lily tells him about Hilary collapsing in Jack's arms. He worries even though Lily says it was an act. Jack goes on and on about what a wonderful wife Phyllis is. Phyllis claims she has to go to make her flight. Billy sets up an indoor picnic for Phyllis. Phyllis arrives and starts to have second thoughts. Billy says he wants her to stay. He wants to wake up with her. They kiss. Devon confronts Hilary about her health. She claims she forgot to eat that day and that she's fine. Jack arrives and he and Hilary do business. Hilary's hand begins to shake. Devon turns around in time to see Jack grab Hilary's hand. When Jack leaves, Devon says it seemed like there was more to her relationship with Jack. Hilary says they are just friends. Jack and Ashley meet. Ashley warns Jack about Hilary. She also announces that she would like to step away from Neville's project and go back to work at Jabot. Nick asks Dylan if anything is wrong with Sharon because she acts uncomfortable around him. Dylan tells him about Sharon's nightmares about Sage and that she and Chelsea are filling Sage's old job. Mariah convinces Sharon to go out. When they open the door, Kevin is there. Sharon goes out without Mariah. Kevin misses Mariah and wants to know what's wrong with her. Sharon goes to Crimson Lights where Nick and Dylan tell her that she has nothing to feel guilty about just because she is living her life. Mariah lies to Kevin and tells him nothing is wrong. As Dylan and Sharon walk in, Mariah agrees to tell Kevin everything.

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