Thursday 6/16/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 6/16/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke questions the room. Bill says it is their room. They can act like they feel without anyone else knowing. They kiss. She pulls away and says they cannot do this. Bill tells her do not deny this. It is the only way….the only way he can stay with Katie. Steffy returns home to find Quinn cooking in her kitchen acting like nothing is wrong. Steffy tells her she told her once that she is not welcome here so get out of her house. Quinn says they are family. Steffy says yes she is married to Wyatt but not her. She is still upset with what she did with Liam. Maybe someday she will appreciate all Quinn did but right now is not the time. She and Wyatt get to pick who they want in their lives and right now it is not Quinn. Nicole tells Zende that she did forgive Sasha but she does not have to do it again. She wishes she did not feel this way but she does. She wants him to pass on the lingerie line. She would like to think Sasha has changed but she cannot know that for sure. Zende tells Ridge that he does not want to do the lingerie line. Ridge says he is sorry. He thought he, Nicole and Sasha had worked that out, but if that is what Zende wants then he will hire another guy. Sasha comes strutting out in her teeny lingerie and is surprised when Nicole tells her that Zende is upstairs turning down the job. She puts a guilt trip on Nicole not to deny Zende this opportunity that could lead to bigger and better things even at International. She says this is the kind of energy Ridge wants and she is comfortable with her own body. Ridge and Zende come in and Ridge says there has been a change of plans. He will bring in another photographer. Sasha speaks up and says that is not necessary. He can keep Zende and just get another model.

Quinn tries to explain to Steffy when Wyatt walks in that she is only trying to be family yet Steffy does not want her there. Brooke tells Bill it was all a mistake. He says no, he cannot work, he cannot do anything without thinking about her. He does not know what will happen tomorrow; all he knows is what is right now and how they feel. Slowly she kisses him. The next thing they are on the bed with him covering her with kisses. He tells her that he loves her and he knows she loves him too. This is the only thing that keeps him sane so one way or the other he will be with her….either like this or he will leave Katie and be with Brooke full time. Zende tells them that work is not his only priority. Sasha says this is his legacy. Ridge says usually people are begging him for this position but it is up to Zende. Zende stays put and says Sasha should accept the job but without him. Gently Wyatt tries to tell Quinn that she can’t keep coming over here as Steffy does not want her there. Quinn still argues that she is just trying to make amends and Wyatt is her son and Steffy cannot cut her out of his life too. Steffy says saying she is sorry just does not cut it. Quinn begs Wyatt to give her a second chance but with his guidance she finally leaves.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ciara tried to make Chad think that Abby abandoned him, but he didn’t believe it.  Philip showed up to meet Kate.  She offered him a job at Titan.  Nicole and Dario were hiding in a closet listening to them.  Nicole recorded her conversation with Philip when he asked if she killed Deimos.  Kate told Philip that Nicole killed Deimos.  Philip kept grilling Kate about Nicole killing Deimos.  Philip refused to help Kate.  Steve and Kayla were upset about Joey being in the hospital.  Chad opened up to Ciara about Abby.  Simone showed up at the hospital to check on Joey.  Steve ripped into her for what happened to Joey.  Jade threw her out of the hospital.  Philip was convinced that Kate killed Deimos.  She threw him out of the mansion.  After she made a call, Kate told Nicole to come out of hiding.

Kayla told Steve that Joey was out of surgery and was going to be okay.  Kayla comforted Jade.  Nicole came out of hiding.  She told Kate why she was at the mansion.  Nicole tried to get Kate to confess to what she did to her.  Nicole begged Kate to make things right or to tell Roman the truth, but Kate refused.  The police showed up at the mansion.  Dario came out of hiding.  Kate wanted the police to arrest them.  Jade checked on Joey and decided to go back to Salem.  Steve wanted to know where things stood between him and Kayla.  She decided to give him another chance.  At the police station, Dario kissed Nicole.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Sam and Jason are making progress when they find Nikolas' falsified passport at the pawn shop with his alias name of Niall Carradine. Ava and Nikolas end up at the same hotel. He is guarded and wonders what she wants, yet she assures him he can trust her. Huxley approaches them while they are at the restaurant and invites them to dine at his manor, but Ava and Nikolas refuse. They make plans to leave together at 6 in the morning. Unknown to them both, Huxley is "tailing" them and on his phone to report to someone. Back in Port Charles, while the drug investigation is going on at the hospital, Monica privately talks to Finn, urging him to explain why she found a needle and syringe in his locker and why all the suspicion points to him having a drug addiction as well as injecting and trying to kill Lucas. Yet he evades her question, refuses to communicate or explain and adamantly refuses to take a drug test to prove he's been falsely accused. At that point, Monica finds she has no choice except to suspend him. Tracy comes by and tells her she's making a serious mistake doing that as she does not believe, for a minute, that Finn would harm anyone. At The Floating Rib, Hayden finds Curtis and urges him to help her declare her missing husband dead. Yet he tells her she has to wait for him and realize he is spending time with Valerie. At that point, she runs into Finn with his bearded dragon and notices he looks very sick and she's concerned about him. She offers to call an ambulance, he urges her not to. She agrees to help him and Roxy get back to the hotel. Valerie tells Curtis she has to take a rain-check on their spending the evening together. At that point, he goes to find Jordan in her office and asks if she could help him get his police badge back. Yet she has reservations remembering how he got in trouble in the past and his drug addiction. He protests that he is clean and willing to take a drug test. TJ is with Molly and ready to move in with her and talk to his mom about their arrangements. When he gets to his mom's office, however, right outside the hallway, he overhears Curtis reveal that she lied to her deceased husband, (his brother, Tommy) as well as to TJ, that Tommy was her son's father when Shawn was.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Sage appeared in Sharon's dreams, and she blasted Sharon for not giving Christian to Nick. Dylan overheard Sharon apologizing to Sage in her sleep. After some pressure from Chelsea, Adam admitted he'd agreed to help Ian escape in exchange for Ian's testimony at his trial. Chelsea hated the plan. Dylan suspected that Victor used the same forger to frame Adam that Adam and Jack used to frame Victor. Dylan took his theory to Adam and Chelsea. Adam had already considered that angle and discovered that the forger he and Jack used was dead. Dylan advised Adam to consider taking a plea. Adam and Chelsea were dead set against the suggestion. After Dylan left, Chelsea agreed to support Adam and Ian's plan, since she didn't want to lose Adam. Luca showed Nick the file he'd put together on Travis's Wall Street past. Summer returned from Georgia, and she was taken aback to see Luca and Nick with their heads together. She grew suspicious when she saw Nick hide the file. Nick said it was just business. Later, Luca told Summer that he'd lose the chance to earn Nick's loyalty if he told her what Nick was keeping from her.

Travis and Victoria spent the night together, then they took their relationship public by going to Dive Bar, where they ran into Luca and Summer. Summer gave Travis the third degree about his relationship with Victoria. Luca privately asked Victoria why she was still seeing Travis after he'd hidden the truth about his past from her, but she said it was none of his business. Summer privately told Luca that something about Travis bothered her, and she hoped Victoria broke up with him. Luca theorized that Phyllis set up Summer's trip to Georgia to get her away from Luca. Summer was furious with her mom, but Luca asked her not to confront Phyllis. Summer and Luca went home and made love. Victoria took Travis to Newman, and things grew tense when he saw a statement Newman planned to give, which suggested that a third party might be to blame for the oil spill. Victoria defended this strategy, and Travis cut the day short. He gave Victoria a peck on the cheek and left. Nick dropped by Sharon's. Sharon tensed when Nick interacted with Sully, and Nick asked what was wrong. Sharon panicked, but Mariah used quick thinking to get Nick to leave the house before Sharon blurted out the truth. Mariah warned Sharon that the secret would come out if Sharon didn't get her emotions under control. Nick sought out Dylan to ask if Sharon was doing okay. Dylan told Nick that she'd been having nightmares about Sage.

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