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The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 6/15/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill calls a meeting. Katie tries to get romantic since she was the first one here. She says he is being very secretive. Steffy and Wyatt come in next and Liam is last. Bill tells them to shut up. He wants them to get along. He demands that Liam respect Wyatt’s marriage and wants to make that crystal clear. Ridge finds Sasha and wants to promote her to a higher stage….more photo shoots, more hours, more press coverage and she will be working more closely with Zende unless that is a problem. She jumps at the chance. Zende tells Nicole that her mom forgiving her dad is huge but he hears now that Maya and Rick want to leave L. A. Nicole hopes it will not come to that now that they have their family here. Liam asks if Bill is through lecturing him. Bill says he is not lecturing. He is just telling him what he expects. Wyatt and Steffy’s marriage is legal and nothing is going to change that. Wyatt says he and Steffy will do all they can to bring this family back together. Katie steps in and tells Liam that she and Bill have had their problems but in the end they love each other and want to stay a family so they forgive each other. Brooke comes in and Katie says this is perfect. They were just talking about commitment, family and love. The others leave and Bill tells Liam that he loves him and is counting on him not to let him down. Katie hugs Bill and says she knows he loves her and she loves him too. Brooke looks on.

Nicole wants to have a moment alone with Zende when Ridge tells her that Sasha will be working more with him now. Nicole tells him that Sasha may be her sister but she does not trust her….and in a bikini and lingerie. She wants Zende to tell Ridge no. Liam sees Steffy in the halfway and says he cannot shut off his feelings just because his old man tells him too. It just does not work that way. Katie has to go get Will. She kisses Bill one more time in front of Brooke and then leaves them alone. Bill locks the door and tells his secretary to hold all his calls. He surprises Brooke by showing her his private room that he has had remodeled. No one else knows about it or will find them here. It is sexy, complete with a bed, plenty of candles. He proceeds to take her in his arms. She says they cannot pretend this is not happening. Katie wants their marriage to work. Bill says yes she says that but it always turns out the same. Bill kisses Brooke but she reminds him that he is married with a child and this is wrong. He kisses her again and says then why does this feel so right. Liam tells Steffy that he knows what is going on, that she is trying to honor her marriage. She says it is more than that. She made vows. She and Wyatt got close while Liam was gone. She did not expect it. She cannot do this anymore. She is sorry what Quinn did to him but that had nothing to do with Wyatt. He finally agrees – that he will try to do as Bill says. That is all he can say, that he will try, but not for a second will he stop loving her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole met Dario and talked about Deimos.  She was worried that Kate would get away with framing her.  Kate found a handkerchief with blood on it.  Victor told Roman that Nicole planned to kill Deimos for the money.  Nicole and Dario snuck in the Kiriakis mansion to look for evidence that Kate was framing her.  Nicole thought about spending time with Deimos.  Deimos told Chloe about how he got back at Victor.  Kate went to the scene of the crime to plant the handkerchief.  Hope agreed to go out with Aiden.

Roman questioned Victor about Nicole wanting to work with him to get back at Deimos.  Victor lied and said that he and Deimos made up.  Roman questioned Victor about Kate being married to Deimos.  Victor told him that he wanted Nicole to pay for killing Deimos.  Roman told Abe about everyone wanting to pin Deimos’ “murder” on Nicole.  Hope met Aiden at TBD.  Roman told Abe what Victor told him about Nicole.  They also talked about Kate possibly being a suspect.  Roman suspected that Deimos was alive.  Hope saw Rafe and Blanca at TBD.  Chloe told Deimos about Parker.  She wanted Deimos gone in the morning.  After Aiden and Hope’s date, André called Aiden and threatened to expose him if he didn’t get him out of prison.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Valerie has successfully graduated from the police academy and there's a celebration at The Floating Rib. Curtis organizes a party and congratulates Valerie. Dante acknowledges him. Jordan is buried in work after it appears she may have lost André to Anna. However, she comes to make an announcement for all the graduates and personally acknowledges Valerie for her achievement. Dante and Lulu are happily together, both congratulating and praising Valerie. However, they get a disappointing call from their realtor informing them that they have not gotten approved for their dream house. Meanwhile, Sonny knows Carly is preoccupied to find out where Josslyn's donor kidney came from, assures her he will support whatever she wants and will help her get to the bottom of the unsolved mystery, although he warns her she may not like the answer she comes up with. She goes to the hospital to discuss the matter with Elizabeth, as they both know that everyone believed Jake died and Josslyn's kidney came from Elizabeth's son yet they now know that is impossible. At the hospital there is a thorough investigation of drugs that have been taken out of a locked dispensary that only hospital staff have access to. Monica is investigating all of the staff, including Finn, Obrecht, Felix, Elizabeth and Franco. Monica believes that Finn could not possibly be the correct suspect and urges him to take a drug test to clear his name and prove Obrecht wrong, yet he refuses. She demands to know why, but Finn insists he's not a drug addict. However, Obrecht is able to "prove" to Monica that she found a needle/syringe with the very drug used to put Lucas in a coma inside Finn's locker. At that point, Monica demands Finn give her an explanation. André informs Anna that Jordan's suspicions are correct that he is attracted to her. He had to admit that to her and for that reason, he believes they cannot continue their friendship because he is committed to Jordan.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victor's plan is revealed when he remembers talking to a person in prison who only shows her/his hands. Victor asks for help since s/he also wants revenge on Adam. Victor her/him the name of someone who can forge Sage's diary. Victor also says that the forged diary will lead to the exhumation of Constance's body and the false autopsy report. The person agrees to help Victor since s/he will get paid very well. Victor's plan is working perfectly because Dr. Gates agrees to testify for the prosecution that Victor told her he has proof that Adam killed Constance Bingham. Jack almost catches Billy and Phyllis making love when he goes to the Chancellor Mansion to talk to Billy. Phyllis listens in on Billy and Jack's conversation, and both she and Billy feel guilty after Jack leaves the mansion. Billy tells Phyllis that he loves her and he can live with just being her lover if that is what she wants, or she can tell Jack the truth. Billy tells Phyllis that he will love her no matter what she decides to do about their relationship. Phyllis turns down a romantic weekend getaway with Jack because she has an important business trip. Phyllis calls Billy and tells him she wants to spend the weekend with him.

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