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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells a shocked Steffy that she has no reason to stay in her marriage. The minister was a crook. He cannot wait to see the look on Quinn’s face when she realizes this. Bill and Wyatt need to know if the marriage is valid or not so they ask the clerk to be sure. She looks through the files and on her computer. According to the state of California the minister was ordained so Wyatt is a married man. Thomas discusses it with Caroline and says Steffy may have to turn her back on Wyatt if she loves Liam more. Caroline tells Thomas that she does appreciate him putting Douglas’s needs first. But they are all in this together. He says yes but it is really hard since he created him. Wyatt returns home and does not find Steffy. Steffy tells Liam that she has a lot to think about, especially if this marriage is not valid. The legal words do not matter, just a tattoo on her finger. He says she can have another put over that and never think of it again. He gives Steffy a small seashell as a reminder that he will always be thinking of her and find his way to her. Bill walks in and finds Liam hugging her. He interrupts and tells Steffy it is time for her to skedaddle home and be with her husband. It seems the reverend was better at being a minister than he was as a crook. He is legit and the marriage is legal. As she leaves, she clutches the seashell in her palm and shows Liam that she is carrying it. Bill reads Liam the riot act that from this day forward he will respect that marriage. Steffy returns home while Wyatt is sipping a very large glass of wine. He says she has no idea what he has been going through.

Bill tells Liam that he hates Quinn too but she did not hold a gun to Steffy’s head and force her to marry Wyatt. He had his chances and now she is with Wyatt. Liam rants that he and Steffy had a child they lost, they were married several times…..and if not for Quinn they would be again. Bill reams him out again that he will respect his brother’s marriage or he can go his own way. Bill can throw him out of the company and the family as well. Liam whines that Bill is treating him like a teenager telling him what he can and cannot do. Liam cannot believe Bill would ban him from this family over this. Bill says he has been there for him in every way since he found out he was his son. His father wasn’t. Bill was the bastard son, that was the way it was. Liam has a choice and he is choosing to pursue his own brother’s wife. Bill wants him to be happy but not fighting over the same woman. He cannot allow that. If he tries to take Steffy away the family will not survive it. Liam has a hissy fit that this is not right. It is wrong. Steffy wants to be with him more. She loves him more. Wyatt tells Steffy that Liam is shaken but he will be okay when he processes all of this. They profess their love to each other.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Shawn and Belle talked about working things out.  Philip went to see Victor to make things right, but Victor didnít forgive it.  Nicole went to see Rafe to see if Deimos is alive.  Kate blackmailed someone to say that they saw her marry Deimos.  Chloe wanted to know what was going on with Deimos.  Philip wanted to work with Victor to get everything back that they lost, but Victor wasnít interested.  Victor told Philip that Kate married Deimos.  Nicole told Rafe that Kate was setting her up for Deimosí murder.  Nicole told Rafe that Kate benefited form Deimosí death.  Chloe wanted Deimos to tell her what happened, but he wanted to sleep.  She thought about how she met Deimos.  Nicole was upset with Rafe for thinking she killed Deimos.  Victor went to see Kate to make a deal.

Rafe promised Nicole that he would find out what happened.  Nicole wanted Rafe to get Kate to admit that she set her up.  Victor didnít believe that Kate was married to Deimos.  He also told her that she had a motive to kill Deimos.  She told him about recording Nicole and Deimos fighting, but Victor said that didnít help her.  He offered to help her or Nicole.  Chloe talked to Deimos about Philip.  Deimos told her his real name and how heís Philipís uncle.  Belle told Shawn she wanted to be with him.  Victor wanted Kate to give him his stuff back. He was willing to let her keep the money and the house.  Deimos told Chloe how he used her.  She wanted to know what was going on.  He told her someone tried to kill him.  When she wanted to call the police, he stopped her.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Sam and Jason have found out that Nikolas is alive and hiding somewhere although they still have yet to prove it for certain or find him. Right then, when Ava is flying to a foreign country, to get away from the press and Julian's big mess, she discovers Nikolas sitting beside her in the plane. Right way, she sees the perfect opportunity knowing he is all alone, faking his death, falsifying his identity and is not as skilled or experienced in the art as she is. When he refuses to talk to her, she "motivates" him by taking a selfie of them both, informing him that she could easily send this to the people of Port Charles, asking him how much they'd be willing to pay for it. Yet she assures him she won't do that since two dishonest scam artists need to stick together. She is able to successfully pull off the perfect "story" to a man who notices Nikolas and assumes he's an English actor. Nikolas can see that Ava appears to have pulled off the perfect "cover" so that it appears the man suspects nothing. Yet, unknown to them, as soon as the man is alone, he gets on his phone to reveal he "found somebody very important" and is onto Nikolas. Nathan and cops find the dagger that Julian used to stab Carlos to death. Alexis does not "spell it out" that they are correct that her husband used it as they suspect. Yet she does not protest when Nathan declares he thinks he's onto something given the forensic evidence of the murder. Alone with his wife, Julian tells Alexis he knows she must have feelings for him or else she would have given him up. She tells him he may think whatever he wants but they are done. Their marriage was based on false pretenses and it's over for good. Yet he does not accept that and believes she will "come around" and reconsider in time, although she tells him otherwise. While Emma is talking to Felicia about wanting her grandma to get out there and meet people and possibly date again after Duke is gone, Anna goes to inform Jordan that she wants "in" on the investigation of Julian. Jordan tells Anna, however, she cannot let her do it because Anna is to "emotionally involved" and could ruin the whole thing. Andre comes by and tells Anna he agrees with Jordan. However, when they are together, he tells Jordan otherwise. Again, she asks him if he's being honest with his feelings about Anna. Again, he protests that Anna is a former patient and a friend, and she (Jordan) is the one he's interested in. He asks her to go out to dinner with him but she tells him she's busy with work. At that point, alone for the night, he goes to visit Anna.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Michael informs Adam and Chelsea that the money wired to the tech was from Dr. Neville's research project and not Victor. Also, no one could prove that Sage's diary was doctored. Adam and Chelsea worry that Ian is up to something. Adam goes to the prison to talk to Ian. Chelsea worries it's a bad idea. Michael tells her to trust Adam. Adam confronts Ian and thinks he is planning to escape prison and not show up to Adam's trial. Phyllis doesn't tell Jack about her affair with Billy. Instead, she just tells him she's worried about Billy. She tells Jack she has to meet with someone and leaves. Leaving, Billy's house after an argument, Bethany runs into Victoria. Victoria is there to pick up Johnny's teddy bear. Bethany goes to the club where she finds Jack. They discuss Billy. Jack is worried about Bethany. Victoria goes to Hank's bar and she and Travis patch things up. They decide they are going to continue to see each other. Phyllis goes to Billy's house. She admits she didn't tell Jack about the affair and she doesn't want it to stop. They make love and Jack comes to the door sounding angry.

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