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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt is aghast. This man who broke into Liam’s house is the one who married him and Steffy. Wyatt says he should have done more research. The guy says it was a beautiful wedding. And he’s fell on hard times and just trying to get by. He picked the wrong house. While Lt. Baker eats his usual hotdog, the Reverend Rydale sniffs around and wonders if the lieutenant might share the rest in his bag. Baker tells him he could wait back in his cell but no he chose to come out here in Baker’s office, so lay off. Thomas talks to Steffy but does not want to talk about him and Ridge, but how she is and her marriage working out. He knows things have changed now that Liam is back. She and Wyatt may be together but she and Liam had something special. He does not believe she can forget that. Steffy said she should have listened more about Quinn. But she is so good at being contrite and they all believe it. The good heart of Quinn is going to win out over the insanity. Now her whole life has been changed and she cannot stand Quinn. That’s the only thing she would changed about her marriage. She loves Liam and always will but she did not stand on that beach and say words she did not mean. She will honor those vows.

Rydale apologizes and says he did not think Liam would miss a few bucks. Wyatt says he needs to know if Rydale filed those papers and his marriage is legal. Rydale says yes, he has got Wyatt. Bill tells Baker that if Liam does not press charges he will. It is his house. Liam says she will be back and he will press charges. Steffy tells Thomas that Liam is coming over. It sounds urgent. But she reminds Thomas that she loves Wyatt otherwise she would not have married him. Liam tells Steffy that she better sit down. He has news that might set her free. They can move on with their lives like they always wanted. He fills her in on the Reverend. Bill sees that Wyatt is worried. He says he will call the courthouse, his gal Emmy there. They will have their answer tonight. He stands before Emmy and explains the marriage and wants to know if he can see the necessary papers and make sure they are in order. Liam doesn’t think the marriage is legal. He has the feeling that things are finally going to go their way. They just have bad luck in the past, but they always found their way back to each other. If it had not been for Quinn there is not a chance she would have married Wyatt. This is her out. She can come back to him. He knows she has feelings for Wyatt but they do not even compare what they have. He is hers just like she is his. Bill tells Wyatt that Steffy chose to marry him. Wyatt says Liam could take advantage of this and he still needs to know if his marriage is valid or not.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jade sent Joey a text to come help her.  When Joey got to the commune, Dirk snatched him inside of the commune.  Dirk put a gun on everyone at the commune.  Dirk was upset that Joey brought the cops to the commune.  Steve and Kayla tried to figure out how to get Joey out.  Dirk put a gun on Joey.  He took Joey outside and saw Steve and Kayla.  Dirk threatened to shoot Joey.  Steve tried to reason with Dirk, but he didn’t want to deal with him.  Dirk pulled Joey back inside.

Kayla was hysterical and was determined to get inside to help Joey.  Steve broke in the commune and saw Dirk and the others.  Dirk busted Steve while he was looking at Joey.  Dirk put the gun on Steve.  Steve told Dirk that he wanted to save everyone’s life.  Steve tried to reach out to Dirk.  The police showed up at the commune.  Dirk told Steve that he wanted immunity.  Steve told him that he had to let the others go.  Steve offered to be Dirk’s hostage.  A cop called Dirk and told him to release the hostages.  The police said they would get Dirk what he wanted, but he had to release a hostage.  Steve told Dirk the ISA would get him what he wanted.  Steve continued to reach out to Dirk.  Steve and Simone tried to talk Dirk into letting the cop go.  Dirk let some of the hostages go.  Kayla threatened Simone if something happened to Joey and Steve.  When Steve called the ISA, a cop came in to stop Dirk.  Joey fought Dirk for the gun and got shot.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Lucas and Brad get married in Julian and Alexis' house although it happens when they (Julian and Alexis) are right in the middle of a very intense argument regarding her finding out he's a murderer. Nathan is trying to get back what he had with Maxie while Spinelli warns him that he better do right by her. Nathan gets an urgent call from the station, instructing him to go and search Julian's house for clues in the murder investigation of Carlos Rivera. He and Officer Holliston go to the house right in the middle of the wedding and he tells the participants at the ceremony this cannot wait. The officers search the house high and low while the two grooms exchange vows. Nathan and Officer Holliston do, in fact come across the murder weapon (the dagger) which both Julian and Alexis know all too well, although the officers are not aware of it. Sam and Jason meet up after they both went their separate ways at Wyndemere to look for clues about what happened to Nikolas. Yet they realize they have no proof that Nikolas is alive and has staged his death based upon what they know so far. However, Spinelli is able to help them uncover what they need by accessing Nikolas' laptop. Spinelli narrows down locations where Nikolas might be to three and bookmarks them then leaves, very happy that Jason is regaining his memory about their friendship. Julian meets with Ava telling her that he realizes he is in trouble and in order for her not to "go down" with her brother, he urges her to leave the country for a while and travel. She's on a flight when the passenger sitting right beside her is Nikolas. Hayden/Rachel sits at Wyndemere alone with her mom while the feds attempt to come up with evidence against her. Her mom affirms that she loves her daughter and will be there for her even if nobody else is. Naomi defends Hayden to FBI agents who return to continue their investigation into the missing diamonds. Naomi hopes that when Hayden finds them, she will share with her mom.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Ashley admits to Dylan that she falsified the test results of the drug trial in order to protect Dr. Neville and the project although Simon doesn't want Ashley to take the blame for Hilary's actions. Hilary faints and tells Jack she is having a relapse and could return to a coma or die, and she asks him not to tell Devon. Ashley tells Hilary that she is taking the blame for her, but she wants Hilary to step away from the drug trial and let Dr. Neville run the project. Ashley also asks Hilary to stay away from Jack. Billy and Phyllis decide that she must tell Jack the truth about their one-night stand before Bethany slips and does it. Billy admits to Bethany that he is in love with Phyllis, but Bethany tells Billy that he must get over Phyllis and she wants to be the woman to help him do it because she likes him. Sharon has a nightmare that Sage is begging her to tell Nick that Sully is baby Christian. Mariah advises Sharon to think things through before she tells Nick that Adam & Sage are Christian's parents.

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