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The TV MegaSite's Friday 6/10/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill listens as Katie says she has been staring the bottle down all night. But even if she had it here, she resisted opening it. Then when she opened it she did not have to drink it. Her therapist told her to ride the wave but there have been times she felt crushed by it. Detective Baker gets more facts from Liam and then calls in for an APB. Meantime Wyatt and Steffy discuss their wedding and how he found a random minister to marry them. It was the quickest person he could find on short notice. Baker tells Liam they have a suspect right now. Liam thinks that was fast. They will put him in a lineup right now for Liam to look at. Katie tells Bill she will have to accept it. The two of them, Bill and Brooke, love each other and they always will. Maybe she is being foolish to think they can go back to what they once had in their marriage. Liam calls Wyatt to tell him he is going to the station to identify a break-in guy. It’s not Quinn so Wyatt is happy to hear that. He tells Liam he will meet him at the station. Katie tells Bill and Brooke that she is punishing them for things they have not done. She knows they only want to help her and tonight she was ready to pitch it all – him, Will, their family. She is embarrassed for what she said to Brooke and needs her forgiveness. She loves her so much. But she is so grateful that Bill has not given up on her through all of this. She goes to check on Will.

Brooke tells Bill this time she thinks her sister means it. Bill says unfortunately she always does. Sounds nice but he cannot believe it. Brooke laments that everything has changed now and Bill needs to recognize that. He says he never knows what he might walk in on. She says tonight is different. He says he does not want to wake up to that again, the axis between love and hate. He wants to wake up to Brooke. He is having that conversation with Katie tonight. Wyatt talks to Lt. Baker and he tells Liam that he can look and pick this man out of a lineup. Even if he did not hurt him, he needs to see a doctor. They are family and he wants to be here for him. The man picked out of the lineup is #2. He has to stay. Wyatt recognizes him as his minister at his wedding and tells Lt. Baker and Liam. Bill tells Brooke that the only peace he will have is with Brooke. She says they will always be in each other’s lives but just not as Bill wants. She tells Katie that nothing is broken. They are all here in the same room. Katie says she knows they cannot go back, but they can be better. She loves the both of them. She is sorry for the ugly, hurtful things she has said to both of them but it is hard to take it back. She tells Brooke that she knows she has been loyal to her and she does not want to squander that. She means so much to her. She hugs Brooke while Brooke looks over her shoulder to Bill.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Aiden gave Kate the marriage records she needed.  Nicole met with Dario to talk about Kate setting her up.  Hope wanted to talk to Rafe about her dream.  Nicole was worried that she would end up in prison the way Deimos did.  She and Dario wondered why Kate would set her up.  Kate went to Roman to find out if they found Deimos.  He told her about the blood that was found.  When she referred to Deimos as her husband, Roman wanted to see proof that she was married to Deimos.  Hope told Rafe about her dream.  She also told him that she wanted to work things out with Aiden.  Rafe seemingly understood it.  Roman went with Kate to see the proof. 

Hope told Ciara that she was going to make things work with Aiden unless she didn’t approve of it.  Roman and Kate went to the mansion to look for the marriage license.  He nearly caught her putting the records in a desk.  Deimos woke up and walked away from the swamp.  Ciara gave Hope her blessing to be with Aiden.  Kate showed Roman the marriage papers.  He was upset with her for being with Deimos after everything he had done.  Hope met with Aiden to talk.  Nicole and Dario went to the crime scene.  Deimos turned up at an auto shop.  He called someone.  Hope told Aiden that she wanted to make things work with him.  Chloe showed up to get Deimos.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Today's episode was pre-empted!

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Dylan reveals that Hilary was the source of all the lab tech's new money. Simon calls Hilary in an attempt to get through to her about her health. At GCAC, Hilary hangs up on Simon and shakes off the tremor in her hand. She tells Lily she will take care of the publicity nightmare the suicide caused the club. Lily fights back. Paul and Dylan arrive to talk to Hilary. She denies any knowledge of a pay off. She suggests they check out Simon. Ashley arrives and tells them Simon is at the lab. Then she calls Simon and tells him to leave the lab. She confronts Hilary about the pay off and Hilary admits it. Ashley finds Simon and tells him they have to go to the police because he is innocent. Simon admits that he lied to Ashley when he said he didn't know the identity of the kidnapper when he helped Hilary. Ashley is disgusted with Simon. Phyllis, Jack, Billy, and Bethany have drinks together. Bethany goes overboard with her acting. Later, Billy accuses her of putting their plan at risk. Jack tells Phyllis that he thinks there's something odd about Bethany, like she's trying too hard to be nonchalant. He excuses himself to go meet with Hilary. Phyllis goes to Billy's house and pays Bethany to shut up and leave. Billy tells Phyllis that they need to tell Jack because they need to be together. At the club, Lily points out, to Jack's surprise, that Hilary is the reason Neil is drinking again. Hilary tries to defend herself but passes out in Jack's arms. Dylan finds Simon and says he has some questions.

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