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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Brooke that he loves her and won’t be without her. Katie puts the bottle down but remembers what she told Bill to just go to Brooke and get it over with. Steffy tells Wyatt that yes she is pre-occupied. She is thinking of what his mother put Liam through. She is very dangerous. It is just one thing after another. And she keeps getting away with it. He reminds her they married because they love each other and they were not tricked by his mother. She will always be his mother and there is nothing they can do about that. She says she knows but Quinn needs to stay away from Liam. He says there is no right or wrong way but as long as she tells him how she feels they can work this out. He says life is too short to worry about things they cannot control. She thanks him for her being able to be honest even when it comes to talking about her issues with Quinn and her feelings for Liam. Wyatt says Quinn will not go over there again. She is not that stupid. She knows he will press charges this time. Steffy still has a weird vibe. Liam wakes up to a loud noise and starts investigating. He hits a black object and pulls off the cape and asks who in the hell is he. Liam asks who he is or who sent him. The guy says he is down on hard times and he just needed a little cash. Liam says he is so sick and tired of people just walking all over him. He starts to call the police and realizes the guy has slipped away.

Brooke pulls away from Bill and says Katie is still his wife. He admits yes she will always be a part of his life but Brooke is the one he loves. He wants her and he knows she wants him too. With her memories Katie continues looking at the bottle. Brooke and Bill continue kissing. He lays her down on a nearby sofa. He tells her that he needs this. He needs her now and it has been too long and he is not going to take no for an answer. They denied themselves for Katie but all for nothing. Now is their time. She admits she loves him. He says from this moment forward he will be Brooke’s. But they will tell Katie first. They will start their life tonight. Wyatt tells Steffy that he doesn’t mind if she wants to talk about Liam all night long. Meanwhile Wyatt wants to talk about everything – the good, the bad, the ugly. His vows came from the heart. He will always be honest with her; that is his commitment to her forever. Liam tells the police on the phone that he wants to catch someone and press charges. Bill and Brooke walk in and confront Katie. He tells her quickly about Ridge but says there is something else he wants to discuss with her. He was worried about he and wants her to be happy. He says they have to stop the vicious cycle right now. They have tried everything and have been struggling for years. He knows she is tired and he is tired too. Sometimes it gets to a point that they cannot take it anymore. He knows he failed her and he is sorry… sorry.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve told Joey about Kayla’s illness.  Kayla and John showed up at the commune.  Kayla found out that Joey was arrested when she and John questioned Simone and Jade about Joey.  Rafe and Roman talked about Nicole killing Deimos.  Steve called Kayla and told her about Joey.  Rafe and Roman went to check on Nicole.  Jade let Kayla and John know that Joey wouldn’t snitch on anyone in the compound.  Kayla put Jade and Simone in their place.  Shawn and Lani investigated Deimos’ “death”.  Rafe and Roman questioned Nicole about her argument with Deimos.  Roman told her about the video of the argument.  Nicole called Belle to present her.  Nicole realized that Kate was setting her up.  When Belle showed up at the station, Nicole told Rafe that Kate was jealous that she was with Deimos.  Belle wanted to talk to Nicole.

Steve let Fynn know that he owed him for helping Kayla.  Simone told Kayla off for the way she was acting.  Simone told her that she talked to Steve and she thought it was a good thing that Kayla left him.  John took Kayla out of the room so she wouldn’t kill Simone.  Kayla was upset about the things Simone said about Steve.  John wondered why Kayla was upset when she was with Fynn.  Kayla tried to justify why she wasn’t with Steve anymore, but John tried to convince her to give Steve a chance.  Kayla and John went to see Joey.  Nicole went to see Kate and slapped her.  Nicole wanted Kate to retract her statement.  Kate said she saw Nicole kill her husband.  Nicole didn’t believe it, but Kate said she had proof that she is married.  Kayla had a headache when she, Steve, and Joey were about to go home.  Nicole didn’t believe that Kate and Deimos were married.  Kate told her that she had proof that Nicole killed Deimos.  Deimos’ body washed up.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Laura gathers all of her son's family and friends and holds a support-group/vigil for the disappearance and presumed death of Nikolas. Everyone expresses their emotions, feelings of loss and realize that until they hear otherwise, they will keep their hope alive that Nikolas could still be alive and well and will come back to them. Yet Spencer continues to publicly and very adamantly tell his grandma and everyone else that they need to face facts that his dad is gone forever. In stating that, he continues to sound completely unemotional, showing no grief for the loss of his dad. Meanwhile, Jason and Sam are outside Wyndemere, determined to get to the bottom of this unsolved mystery which he is all but convinced was staged, on Nikolas' part to have everyone mistakenly believing he's dead, so that Nikolas can hide and escape from "something or someone". Sam goes inside to join the family-support group while Jason secretly enters unseen. While there, he notices Spencer going off privately with Emma and he intently observes and overhears their conversation which indicates that Spencer might know what something, which he is not revealing to anyone. Inside, Dante asks Sam what she might know about Jason, given there's a warrant for his arrest and that he's suddenly MIA, to which she replies she has no information. He notices her privately texting on her phone, revealing that may not be true. Dante also notices Spencer approaching him and urging him to "close" the investigation to find his dad, sounding as though he's very certain, and (surprisingly) not-at-all upset to tell the others that his dad is dead. Alexis and Julian have a heated conversation where he asks her if she can throw away all they had and forget her marriage vows to him and she continues to remind him that he was aware that she expected him to quit the mob and he clearly has not done that and is responsible for the death or more than one person. Maxie and Nathan both find themselves at an "impasse" regarding their trust issues. They both individually go to find Griffin, hoping he can offer them confidential support and guidance, as a priest. Yet he coldly and angrily tells them both he wants nothing to do with their relationship issues. This surprises them and they wonder why he would be so adamant about this.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Michael, Adam, and Chelsea are at the condo discussing the fact that Ian has agreed to testify in court that Victor framed Adam for murder, but Michael had to pull some strings in order to get Ian what he wants in exchange. In a room at the Athletic Club, Paul and Dylan question the girlfriend of James, who was just found dead as a result of an apparent suicide. Dylan asks the woman how James came into a lot of money in order to buy a sailboat and her an expensive piece of jewelry. At Walworth Infirmary, Ian pretends to have a stomach condition in order to get to see Dr. Gates and Victor and possibly catch them in a compromising position. Two guards escort Victor out while Dr. Gates examines Ian. Ian tries to get information out of her about Victor. On the roof of the Newman Tower, Phyllis talks to Luca about his relationship with Summer. She tries to get Luca to move out while Summer is out of town. Victoria and Travis are having a slow dance when Nick barges in. After a few moments of arguing, Travis asks Nick to leave. Nick leaves but Victoria tells Travis that she will get Nick calmed down, and she will be back for their slow dance. Luca hits home with Phyllis when he starts to question her about her family and her marriage. Luca starts to get up and leave, but Phyllis tells him to hear her out first. In a booth at the Athletic Club, Nick and Victoria discuss what Travis really wants from her. In the rec room at Walworth, Ian is busy eating while Victor reads a book. Ian gets under Victor's skin when he starts telling him that he is going to testify in court on behalf of Adam that Victor framed him for murder. Paul and Dylan show the woman a pic of Victor in order to get her to remember something that would help clear Adam, but she is of no help. Michael gets a call from Paul that the lab technician is dead. Both Michael and Chelsea are surprised that Adam knows this.

Michael tells Chelsea and Adam that James took his own life. When Ian gets up to empty his plate, Victor attacks him. Phyllis tells Luca that she has a proposition for him. Whether or not he agrees to do it, she will make him pay. Victoria and Nick both feel guilty that they testified against Victor in court. Nick tells Victoria that Luca told him where to find her. The warden has to separate Ian and Victor. Ian is sent to the infirmary while Victor is sent to solitary. Dylan receives a call about who gave James the money. Victoria talks to the pic of Victor when Luca joins her. Victoria asks why he had her followed. Phyllis and Nick come up with a plan to get Luca out of Summer's life. Luca shows Victoria a pic of Travis who is a Wall Street tycoon. Travis looks at the pic of Victoria. Dylan tells Michael that they know who gave James the money to change the lab results. Victoria reads the article on the internet about Travis possibly being responsible for the oil tanker disaster. Ian questions Meredith about Victor.

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