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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Bill that this is his family and Bill needs to respect that. Quinn goes home grumpy and there is Deacon lolling around. She tells him that it is over with Liam. Deacon says that never really even started, just with Quinn. She says Steffy is furious with her and threw her out. She says there is still an attraction between Liam and Steffy and they are both mad at her. But she will not let Liam come between her and Wyatt. Wyatt has a hard time siding with Steffy that his mom belongs in prison. He says he wants her to get better but that will not happen in prison. Brooke tells Ridge that he lied to her. He told her he had had the vasectomy reversed and that was not true. Now he is not the father of Douglas and she needed to know that. Steffy tells Wyatt that she needs to know she has his support in everything. He says like it or not Quinn is still his family. She asks him to remember his vows; he said he would put her before anyone else. Quinn tells Deacon that no one comes between her and her son. He says he knows she got her heart broken and now she is lashing out. She says she was in love with Liam and ready to run away and do whatever he asked but not anymore. Caroline tries to tell Bill that both she and Ridge made this decision and for Douglas’s best interest. He does not have to worry about her or the baby. Thomas tells Brooke that this is not her decision or even Bill’s so they need to leave it between him and Ridge.

Bill spews that he has two grown sons that he did not raise as he did not know about them so those are times he cannot get back just like Thomas won’t with Douglas. Bill and Caroline argue and he says she does not know what she is saying. But against his better judgment he says okay. Brooke says she does not want Rick to leave town. Ridge needs to share some of his CEO duties with Rick. She will help out Ridge’s son if he will help out hers. Ridge agrees. Wyatt laments to Steffy that whatever she and Liam said to Quinn must have gotten through as she left, did not stalk Liam and came over to tell Wyatt that she was through with Liam. Deacon warns Quinn not to push Liam, leave him alone. She says he is a threat to her son’s marriage. Bill brings Brooke in the back way. He says he has tried with Katie but her mood swings get worst. She is drinking and lying. Then he admits he loves Brooke. Wyatt tells Steffy that Liam is going through a bad time right now but they will all be there for him. He will not be alone this time. At Liam’s, dressed all in black a figure with a flashlight tries to get inside. Katie pours herself a drink and recalls telling Bill to just get it over with. He has always wanted Brooke. Bill tells Brooke that Katie knows there is something going on and secrets will come out. She tells him this is her sister and he cannot keep talking about this. He says they would have been married by now so they cannot keep making these concessions for Katie. He kisses her and she wants to fight it but.........

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Bo came to see Hope at the cabin.  She told him how she killed Stefano.  She told him about Ciara being raped and how she is alone.  She wanted him to leave.  When he left, she told him not to go.  He came back.  When she opened the door, Larry was there.  She wanted him gone, but he wouldn’t leave.  He reminded her that she killed Stefano and framed someone else for it.  She threw him out of the cabin.  Bo and Hope had flashbacks from the past.  She thought about how she killed Stefano.  She told Bo that she lost herself after she killed Stefano.  Stefano showed up at the cabin.  He said she would never be rid of him.

Stefano confronted Hope about killing her.  She was ready to confess to killing him.  Bo talked her out of doing it because Roman and Rafe would go down for it.  Bo also warned her that Andre would be free to go after Ciara.  She agreed not to confess.  She promised Stefano that she would look out for Chad.  When Stefano left, Zack showed up.  Zack told Hope not to give up on finding happiness in her life.  When Zack left, Bo made her feel better about her giving up on him and not looking for him when he was gone.  He wanted her to live her life and she agreed to do it.  Bo and Hope had one last dance and one last kiss.  Hope woke up and left he cabin.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Alexis is furious with Julian as she assesses and reminds him that he's betrayed her and lied to her, she trusted and loved him and it was all a lie. Yet realizing that her husband is capable of murder, she is afraid of him as he angrily tells her he feels betrayed by her and the fact that she lied to him when she promised to burn his bloody shirt but hid it in order to stab him in the back and get him arrested. Sonny finds Ava and tells her that although he realizes he is responsible for the fact that Morgan is bi polar, she better not mess with and manipulate his son or she will pay. He goes to see Morgan and encourages him to know he can make his own decisions regarding whether to break up with Kiki or not and he need not be intimidated or manipulated by Ava. Morgan expresses to his dad, as well as to Andre, that he agrees he's making progress and for that reason he is "hesitant" about leaving the facility, for reasons he does not specifically admit to. Meanwhile, Kiki is happily with Dillon, kissing and growing closer. Ava offers her encouragement to her daughter for moving on and getting over Morgan. Sabrina is ready to get sentenced and tells both Paul and Anna she will accept the consequences for her actions of aiding and abetting Carlos, and accept going to jail. However, they conclude that they have no reason to want to arrest her, do not see her as a flight risk and Paul announces to her that the DA's office is dropping all charges and she's free to go. Meanwhile, Tracy is with the baby and Dillon, both assuming Sabrina will not be back any time soon. She returns to the Quartermaine house with Michael however and intends to take the baby back to hers' and Felix' apartment. yet Tracy encourages her to move into the house which she graciously accepts.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Dylan and Paul question Alan James the lab technician who performed Constance Bingham's autopsy and he denies that he took money from Victor to alter the test results. Nick thinks Luca is blackmailing Victoria in order to have a job as a consultant at Newman Enterprises, but both Victoria and Luca deny his suspicions. Nick later meets with Luca and demands that he tell him what is going on with Victoria so that he can help his sister. Luca tells Nick everything about Travis who used to work on Wall Street but is now a bartender and implies that Travis is using Victoria for her money. Nick later goes to Hank's bar and sees Victoria dancing with Travis.

Ian tells Adam he got Victor to admit to framing him for the death of Constance Bingham, but in return he wants Adam to get him moved to a minimum security prison. Michael is able to do what Ian asks, but when Michael arrives for the deposition, Ian tells him that he will only testify in court not on tape. Dylan and Paul inform Michael and Adam that Alan James is dead, and it looks like it might be a suicide.

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