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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie berates Bill for betraying her again. Clearly Brooke is his priority and not her. Ridge tells Thomas not to keep giving “what if?” any credence. He believes in Brooke and what she promised him. Wyatt is surprised when Quinn just walks into his house when he was expecting Steffy. She wants to be part of his life and she hopes he will not send her away. She says she knows he does not want to hear this but Steffy was at Liam’s when she left and it was almost a love fest. She thinks it is only a matter of time before they get back together. Wyatt laments that he loves his wife and Quinn is only trying to stir up trouble. She warns him again that it is not over with Steffy and Liam like Wyatt thinks. Liam tells Steffy to hell with what most people say that he is a nice person. He will not let her go. They were this close once but then Quinn happened. And the second he was away from her he ran straight to Steffy. He understands her taking her vows sacred, but they should not be together. Bill keeps denying that he is more committed to Brooke and tells Katie that she is over-reacting. She wonders why Bill even married her. He is more loyal to his ex-lover than his wife. Katie tells Bill and Brooke that she cannot hear anymore. No matter what promises he made, Brooke is in distress and he spills all he knows to help her. She was a fool to believe he could keep the secret. She should have never trusted him and kept her mouth shut. He breaks her trust over and over again for Brooke. She is so tired of fighting for this. She is done. She wants him to go and be with Brooke. She knows he wants her; he never stopped so go and get it over with. Caroline says she is not doubting Ridge but Thomas may be right that this is not something in their control if it gets out from Katie. Bill tells Katie that he is not going anywhere. He loves her and intends to spend the rest of his life with her and Will as family. He just needs to know that Caroline is okay. She says yes he is going, she is unshackling him. She tells him to go; she will be fine. She is always fine.

Wyatt tells Quinn that if she is serious and wants to be in his life then she has to stop all this nonsense of trying to get Liam back in her life…..and saying all these things about his wife. Steffy says she has to go home. Liam retorts unfortunately that means Quinn will be in her life but he makes her promise that she won’t let her make any more trouble. They hug. Wyatt tells Quinn that she is going to have to do more than just try. Steffy walks in and says she is not welcome here in her home so she wants her to go. Quinn says she cannot cut her out entirely. Wyatt stands with Steffy and watches Quinn silently go. Katie is sick that she let Ridge down by telling his secret that he wanted her to keep. She reaches for the bottle. Bill walks into the Forrester house uninvited. Ridge calls him on it. Bill says he needed time to think. But this clown is trying to ruin everyone’s lives. Ridge is not going to control Caroline’s life any more or making a fool of Thomas. Katie told him. They do not keep secrets. Rick is going to know, the whole freaking world will know. Caroline tries to speak up but Ridge tells Bill that he respects why he is here for Caroline but do them a favor, let this go so they can be a family. That baby is happy and all he wants to do right now is sleep.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Aiden changed Chaseís plea to not guilty by reason of insanity.  Justin wasnít convinced that Chase should change the plea until Aiden said Hope supported it.  Kate talked to Roman about Nicole killing Deimos.  Victor was upset with Nicole for messing up the plan.  While they were arguing, Maggie wanted to know what was going on.  Kate continued to lie to Roman about Nicole killing Deimos, but Roman didnít believe her.  She also lied about being married to Deimos.  Roman thought Kate had a motive to kill Deimos.  Maggie was upset with Nicole and Victor for plotting against Deimos.  Aiden called Hope and told her about his plans for Chase. 

Justin looked through the evidence of the person Deimos wanted to get off.  Victor told Justin to do it, but Justin didnít want to at first.  Roman told Justin that Deimos was dead and Nicole was a suspect.  Kate called Aiden so he could represent her.  Justin went to see Victor.  Justin said he did what Deimosí wanted, but he regretted it.  He told Victor that Deimos was allegedly dead.  Kate wanted Aiden to help her for $250,000.  Roman found Nicole and wanted her at the station.  Justin told Victor that Nicole was a suspect in Deimosí murder.  Kate wanted Aiden to get her a marriage certificate.  Roman told Nicole that a witness saw her kill Deimos.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Sonny goes to visit Morgan at the facility and finds out that his son and Kiki have broken up. Although Morgan wants to assure his dad it was his decision to break it off with his girlfriend, Sonny knows Morgan is not ok with the break-up and that it was not his own decision to end their relationship. He asks if Morgan's doctors have advised it, to which Morgan replies no. They both confirm nobody in the family have asked Morgan to break up with Kiki. At that point, Sonny needs to find out who "persuaded" Morgan to break up with Kiki so he has the front desk receptionist show him the guest login book and sees that Ava has recently visited his son. At that point, he knows why and goes to find Ava to confront her. Ava can see that Julian is in a lot of trouble and knows that Alexis is probably turning over evidence on him while they speak. She urges her brother to use caution, afraid for him. Yet he assures his sister he's not "going down" for what they all know he's guilty for. Meanwhile, Alexis meets privately in the park with Diane admitting she's recently "hesitated" to take action against Julian after Lucas got put in the coma. However, now knowing her husband's son will be fine, Diane encourages her to have a clear conscience doing what she previously intended to do. She further reminds Alexis that if she does not take action against Julian and he remains free, he could have her killed as soon as he finds out she's turned on him. Right then, Alexis decides she will take action and goes home to find the bloody shirt Julian asked her to burn for him in order to destroy evidence, which she's hid. However, when she gets home, it's not where she left it. Julian returns shortly thereafter, reveals that he has the shirt in his possession and asks her if she was looking for "this". Maxie admits that she is having some major trust issues with Nathan now that she's found out that he lied about shooting a man, which is something she never thought she'd find out about him.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Sharon wants to have a picnic with Sully and Dylan. Dylan is on board until Paul shows up and wants to set up shop out of Dylan's house so they can investigate the department secretly. Victoria visits Adam and Chelsea, claiming that Victor was behind the oil spill to get back at her. She admits it would be worse if she knew she was to blame for it. Adam tells her that she shouldn't second guess herself because that's what Victor wants. Ian shows Victor a magazine with a headline about Adam being accused of murder. Ian thinks he sees a look of satisfaction on Victor's face and asks him how he was able to frame Adam from inside prison. Adam and Dylan meet Meredith at GCAC. She has no information for them and says she feels sorry for Victor because he has such an ungrateful family. Victoria confronts Victor but he denies any involvement in the oil spill. He says he's getting sick of being blamed for everything that's happening to his children. Meredith goes back to her prison job and tells Victor about her conversation with Adam. She says she still believes Victor. They kiss. Nick finds out that Luca is not only working for Newman as a consultant but is also living with Summer. Victoria says Luca has been invaluable during the oil spill crisis and she has new respect for his talents. As for Luca and Summer living together, she says they are both adults and their personal lives are none of her business. Nick thinks that Luca is holding something over Victoria's head. Paul finds something that might prove Victor hired someone to doctor the results of Candace's toxicology report.

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