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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill repeats again that Thomas is the father of that little boy – not Ridge. This could change everything and Rick can use this news. Brooke cannot see Ridge doing this, but Bill says he is desperate. He is bullying Thomas and pulling no punches. Meanwhile Ridge has Thomas, Katie and Caroline all agreeing that this will be their secret and no one else has to know. As Katie leaves he says she pushed Thomas for the truth and now she has it. Steffy says Liam is fine but not her. Quinn completely altered her life and she will never forgive her for that. None of them have recovered, she, Liam nor Wyatt. She belongs in prison but just go and never come back. Bill explains to Brooke that perhaps Ridge’s vasectomy was not reversible and only he and the doctor knew about it. And the doctor was mysteriously killed in a car accident. She cannot fathom that Ridge would do something like this to his own son. Bill says because he is desperate and power crazy. Bill says there will be recuperations for all of them, even he and Brooke. Katie walks in and asks what is going on and what did Bill tell her. Bill says Rick is leaving town and they were discussing that. He thinks Rick should be running Forrester but Ridge pushed him out. Katie guesses that Bill told Brooke. She says she asked him not to and now he has betrayed her trust again with her sister. Bill says this was different since Rick was having to leave town because of Ridge.

Quinn tries to defend herself. Steffy tells her just to stop. What she did was disgusting. She gave him the man she will spend the rest of her life with. Liam argues that the man should have been him. Then he tells her just to get out. She better stay away and never come back or he will not be responsible for what he does. She cannot believe this is goodbye. When all is said and done Steffy says she has committed herself to Wyatt and that will not change. He slowly holds her tenderly and whispers that he loves her and he is not going to let her slip away from him again. Brooke asks Katie if it is true that Douglas is not Ridge’s son. Katie says yes, she heard it from Caroline and she cannot believe it either. Then she barks at Bill that she is his wife and she went against her wishes. What Ridge does is Ridge’s business and she confided in Bill but once again he betrayed that trust with her sister. There is nothing Brooke can say to justify Bill’s behavior. He did what he is doing for Brooke, no one else. This had nothing to do with Rick or Caroline. It always has to do with her sister. He must think she is stupid or he just plain does not care. Katie says he has put her life under a microscope and she has tried but they had an intimate conversation and she asked him not to tell anyone and he cannot do that. Brooke always takes priority over her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate saw Deimos and Nicole kissing.  Kate heard him ask Nicole to make love to him.  Dario questioned Summer about her feelings for Brady.  She told him how he fell in love with Nicole.  Nicole refused to sleep with Deimos while he was with Kate.  He wanted to give Nicole a ring that was important to him.  The ring was a commitment to him.  She wanted a man that was free.  He explained why he wanted her.  Dario and Summer kissed and made love.  Nicole refused to take Deimos’ ring.  He warned her that this was her last chance to be with him.  Kate recorded them together.  He realized that Nicole was scheming against him.  Summer regretted making love with Dario. 

Deimos was rough with Nicole when he confronted her about setting him up.  Kate continued recording them. Nicole got Deimos off of her.  He confronted her about helping Victor.  She walked away from him.  Kate came out of hiding when Nicole left.  Kate confronted Deimos about Nicole.  He wanted to get married.  When she slapped him, he hit his head on a tree and fell in the water.  Summer told Brady how she felt about him, but he turned her down.  Nicole met Dario to tell him how the plan backfired.  Kate looked around for Deimos.  She called Roman to tell him that she saw a crime.  Nicole opened p to Dario about missing Daniel.  Kate told Roman that Nicole pushed Deimos into the river.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Jason and Sam are alone and brainstorming what really happened and how it can be proven he did not attempt to kill Nikolas. He theorizes that Nikolas staged his fall to pin his "murder" on Jason. Sam reminds him that it's possible that is not the case and there's no proof of his theory. At the hospital, Jordan informs Monica and she informs Jason, that there is a warrant out for his arrest. At that point, Sam is determined to come up with evidence to exonerate Jason. There is also a "mystery" involving how or by whom Lucas got injected with a lethal drug. He comes to and remembers what happened to him although he admits he could not identify the person who injected him, since it was dark and hard to see, although he knows it was a person wearing a white coat. Dr. Obrecht is certain that Finn did it. Dr. Mayes listens although he reminds her there's no proof. Monica wants to believe and give Finn the benefit of the doubt but wonders why he would not want to submit to a voluntary drug test in order to disprove Dr. Obrecht's charges that he has a drug addiction and is likely to have injected Lucas. Hayden/Rachel's mom makes a surprise visit to see her daughter at Wyndemere, remarks that Hayden/Rachel is becoming as greedy as her father, but promises to be there for her when it seems her daughter is in trouble. Elizabeth is upset and frustrated that she cannot expose Hayden/Rachel for who she really is when Franco offers to help Elizabeth by using surveillance cameras. Yet she admits that she is more concerned about losing Nikolas who has been her best friend. Nathan reveals to Maxie, his secret regarding his marriage to Claudette, for the first time. He informs her that he and his wife were having problems. he suspected although he could not prove, that she was cheating. One night when he was drinking, he caught them in bed together, shot the other guy and assumed he'd be arrested and lose his police badge. Maxie listens and realizes she cannot judge her fiancé for lying and keeping this secret from her, as she's done the same throughout her life. However, she informs Nathan, she never expected this behavior from him and up until now believed he was a very different kind of man than whom he is now revealing to her that he really is. With that, she tells him she needs time, has to move out for a while and stay with her mom, until things get sorted out, postponing their wedding.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Stitch, Abby, and Max start to bond as a family when they decide Max should have the surgery to remove his brain tumor, because despite the risks involved, Max wants to try to have a normal life. Dr Neville tells Ashley and Hilary that another test patient is having serious side effects of the drug, and he fears that it might be a temporary fix instead of a cure. Dr. Neville does some tests on Hilary and notices a tremor in her hand. He later tells Ashley that the tremor means that Hilary could be in a coma again if he doesn't find a way to fix the drug. Hilary tells Dr. Neville that he should keep quiet about the latest patient and fix the problem because the drug will roll out in the fall. Jack worries that Billy is making reckless decisions about his life that could have serious consequences which can't be fixed. Phyllis begs Billy to pretend that Bethany is his girlfriend and makes it clear to him that she wants to stay with Jack because she loves him. Phyllis also tells Billy that they will never have sex again because that was a mistake. Billy introduces Bethany to Jack and Phyllis who can't help being jealous.

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