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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill thinks over what he is going to do. Katie tells him she needs him to say that he is not going to say anything about Thomas being Douglas’s father. She says she confided in him but it is none of their business. She expects him to respect her enough to keep that confidence. He says okay he will respect that. Ridge says he told Thomas the truth and they all need to keep the secret. Just be a big brother. That is what is best for Douglas. Brooke tells Rick that he seems pretty grumpy today. He laments that he cannot put up with Ridge. She says moving to Europe would not be the answer. He can work from home. He thinks maybe it is time to open his own company. He does not want to do this or move out of her home either but Ridge has left him with no choice. Steffy tells Caroline that Quinn can claim anything she wants as long as she stays away from Liam. But the door is open and Quinn walks in. She says she cannot forget the time they spent together and she doubts he can either. Liam tells her that she scarred him for the rest of his life. She does not agree; she knows they had something….maybe more than he had with Steffy. She reminds him again that he changed her to be a better person. She just wishes he could understand that. He says he wishes she could understand that he does not care. He will always love Steffy.

Caroline comes back from yoga and Ridge tells her that he and Thomas came to an understanding. Thomas says Ridge is better equipped at being a father now but he does deserve to be his father and someday they will tell Douglas the truth. For now he will keep the secret. Brooke tells Bill that she doesn’t know where but Rick is taking Maya and the baby and leaving town…..all because of Ridge. She cannot blame him. Even though Eric has given him everything, it is never enough but she hates to see him move on. Bill says maybe she won’t have to. He knows something and if it got out then Rick would never leave. Quinn tells Liam that she can prove him wrong. If he felt the way he says he does he would have pressed charges. He says no, they did not have the evidence they needed. It is not sane for her to come here and expect him to want anything from her. There is only one woman for him and that is Steffy. Quinn reminds him that Steffy has moved on so he does not need to spend his life pining away over Steffy. He says he knows she is married to Wyatt but he is not giving up and nothing Quinn says will change his opinion of her. Steffy walks in and says now it is her turn. At Ridge’s request Katie comes over. He wants her to see how they can all co-exist. For now they will raise Douglas and some day they will tell him the truth. It is a work in progress. They all agree that it goes no further than this room and that includes her. Brooke wants to hear what Bill has to say that would cause Rick to stay. She cannot lose her son so if Bill knows……Bill says it will hurt his family too. Ridge is toxic and he is playing with people’s lives. She continues to beg. Bill finally says Ridge is not Douglas’s father – it is Thomas.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

"Days of Our Lives" did not air today in favor of French Open Tennis!

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Elizabeth persuades Jordan to consider Hayden as the prime suspect for what happened to Nikolas, Jordan follows up and has federal agents accompany her to Wyndemere to question Nikolas' wife. Hayden expresses anger toward Elizabeth for doing this, yet does not seem afraid that any evidence will implicate her or that anything will happen to her in the investigation. While nobody knows exactly what caused Nikolas to have his injury, what exactly happened or if he is alive or dead, Jason reveals to Sam he believes he knows what really happened. He bets nobody tried to kill Nikolas since he sees no evidence of that. What he believes is that Nikolas staged the whole thing, made it appear to everyone as though he fell and was injured yet the body they all saw cannot be proven to be him. Sam asks him why he thinks Nikolas would do that and exactly what her cousin would be hiding from, to which Jason replies Nikolas is not hiding from "something" but rather "someone". Laura is very concerned that Spencer believes his father more than likely died, tells her everyone needs to face it given the circumstances, and that the boy seems in complete denial with no emotions or grief about his father possibly dead. She calls and talks to Kevin who assures her that children her grandson's age hiding their feelings and dealing this way with grief is not atypical. In the process, Laura cries on Kevin's shoulder as she confides in him how this is affecting her and all of the previous experiences she's had of losing people she loves. They grow closer as he holds her in his arms and comforts her. At the hospital everybody is worried with no answers about when Lucas will awaken from his coma or who or what caused what happened to him. Dr. Obrecht clearly wants to point fingers at Finn and urges Monica as well as Dr. Mayes to know that Finn has been responsible for the unexpected and unexplained deaths of several other patients recently. Also, whether they believe it or not, she has evidence of Finn's drug addiction. Carly realizes it's true that Finn did, in fact, lie to her when he said he was diabetic, not long ago, when she found him passed out in his hotel room, with a need in his arm and she demands he give her an explanation now that her brother is in a coma and all suspicion points to him. Although he still has no explanation for his drug usage, he tells her he wants to take action to save Lucas since nobody else has succeeded with that. At that point, he goes with her to protest to Monica that he be given that chance. Shortly thereafter, Lucas suddenly awakens, at which point, Brad, Carly and all the medical staff gather around and want to know what happened, to which he replies he remembers everything including what put him in this coma.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Chelsea asks Sharon to convince Nick to allow a second exhumation of Candace's body. Sharon adamantly refuses. Adam visits Ian at Walworth. He wants Ian to join him in a plan to take down Victor for good. Ian agrees. Victor is surprised to hear that Meredith has gone on a leave of absence indefinitely. When the new doctor leaves the room, Victor calls Meredith and asks her to come back. The doctor catches Victor on the phone and threatens to tell the warden. Victor uses Adam's situation to appeal to the doctor. Ian tries to buddy up to Victor but Victor doesn't want to have anything to do with him. Dylan talks to Nick about exhuming Candace's body. Dylan thinks there might be someone corrupt in the system. Nick urges Dylan to voice his concerns with Paul. Sharon comes home and mentions exhuming Candace's body. Nick gets angry and goes to Adam's where he lays into Adam for using people he cares about. Adam tells Nick that, after Victor is done with Adam, he move on to the next person in the family. He tells Nick not to come running to him once it's his turn. Michael and Paul talk about Adam's case. Paul doesn't want to admit that someone in his charge is corrupt.

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