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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Opening the door just a little more Bill overhears what Katie says to Thomas about Douglas being his son. Julius tells Viv that he cannot go back and he knows he disrespected their marriage but he hopes she can forgive him. She says how can she; he played her for a fool. He says no. He could not tell her about Sasha. But if she can forgive, he promises he still loves her and will never keep things like this from her again. She says they are a family and she does love him so she will try to forgive him. It will not be overnight and swept under the rug but she will work on it. She will work forward with an open heart. Maya is livid that her mother would do this as if nothing happened. Viv says all of them make mistakes. They work on them, be kind to each other. That is what families do. She expects that of all of them, herself as well. Brooke watches Ridge hold and play with Douglas and tell him there is nothing he would not do for him. Thomas leaves and goes back home. He sees Douglas and wants to hold him. Ridge says he is ready for a nap. Bill finds Katie and asks what he missed with her talking to Thomas. When she downplays it, he admits he heard Thomas say he had a secret and he needs to know what it is. Sasha says she has been so wrong telling her lies but she told the truth and is trying to move forward. Nicole looks at both her dad and Sasha and says sometimes saying sorry is not enough. Julius says he would like them to follow their mother’s example. He cannot undo his mistake but he has learned from it. Viv says she misses her husband so she would like him to come home. They cannot work on this apart. Rick calls Ridge and asks about the meeting. Ridge says it is done. Rick is at International and was not needed. He tells Zende that he is pissed. Ridge pushed him out of the house and now is pushing him out of the company. He is not done with this yet. He will figure out why.

Thomas tells Ridge that he needs Douglas – like he needs air. Ridge finally says all right, he has full access. Thomas asks about Katie. She knows the truth. Is that the only reason Ridge came clean. Bill tells Katie to stop talking in circles. He is her husband and he wants to know the truth. She says okay….she admits that Ridge is not Douglas’s bio father. Julius tells them that what Sasha did was wrong but if Viv can forgive him then he thinks the girls can forgive Sasha. Nicole and Maya finally say they will try. Sasha says she knows it will take some time but she promises she will make up for it. Bill doesn’t understand if Katie is saying that Ridge did not cheat. They had a problem just before Douglas was conceived and it is Thomas that is the father. Bill thinks the headlines will write themselves. Katie says Caroline is his niece and Douglas an innocent child so he is to do nothing as he will pull them all down. She told him in confidence but she needs him to promise her not to expose this. When he hesitates, she says she needs him to say the words.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

"Days of Our Lives" did not air today in favor of French Open Tennis!

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Carly is very worried to find out that Lucas has been put in a coma and is further suspicious when her mom and Monica inform her that her brother was injected with a lethal drug and Finn was the only doctor with access to him at the time it happened. She hears them both argue with Dr. Obrecht's accusations that Finn has had a drug addiction yet realizes it may not be a false accusation, realizing that she caught Finn, in his hotel room, not long ago, passed out after injecting himself with a needle. She later goes to talk to him informing him she knows he was lying when he gave her the explanation that he was a diabetic, when she had that interaction with him. Jordan and the cops are targeting Jason for the attempted murder of Nikolas because he had means, motive, opportunity and no alibi. Elizabeth is determined to get the police commissioner to realize that Hayden is a more likely suspect and that they cannot falsely accuse Jason and let Hayden go free, and she finally persuades Jordan to go and question Hayden. Jason informs Sam that he cannot be at the mercy of when or if the cops go after him for the suspected attempted murder of Nikolas. He knows he's being railroaded and so he has to skip town. She wants to come with him although, at first, he discourages that, not wanting to make her an accomplice. Yet she gets with him to brainstorm and investigate all of the details and timeframes of everything that happened when Nikolas got assaulted. Maxie wants to move forward with Nathan and trust him although he is uneasy about knowing he's keeping secrets from her. He finds out Griffin is a priest and finds it odd he's kept it a secret although he realizes that maybe he should have a private conversation with his doctor who is also a priest about the secret he's keeping from his fiancé. Griffin clearly knows something about Nathan that he is not revealing and is somehow "not ok" with the fact that Maxie is in love with Nathan and wants to marry him.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Paul went to Walworth and asked Victor if he framed Adam. Victor said no, but Paul didn't believe him. Paul went to visit Meredith and tried to get a read on her relationship with Victor. Paul learned that she was a staunch Victor supporter and that Victor talked to her about the case against Adam. Paul told Meredith that Adam once used a diary to frame Victor. Meredith went to Victor and told him that Paul came to talk to her. Meredith assured Victor that she didn't tell Paul that Victor thought Adam was guilty. Victor asked what she wanted in return, and she asked him to have dinner with her. Meredith was pleased that Victor trusted her, and she let him know she believed he didn't frame Adam. After a dinner in the infirmary, Meredith locked the door, and began to unbutton her shirt while smiling at Victor. Ashley and Abby worked at the lab and discussed the fact that Abby was genuinely enjoying life again after the miscarriage. Abby revealed that she thought Victor framed Adam. Ashley asked Abby how the situation with Max affected her marriage. Abby talked about the guilt Ben felt, but Ashley asked Abby to consider her own needs too. At the hospital, Ben told Victoria, Jill and Jack that someone reported Billy's accident, but there were no witnesses. Phyllis cleaned up in a gas station rest room after the accident. She noticed a large scrape on her chest. Jack called Phyllis about the accident, and she pretended that she didn't know. Phyllis arrived at the hospital, and she lied when Jack asked where she'd been during the ceremony. Jack and Jill felt blamed Billy's recklessness for the accident. Billy had no serious injuries. Jack and Jill started to yell at Billy, but Victoria urged them to calm down, and she spoke to Billy kindly.

Billy asked “how is she?” Phyllis, who'd used a coat to hide her injury, walked in and signaled Billy to keep quiet about her being on the motorcycle. Billy lied and said Bethany was with him. Victoria got angry and stormed off after she heard Bethany was on the bike. Phyllis unsuccessfully tried to convince Victoria that Billy was acting out because he wanted his family back. Victoria sensed that Billy had moved on, and she said she planned to do the same. Victoria went to Hank's where Travis lashed out at her for not telling him she was rich. He didn't think she understood his money troubles. Victoria tried to prove she was more than her privilege. She said she was a good businesswoman, and she offered to use her expertise to help him out. Travis accused her of trying to buy people. Victoria countered that Travis blamed his troubles on the rich. Travis ordered her to leave. Jack and Jill lectured Billy about bringing up Bethany in front of Victoria. Jill wondered if Billy had a death wish. Billy said he felt alive and carefree on his motorcycle. Jack knew that feeling, but he warned Billy that it wouldn't last. Jill wanted to postpone her flight, but Jack convinced her that she'd only get more agitated if she stayed, which wouldn't help anyone. He promised that he and Phyllis would look after Billy. Phyllis tracked down Bethany and asked her to play along with Billy's cover story. Bethany suspected that Phyllis was the woman Billy was interested in. Bethany didn't want to lie. Phyllis said Billy might be so grateful he'd see Bethany again. Phyllis also guaranteed Bethany Billy would give her $10,000 to back him up. Ben went to the lab. Ashley mentioned that Jack called her about Billy. Ben received a phone call from Max's doctors. A devastated Ben told Ashley and Abby that Max's doctors discovered that his behavior was caused by a brain tumor. The doctors wanted Ben to consent to operating. The tumor was large, not easily removed, and if Max survived the operation, he might never be the same.

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