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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill kisses Katie and says her kisses help and he is proud of her. He is happy that she is working with repairing her relationship with Brooke. He brings up the dressmaker’s decisions and he needs to take control of his 12 1/2%. Bill tells Justin that Ridge is nothing more than a glorified dressmaker, not a CEO and he wants him out. Ridge watches Douglas while Caroline is at yoga. Brooke is surprised to see Thomas since she thought he was on his way to China. Julius appears and says Sasha said she wanted to see him. She says she is tired of the lies and he might as well know there is no baby. It was wrong and she could not do that to Zende. She had lied all her life of who she really was and she was tired of that. Nicole and Zende tell Maya, Rick and Viv also that there is no baby. Katie goes to Forrester and tells Thomas this must be hard on him since Douglas is his son and not Ridge’s. Ridge shares with Brooke that Caroline does most of the work but he is looking forward to the diaper changes and taking care of Douglas. Katie comes clean with Thomas that she knows all about that night with Caroline and that Ridge no longer can have a child. Sasha tells Julius she has never had a man treat her as affectionately as Zende but he is in love with Nicole so she is going back to Illinois. Viv tells Zende that he is free of Sasha and is not tied to her and he and Nicole can be together like they are supposed to be. Maya and Nicole say they will support her in being away from Julius. He calls and tells Maya he thinks it is time the family all got together. She tells him they are at the motel so come on over.

Bill barks at Justin that the last time he gave him a job he fell short. Meantime he is going to pay Ridge a visit at the office and start rattling that cage. Thomas asks Katie if anyone else knows. She says no, she thought he had the right to know and that will be the best. He says okay he’d like to keep it that way with no one else knowing. She asks pointblank what does he intend to do about it now that he knows. Julius shows up with Sasha. Viv was not expecting them. He says he has lost his wife and he blew it. Now his daughters are separated and that is not right. He thought he was doing what was best for the family. They may not think he deserves it, but they are his family and he is asking them for forgiveness….for their father. He looks at Viv and says he has loved her for over thirty years and he cannot fathom living without her. He asks if she can forgive him. Thomas tells Katie that his dad would not have admitted the truth except that Katie guessed from what Caroline said. And now his dad has just tried to ship him out to Shanghai and he cannot do that. He tells Katie that he cannot let Ridge dictate his life. Bill is outside about to go in when he overhears.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

The police showed up at the commune to investigate robberies.  The police told Simone that the robbers had a distinctive tattoo on them.  Steve looked at Joey's hand and noticed the scorpion tattoo.  Steve wanted Joey to tell him what he knew about the robberies.  Dario accused Nicole of being in love with Deimos.  She denied her feelings for Deimos.  She admitted that her plan wasn't working the way she thought it would.  Joey told Steve that he broke in a store and got something for Jade.  Nicole was determined to make Deimos pay for what he did to Maggie.  Dario thought it was too risky.

Jade showed up at the commune and was questioned.  Joey overheard her being questioned and came out of hiding.  Fynn and Kayla almost made love, but she couldn't go through with it.  John showed up at their hotel room and wondered what was going on.  After Deimos and Kate made love, she wanted him to marry her.  Deimos was suspicious as to why she wanted to get married.  She warned him that Nicole was playing him.  He thought Kate could have been playing him too.  She tried to convince him that she wasn't.  The police was ready to arrest Jade and Joey when they refused to show their hands.  Deimos agreed to marry Kate.  Nicole called Deimos so they could meet.  He agreed to meet her.  He lied to Kate about where he was going.  Kayla wanted to know why John was at the hotel room.  Joey finally showed the police his tattoo.  The police questioned Joey about the robberies.  John told Kayla that he wanted to check on her. She wanted him to take her to Joey.  Joey told the police that Jade wasn't involved in the robbery.  He said he drove the car, but didn't rob the store.  Kayla was determined to find Joey.  The police arrested Joey.  Deimos met Nicole in the park. They ended up kissing.  Kate followed him and saw them kissing.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Sonny allows Ava to take Avery without a fight, and Carly demands to know why. He assures her that he has confidence that it will only be temporary and he's learned, from experience with Michael, that they turned their son against them by preventing him from seeing or knowing AJ. When AJ found his way to Michael, he was able to play upon him and get Michael to see his parents as the bad guys for preventing him from knowing his biological father. Sonny tells Carly that he is not going to let that happen with Avery, regarding Ava. He tells her they must have faith that when his daughter becomes old enough to understand things, she will make her own decisions and see Ava for who she really is and come to love her dad and Carly on her own. Hearing that, Carly agrees with his theory although they are both upset to have to wait and allow Ava to have her way at the present time. Nikolas is missing and they are unable to find him or save him. Laura gathers with Spencer, Lulu and Dante who are all worried. Jason is the prime suspect and Jordan takes both him and Sam to the station, making it clear she believes Jason attempted to kill Nikolas and Sam is lying for him. However, Diane rides to the rescue and is able to confidently assert to Jordan that she is going to protect her client from the biases and baseless accusations the PCPD has against him. However, alone with Jason and Sam, she warns them that the cops have it in for him so it will be a difficult battle even if she can win in the end. At that point, Jason concludes the only thing he can do is run so he's not at the mercy of this system. Back at Wyndemere, Elizabeth tells Hayden she knows she has motive to kill Nikolas and is certain that Hayden did just that. With that, Elizabeth goes to inform the commissioner of her suspicions against Hayden, stating she believes Jason is innocent and she can't let him go down for a crime she believes was committed by Hayden. Ava goes with baby Avery to find Ava who is with Dillon and she appears to them as a hero and she privately praises Dillon for motivating her daughter to get over Morgan.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Travis applied for and was denied a $20,000 bank loan for bar upkeep. Cane wished Katherine was around to give him advice on handling Hilary. Nikki overheard Cane. They talked about Katherine, and Cane admitted he was having trouble having compassion for Neil because he didn't understand why Neil kept drinking again. Nikki gave him some insight into what it was like to be an addict. Jill and Hilary bumped heads over Hilary's intention to introduce Jill at the ceremony to dedicate a wing to Katherine. Devon defended Hilary from Jill's insults. Jack pulled rank and said he wanted Hilary to make the introduction. Jill walked off. Phyllis accused Hilary of antagonizing Jill. Jack took Hilary's side, and an irritated Phyllis decided to get some air. Phyllis looked suspicious when she saw the way Hilary tossed her hair while talking to Jack. Phyllis went to the park. Hilary thanked Devon for standing up for her. Jill warned Bethany that she was just a distraction to Billy and that Billy was still in love with Victoria. Jill traded barbs with both Nikki and Esther. Jill softened and admitted she missed living with Esther and Katherine. Neil reached out to Lily, but she was cold toward him and accused him of giving Hilary something to wield over the family for the rest of their lives. Nikki reminded Neil that she'd always be there if he needed her. Neil eyed a glass of alcohol. Victoria woke up on Billy's couch. Johnny was feeling better. Billy tenderly touched Victoria's hair, but she recoiled. Billy suggested that they clear the air by talking about who they were sleeping with. Although Victoria said she didn't care, Billy revealed that he was having a fling with a waitress. Billy hoped Victoria would open up next. Victoria refused to volunteer anything. She snapped that she and Billy had been in a good place, but now he'd screwed it up. Victoria stormed upstairs to get Johnny.

Summer asked Luca to move in with her, and he accepted. Luca's investigator called him about Travis's money troubles. Summer and Luca went to the Club and told Jack and Nikki that Luca was moving in with her. Nikki admitted she'd been hurt by some things Summer said about Nikki getting a divorce. Nikki didn't want that rift to deepen, so she accepted Summer's decision. Summer hoped to tell Phyllis too, but Phyllis wasn't there. Summer told Luca she loved him, and he said it back. They went home to celebrate. Victoria went to Hank's and asked Travis why he was upset. He grudgingly told her about getting turned down for the loan, and he ranted about the rich. Travis hoped Victoria would stay awhile, but she lied and said her boss needed her at work. Billy ran into Phyllis at the park, and she vented to him about Hilary. Phyllis planned to go back inside to support Jack, but Billy convinced her to let him take her for a spin on his motorcycle first. Katherine's dedication ceremony started. Jill brushed past Hilary and took the podium before Hilary got to make her speech. Jack said some words about the mission of the treatment center. Neil shocked everyone by admitting he'd broken his sobriety and officially becoming the treatment center's first patient. A reporter asked if Neil drank because Devon married Neil's ex. Nikki took the floor and told the press to frame Neil's announcement as something positive and not part of a family scandal. Jack got a phone call about an accident. Travis followed Victoria to the ceremony. He overheard her announce that Newman was giving $5,000,000 to the foundation. Victoria realized that Travis was there. Their eyes met, and he walked out. Billy crashed his bike and was knocked unconscious.

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