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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick tells Maya that the truth will come out if Sasha is lying. Sasha admits that she lied. She could not continue and do that with Zende nor to Nicole. She does not want to be cut out of her life. Nicole says she accepted Sasha as her sister and then she does this. She got her a job at Forrester and then she stole her boyfriend and now lies about being pregnant and she cannot forgive her for that. Sasha says maybe Nicole is right. Her whole life has been one big fat lie. She knows she cannot use the Daddy excuse any more but she does not like being rejected again. She did not handle this well and she is sorry. She came clean and told the truth. Nicole cries that she is sorry for the way their father treated her, but Nicole does not feel she owes Sasha anything. Thomas tells Caroline that he hates putting her in the middle but he could not leave town with Douglas here and he hopes she understands that. He could not leave his child behind. In midst of this Ridge comes down to check on Caroline and tells Thomas he thought he would be on his way to China by now. Thomas says he is not going. Ridge says there is still time for him to take that flight and get that experience and run the company some day. Thomas says there is no rush on the experience needed. He will take his place at Forrester when the time comes. Putting an ocean between him and Douglas is not the way, there has to be another. Caroline explains to Ridge that Thomas has to be included. She promised him that he would be part of Douglas’s life; they need to work something out. Ridge stands firm. They have had a talk and worked this out and he will stand by that. Thomas also stands tall and says he will not go.

Sasha laments to Nicole that none of this is Nicole’s fault. She handled everything wrong but she is hoping Nicole will not hold this against her. Nicole says she is not heartless. She can forgive a lot but she does think it is time for Sasha to go back home. Sasha wants a chance to make it up to Nicole. She promises not to interfere again. Nicole says she accepted her as her sister but taking Zende tore her heart out. And after everything that happened she would be an idiot to accept her again. Zende walks in and Nicole says they were just saying their goodbyes. Sasha says the sad part is they probably could have been friends if she had not lied about the pregnancy, so she guesses this is goodbye and the two of them can get on with their life. Zende tells Nicole that Sasha is right. They need to get on with their lives, that is the only future he wants, the only one that makes sense. She tells him that she loves him and does not want to think of Sasha anymore; just how happy they will be. Rick does not think it makes sense that Ridge made this decision on his own and he intends to find out why. Thomas asks Ridge if he is giving him an ultimatum. Ridge says no, it is an opportunity. Thomas says there is more than opportunity, it is family. He has a child and he is not turning his back on him. Ridge may raise his son but he is in charge and Ridge will respect what he says or this will not work.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe saw Aiden and Hope holding hands.  Chad got drunk over Abby.  He opened up to Ciara about Abby.  She comforted him about Abby.  Hope noticed Rafe watching her and Aiden and stopped him from leaving.  Joey broke in a store.  Things were awkward for Fynn and Kayla when he tried to kiss her.  Steve was looking through Joey's bag at the commune.  He was nearly caught when Simone and some of the kids there walked in the commune.  Joey stole a crystal from the store.  Rafe suggested that Hope go away to figure out what she wanted.

Simone thought she heard Steve's phone go off.  She wanted him out of the commune by any means.  Jade and Joey got in an argument when he wanted to go to the commune.  When Rafe went home, Adriana noticed something was wrong with him.  She knew it had something to do with Hope.  Hope went to see Ciara to tell her she was leaving.  Hope also told her about Chase.  Aiden went to see Chase.  Aiden told Chase that he wouldn't go to prison.  He wanted Chase to plead guilty by reason of insanity.  Joey wanted Jade to forgive him, but she wanted him to go home.  Chase wondered how Aiden was going to get him off, but Aiden told him not to worry.  Ciara showed up at the hospital and saw Chase.  Kayla kissed Fynn.  Steve found Joey at the commune.  Steve tried to convince Joey to come home.  Joey wanted to go home.  Before they could leave, the police showed up.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Lucas remains unconscious in his hospital bed. Brad and Finn stand beside him not knowing what to do or what will happen. Dr. Obrecht comes by, demands that Finn gets away from that patient, as she reminds him she knows he's been responsible for the untimely and unexplained death of many patients. Julian is at home, with Alexis, trying and failing to get her to trust him and get their marriage back on track when he gets a call from Brad about what has happened to his son. He rushes to the hospital and overhears Dr. Obrecht reminding both Finn and Brad that the "unexpected" thing that has happened to Lucas can only be explained by "someone" have access to injections of lethal drugs that could kill him. Julian is very upset and suspicious of Finn. Ava goes to Sonny's and after hearing that he and Carly now have all the power to prevent her from ever seeing Avery again, she declares to him that she no longer wants to live if her daughter cannot be in her life. She tells Sonny he may now kill her if he wants, to which he tells her that he won't do that. He wants her to stand accountable for murdering Connie and all of the other things she's done and to have to answer to her daughter for that. Sabrina goes with Michael to urge Tracy to let her hold her baby boy one last time before she turns herself in. At first Tracy tells them no way, reminding them that Sabrina abandoned her baby and made the choice to go off with Carlos. They do, however, get Tracy to reconsider and Sabrina gets to hold her baby. Jordan goes to Wyndemere when Hayden, Curtis, Sam and Jason have all gone looking for Nikolas. She sees all four of them and suspects when it appears somebody may have tried to kill him and she designates Jason as having perfect means, motive and opportunity for doing just that.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Sharon explains to Faith that she misunderstood her mother and that there is nothing wrong with Sully. Dylan comes home and notices something is wrong with Sharon. Sharon and Faith leave to meet Nick for a Father/Daughter Dance. Dylan questions Mariah about Sharon's recent moods. Mariah assures him that Sharon is fine. Nick doesn't give Adam permission to exhume Constance's remains because he is offended by the way Adam and the police are using Sage's innermost thoughts as evidence. Chelsea tries to convince Adam to tell Nick about Christian's paternity but Adam refuses. Michael calls to tell Adam the date has been set for his trial and Judge Moxley will be presiding. Adam and Chelsea fear that Judge Moxley will not be impartial. Chelsea believes they need to run. Adam says that will look like an admission of guilt and he is innocent, which he will prove before the trial. Sharon and Faith meet Nick. Nick confides in Sharon and asks her advice about the exhumation. Sharon advises him to do what Sage would want him to do. Nick tells Sharon that it makes him feel better to be near Sully. Billy goes to Victoria's office to warn her about Luca. He finds Luca there and Victoria sticks up for him. Hannah calls and says that Johnny is sick. They go to Billy's house together. Victoria promises Johnny she will stay for awhile. She and Billy play Truth or Dare and they each ask each other who the other is seeing. They both make up silly stories. Victoria announces she is going home but, lightheaded from drinking too much, she falls on Billy's lap. He tells her she isn't going anywhere. Noah tells Summer that Luca is using her but she doesn't believe it. She finds Luca in Victoria's office and confronts him about what Noah said. Luca claims Noah just has it out for him. At GCAC, Marisa tells Noah to let it go.

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