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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Sasha tells Maya that she will read the pregnancy test but only with Zende, no one else. Nicole says she gets it now. Nicole had her father and Sasha didn’t but that excuse is getting old. Ridge rocks Douglas and puts him down to sleep. He senses Caroline has some issues. He explains to her that he was raised thinking Eric was his father but they did not share DNA. Massimo was the one who gave him life but it was not his life and he wants the same for Douglas….Ridge to be the father. She says part of her knows what they are doing to Thomas is wrong but maybe with him away that will change. Sasha shows Zende the test and it shows positive. He believes it now. That’s his child being born. He promises her that she will not be alone. Nicole and Maya discuss that Sasha is not dumb so what will happen when the test does prove true. She will always be a part of Zende’s life. Sasha finally admits that she lied; she is not pregnant. She says she is not offended that he did not believe her. She was just ashamed. He says he is not ashamed for the time they shared. She says she faked the test. She panicked and lied. She could not look at Nicole and lose Zende to her.

Caroline goes to the kitchen to make a snack and runs into Thomas. He says while at the airport he realized spending five years in China was not going to help him personally or professionally so he is not going. That will not prove himself worthy to take over the family business. And he is not going upstairs and telling Ridge. He can find out on his own. She tells Thomas that he thinks he knows more about her marriage than he really does. Thomas explains to her that his father put an entire ocean between them and is making him look like a fool and Caroline a liar who told him he would be part of Douglas’s life. Something changed in him when he found out he was Douglas’s father. She knows exactly what he is feeling toward that little boy. Maya says lying is Sasha’s second language. They are scared this is taking so long. Zende is aghast that Sasha lied. She says the Avants are like the Bermuda triangle. You have to live up to their standards, all sweetness and light. She begs him not to walk away. She can make him happy. She knows he does not feel the same as she does but that is okay. She says she is not a terrible person but she makes plans and sometimes she screws it up. Nicole walks in and Zende tells her that Sasha is not pregnant. Sasha berates Nicole for never telling a lie, big deal. She is asking Zende to forgive her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

"Days of Our Lives" did not air today, Memorial Day!

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

"Days of Our Lives" did not air today, Memorial Day!

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Natalie complained to Kevin about skipping their trip to spend time with Mariah. Luca tricked Noah and Summer into believing that Victoria authorized Summer to tell reporters that the oil spill was possibly caused by sabotage. Summer gave Luca's statement to the press, thinking Victoria had written it. Victoria dropped Johnny off with Billy. Billy asked Victoria if she'd been avoiding him and having the sitter shuttle the kids between them because she (Victoria) was dating someone. Victoria said it was none of Billy's business, but she spent all her time at work. Billy showed her an article about the oil spill. Victoria rushed to work, but she was too late to stop the news from running Summer's interview. Victoria didn't clear up the reporters' misunderstanding about who approved the statement. When the reporters left, Summer assured Victoria that she'd followed her instructions. Luca added that he'd relayed Victoria's orders to the letter and Summer handled it beautifully. Summer asked why Victoria hadn't answered her phone all night. Victoria sent Summer on an errand, then she confronted Luca. Luca told Victoria to think about what would happen if Victor and the board learned that she'd been unreachable in a crisis. Luca claimed he was trying to prove himself to Victoria. At Billy's request, Natalie hacked into Newman records and discovered that under Victoria's orders, Newman had cut corners with the oil division, which meant that the leak had been inevitable. Billy said he didn't believe Victoria authorized cutting corners. Billy saw Summer's interview, and he contacted Noah to ask why Summer lied. Noah said Summer had followed Victoria's orders. Billy countered that he'd been with Victoria when she learned about the leak, so she couldn't have told Summer to give an interview. Noah groaned that Luca was at it again. Noah tracked down Summer and told her that Luca tricked her. Victoria admitted that Luca's statement had been effective. Luca hoped Victoria would thank him. Billy walked into Victoria's office and told Victoria not to trust Luca.

Adam had a sleepless night, thinking about missing out on seeing Connor grow up. Chelsea assured him that Victor wouldn't win. Michael told Adam and Chelsea that the police found no evidence that the journal was forged. He gave them a copy of Sage's journal that the courts made. Adam asked if they could prove Constance's tissue samples were tampered with. Michael said they'd need fresh samples, but Constance had already been reinterred, and the courts wouldn't order another exhumation. Since Sage was Constance's heir, and Nick was Sage's heir, Michael thought Nick might be able to sign off on exhuming Constance again. Michael spent time with Kevin and learned that both Mariah and Natalie had kissed Kevin. Michael advised Kevin to make a choice. Kevin thought about significant moments he'd shared with both women. Natalie returned and apologized for giving Kevin a hard time about Mariah. Kevin told Natalie he wanted to date, then he kissed her. Nick visited Faith. Nick asked Sharon if Sully got his cowlicks from her side of the family. When Nick was out of the room, Sharon panicked – was Nick figuring out the truth? Mariah thought Sharon was overreacting to Nick's innocent comment. Sharon wanted to limit Nick's time with Sully, to keep him from seeing his traits in the baby. Mariah argued that it was wrong push Nick out, and that it would raise suspicion. Nick was glad he'd get to see Sully grow up, since he wouldn't get to see Christian's milestones. When Nick left, Mariah and Sharon argued about Sully again. Faith overheard Sharon say she refused to lose her baby, and she asked what Sharon meant. Adam had Nick come over. Nick blew up when he saw the copy of Sage's journal. Adam and Chelsea tried to ease Nick's fears that Adam planned to defend himself by tarnishing Sage's name. Adam said he thought there was a way to avoid the trial. Adam explained that he needed tissue samples that Victor hadn't tampered with, then he asked for Nick's permission to re-exhume the body.

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