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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge hands the ticket to Thomas and tells him that he needs experience, so do it for the company and for Douglas – leave today for China. He does not want Douglas to grow up with scandal so he advises Thomas to go. It’s the right thing to do. Maya tells Sasha yes, take the pregnancy test and prove there is a baby. Zende tells Eric and Viv that if Nicole can forgive him he would like to start where they left off. Being in the hospital when Nicole gave birth opened his eyes. Rick sees no obstacles but Zende says there is. Sasha says she is pregnant. Sasha does not like that Nicole and Maya are calling her a liar and vows she will not take the test. Maya says yes she will right now. Sasha says she does not have to do this. She already took one and it was positive. Finally she says okay as ridiculous as it is, she will do it. Nicole calls Zende and says they caught Sasha and she is taking a pregnancy test as they speak. He says he will be there in a few minutes.

Rick wonders why Thomas is home and he says he is going on a trip. He does not know for how long but he is needed in China. Sasha meets up with a very pregnant woman outside the bathroom. The light bulb goes off in her head. She tells the lady to use the bathroom but just don’t flush as they are doing maintenance. Rick blabs on Ridge and tells Eric that he is sending Thomas to China. Eric says that is a surprise but advises Rick to focus on his new baby and stop obsessing on Ridge. Rick returns to his baby and says she is a Forrester, not a Marone, and it is he that should be running Forrester, not Ridge. Caroline is not exactly following Ridge’s reasoning of why Thomas is going to China. She wonders if there is another reason. Sasha is shocked they called Zende in on this and did not take her word. Maya asks if she took the test. Zende says they just want to know the truth. She hands him the stick. It shows nothing so she asks them to wait a few minutes. When she looks again she does see the results. Eric tells Rick that Ridge has proved his integrity and he has no intentions of replacing him. Caroline tells Ridge that she promised Thomas that he will be involved in Douglas’s life. Ridge says he will, but only from a distance. He’s already walking around calling Douglas his son and he cannot have that with perhaps Pam or someone else overhearing. Thomas comes in and holds Douglas one last time. He says he will miss him. Ridge does not want him holding him longer and takes him away. Caroline looks worried. Ridge says it had to be done.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla’s head was bothering her.  Steve and John got a lead on Joey.  Rafe and Hope questioned Rory after he was arrested.  Chase gave Aiden a hard time about helping him.  Kayla called Steve to ask about Joey.  Steve wanted her to go back to Salem, but she was determined to help find Joey.  John found Simone’s address for Steve.  Steve went to find Simone.  JJ questioned Rory at the police station.  JJ offered Rory immunity if he would give up the other two drug dealers.  Chase refused to get Aiden’s help.  Steve questioned Simone about Joey.

Roman ripped into JJ for trying to get Rory immunity.  Joey got into a fight with Dirk over Jade.  Simone lied to Steve about Joey and Jade not being in the commune anymore.  Fynn noticed that Kayla was in pain.  Simone and Steve talked about Joey.  When she left to get them something to drink, he looked around the commune.  Roman told Aiden that Chase was in the hospital.  Joey decided to leave the commune after the fight.  When Steve saw him, he and Jade ran away.  Roman told Hope about Chase.  She went to the hospital to be there for Aiden.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Paul is worried knowing that Carly and Sonny have full access to his sexual encounter with Ava. He firmly informs Ava that if that happens, he has no more incentive not to expose her for the murder of Connie.. Although she's not consciously aware of their conversation regarding this, Carly is able to put two and two together and explains her theory to Sonny, confident that it's only a matter of time before justice is served to Ava, she goes to prison, and they will never have to live in fear of losing Avery again. After the Nurse's Ball is over, Anna reveals to her daughter Robin that she intended and believed she did, in fact murder Carlos after it appeared he'd get away with murdering Duke. Yet Carlos "scammed" her, survived and she found that out later. She and Sonny found him in Ecuador and knew they had to bring him back to Port Charles alive so he could testify against Julian for the murder of Duke. Yet, as they know, it's too late for that to happen. Not far away, after everyone is happily welcoming Sabrina back to town and suspecting nothing about that, Jordan finds her and places her under arrest for aiding and abetting Carlos. Michael, however, protests to the police commissioner that, as a mom who's been kept from her own son, she must, at the very least, allow Sabrina the chance to be with her infant son before that happens. After Nikolas has frozen Jason's assets and is continuing to "do battle with Hayden/Rachel, he goes home while his wife stays behind accompanied by Curtis. Sam and Jason go to Wyndemere and discover that Nikolas is in danger. He is alone on Spoon Island's rocks in a storm, bloody and unconscious. They fail to find him but find his phone and ring and assess to Hayden and Curtis that he's likely to have drowned. She reveals she mourns the loss of her husband and motivates Curtis to call the cops while she angrily assesses she bets Jason murdered her husband.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Luca visits Billy on Summer's behalf to tell him what a mess Victoria is since the break up. Billy says he doesn't care. Outside, Luca phones the P.I. and tells him to stay on alert for Victoria at Hank's Bar. Jill pleads with Jack and Phyllis to talk to Billy about his bad life choices. They reluctantly agree. Jill notices something seems off about Phyllis. Jack and Phyllis visit Billy. He explains that he was serious about a woman but she is in love with someone else. Jack thinks he is talking about Victoria. In her office, Victoria reprimands Summer for forging her name on the document sent to the oil division executives. She also assumes Summer had Luca's help. Summer claims Victoria has been distracted lately. Jill walks in and asks what has Victoria so distracted that she has been ignoring the things that really matter. Summer leaves and finds Luca. Summer realizes that it's impossible to get Billy and Victoria back together. Luca says he isn't finished trying. Jill wants Victoria to tell Billy how she really feels. Victoria says there is nothing left between her and Billy. Victoria tells Summer to watch over things while she's gone but not to make any executive opinions and no Luca. Summer says she will only call Victoria in an emergency. Victoria goes to Hank's Bar and tells Travis that nothing more can happen between them and she won't be coming to the bar anymore. Travis says he wants more than the occasional fling. They kiss and the P.I. takes pictures. Michael is reinstated as an attorney. He and Lauren celebrate. Jill joins them and they talk about Billy. Michael mentions that Phyllis has had sway over Billy lately. Jill realizes that something is going on between Billy and Phyllis. She arrives at Billy's house in time to hear Billy say he will stop at nothing to win over the woman he loves. Summer breaks her promise to Victoria and invites Luca into Victoria's office. While they make out on the couch, an email comes in stating there was an incident on one of the oil rigs. Luca suggests they make a statement before the press gets ahold of the information. Summer tries to call Victoria but she and Travis are about to make love and she ignores her phone.

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