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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The Forresters and Avants meet at Eric’s manse to welcome the baby home. Julius tells Sasha he should be there too but he was not invited because of her. She doesn’t think it is so much to ask for that she love someone and that he loves her back. Julius says they may have been broken up, but Zende never stopped loving Nicole. Sasha says she does not see many going to bat for Julius but she will if he supports her and Zende. She knows that Nicole wants to get back with him and he said yes. Thomas asks Ridge if he can have few uninterrupted hours with his son tonight. Ridge says no one gets to say my son except him. Maya tells the group they have picked out a name – Elizabeth Nicole…..Elizabeth after Rick’s grandmother and they will call her Lizzy…... Nicole after her sweet selfless sister. Ridge tells Thomas that he wants to groom him for CEO but he needs more experience so he’d like to send him overseas to Asia. He has experience at Paris International, now he needs Asia. Thomas says he is sending him to Shanghai just to keep him away from his son. They both know that is the reason why.

Maya overhears Nicole and Zende talking and she is so happy they are back together, but then confused when he tells her that Sasha is pregnant. Zende says he will never turn his back on his child. Maya says if there really is a child. They need to find out today. Julius tells Sasha that he is glad Zende came to his senses. He laments that he is still not convinced that Sasha is pregnant, the timing is too perfect. Maya and Nicole catch Sasha as she leaves from her photo shoot. Maya confronts her and says she understands Sasha is pregnant and of course Zende just happens to be the father. Sasha pretends to be hurt by them not believing her. Maya says okay sister to sister, take this pregnancy test and prove it. Thomas tells Ridge their circumstances are different. Ridge never knew that Massimo was his father until much later in life but Thomas does know now that Douglas is his. Ridge counterclaims it makes no difference they both need to get on with their lives. When Thomas bucks at the idea, Ridge hands him a ticket and says he is booked already. This is something he has to do.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Claire wanted to know if Shawn and Belle spent the night together.  Hope tried to comfort Ciara about Aiden and Chase.  Ciara agreed to see Marlena.  Hope realized that Ciara had a crush on Chad.  When Claire left, Philip saw Shawn and Belle together.  Shawn and Belle talked about their relationship.  Shawn brought up Philip in the conversation.  Hope talked to Rafe about Ciara and Aiden.  Aiden talked to someone on the phone about a case.

Belle met Philip at the town square.  He was nasty to her.  Ciara talked to Claire about Theo and how he wasn’t exciting enough for her.  Rafe was upset that Hope used Aiden’s love for her to get what he wants.  Rafe thought Aiden was playing her.  Philip apologized to Belle.  She told him what happened with Claire.  He brought up her being happy with Shawn.  Ciara had a session with Marlena.  Ciara talked to Marlena about Chase.  Theo talked to Claire about Ciara.  Ciara continued to talk to Marlena about what happened to her and the type of guy she wanted.  When Belle came home, the session was over.  Aiden walked in on Rafe and Hope nearly kissing.  Belle and Shawn made plans to meet for dinner.  Lani overheard Shawn talking to Belle.  Lani hoped things worked out for Shawn and Belle.  Ciara told Theo that she just wanted to be friends.  He was upset about it.  When Aiden left, Rafe was convinced that he wanted Hope.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

At the Nurses' Ball, everybody wonders where Lucas is as he's gotten knocked out and injected with a needle in his mom's hospital room. Bobbie awakens, calls for help, gets up and helps Finn attempt to revive her son. He is suddenly stabilized but still unconscious and non-responsive when Brad rushes to find him. Griffin rushes out of the nurse's ball to assist and is able to discover that Finn is the only attending physician with access to Lucas' room and access to a needle. Nikolas is determined to "win" although he assures Hayden that he does not intend to pawn off her diamonds. She sounds as though she might want to trust him, yet again, when Curtis urges her not to be naive and stupid and put herself in danger. Sabrina sings her famous song with Epiphany and Amy and everyone welcomes her back to Port Charles. However, as soon as she's done, Jordan wastes no time finding her and placing her under arrest for aiding and abetting Carlos. Jason needs to confront Nikolas for his little "stunt" with Diane to have the IRS freeze Jason's assets. After Sam is done standing at her brother's wedding, she goes to find Jason at Wyndemere but he's not there. However, we see Nikolas lying unconscious and bloody on a rock in the middle of a thunderstorm. Morgan attends the event and his family and friends, as well as Andre all congratulate him on making progress and being ready to leave the facility very soon. However, he goes into the back room and notices Kiki and Dillon alone and kissing.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Cane picked Jill up from the airport, and she paid her respects to Katherine with a visit to Chancellor Park. Jill revealed that she'd donated money to the Abbott-Winters foundation in Katherine's name for a wing. Hilary and Jill had an argument that got personal when Hilary revealed that Hilary was the one who'd suggested naming a wing after Katherine, and that the official name would be the Chancellor-Turner wing, in honor of Katherine and Hilary's mother, Rose. Jill threatened to cancel her donation, and she stormed off. Hilary warned Cane that he'd better get Jill back on board, or else. Lily vented to Devon about Hilary blackmailing her. Devon didn't think Hilary would ever really turn Neil in, since that would hurt Devon. Lily thought Devon should get a divorce, but Devon refused to give up on Hilary. Lily said she thought Hilary had been flirting with Jack, but Devon didn't buy it. Billy took Bethany back to his place, and he kept thinking of Phyllis while he kissed Bethany. Jill showed up just after Billy slept with Bethany.

Jill privately scolded Billy. She accused him of turning Katherine's home into a man cave and erasing Kay's presence, stealing Brash and Sassy, and she blasted him for sleeping around. Billy defended his choices. Heartbroken, Jill said that Billy had no sense of what was important. She left. Bethany suggested finding a poker game. Billy turned her down and called it a night. Bethany angrily left after Billy called her Brittany and said he had a great time. Phyllis and Jack continued their date at the Club. Phyllis had a flashback to telling Billy that they couldn't have sex again. Hilary told Jack about Jill's threat to pull her donation. Phyllis suggested giving the women separate wings. Jack loved the idea and decided to use it. Hilary sought out Devon and complained that the press would ignore her mother if her name wasn't attached to Katherine's wing. Devon promised to make sure that Rose got the recognition she deserved. Hilary felt that Devon was the only one who understood her. Lily and Cane discussed ways to neutralize Hilary's threats. Lily thought they might be able to rein Hilary in if they made her think she was losing Devon's support. Jill interrupted Phyllis and Jack's date to gripe about Billy. Phyllis looked hurt when she heard that Billy had been with another woman. Jill asked how they were going to save Billy from himself.

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