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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill laments to Wyatt that his mother is crazy and she must pay for her crimes toward the family. Wyatt says she already has lost everything that matters to her. She lost her job and the only man, Liam, that she cared for. Bill says Liam needs closure and the only way he will get that is to press charges against Quinn and send her away for a long time. Lt. Baker tells Liam enough is enough, stop telling Quinn what she has done. If he is going to press charges, then just say so. Brooke stops by Katie's and finds her playing with Will. Katie has a better attitude and says she knows Brooke is concerned about her but she doesn’t have to anymore. Brooke says she is glad Katie is not drinking anymore and she does sense a certain calmness and confidence in her. Katie says she realizes she was a hot mess and she does not want to add to that. She knows Bill is hurting because his two sons are at odds. She has not been there for him but now she wants to. Brooke says she is now and she has gotten her sister back. Bill tells Wyatt that he has compassion but he is looking at it from the big picture. Liam is pressing charges right now. Indeed Liam tells Lt. Baker that he will. Quinn is read her rights. Her attorney tells Liam that he is making a big mistake. He will never win this case in court. Even Justin, his own attorney, tells him he will go through hell and still may not win. He promised Bill that he would have Liam’s best interest at heart and that is what he is doing now. Quinn tells Liam that she is sorry. She deserves everything he is doing and wishes she could make it up to him.

Lt. Baker starts to take Quinn away and Liam calls out to hold up; he has changed his mind. He is not going to press charges. Liam tells Justin that everything he wanted is gone because of that woman. He did not know who he was in the cabin or even who Quinn was. Wyatt walks in and tells Liam that he knows Quinn was wrong but she is his mother and wishes Liam did not press charges. He is stunned when Liam tells him that he did not. Wyatt thanks him and says he will never forget that. He will personally make sure that his mother stays away from Liam. Quinn is free to go and her attorney and Lt. Baker strongly advise that she stay away from Liam. When all is done Liam asks to speak to her. Baker says she is a free woman so she can do what she wants. Liam sits down and bluntly asks Quinn who she is. Wyatt tells Justin that his mother’s time with Liam changed her and he hopes she stays that way. Liam tells Quinn that his brother is now married to the woman he loved but he is not going to give up on that. But Quinn taught him one thing and after today he thinks she should stop thinking of him as they are done. She says no. He taught her goodness and sacrifice and how to love. She can work on that and make him proud of her. She realizes that he hates her now but she is not the Quinn he used to despise. His words were goodness and tenderness. He made her believe in herself, a remarkable lovable woman. She will make him believe that again, the woman he admired and respected.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve told Kayla that he would find Joey.  Joey wanted to go back to Salem, but Jade didnít want to.  Aiden went to see Chase in prison.  Chase couldnít believe that Aiden was alive.  John showed up to help Steve look for Joey.  Ciara was upset that Aiden could get Chase out of prison, but Hope assured her that Chase would stay in prison.  Aiden told Chase what happened for why heís alive.  Chase wanted to know where Aiden was all of this time.  Aiden told Chase where he was.  Chase didnít think he deserved to be out of prison.  He admitted to raping Ciara.  Aiden tried to make him feel better, but Chase was still upset with him.  Chase said he turned out like him.

Steve told John what lead he had on Joey and Jade.  Jade tried to talk Joey into staying in California.  Kayla decided to go help look for Joey.  Aiden told Chase that he didnít kill his mother.  Chase didnít believe that Aiden had a double.  Lani wanted to know what was going on between Belle and Shawn.  Fynn tried to talk Kayla out of going to L.A. He decided to go with her.  John and Steve talked to someone who saw Joey and Jade.  The witness said Joey was part of a gang.  Karl told Steve and John about the commune Jade and Joey were at.  Kayla called Steve and told him she was going to come and help look for Joey.  Steve didnít want her to come to L.A. Ciara and Claire were let off the hook for what they did to the judgeís car.  Aiden showed up at the police station while Hope and Ciara were there.  Hope and Ciara confronted Aiden about Chase.  Ciara wanted to know if Aiden was going to help Chase.  Hope expected Aiden to let Chase stay in prison.  Ciara was upset that Chase would be out of prison.  Andre called Aiden.  Andre wanted Aiden to get him out of prison.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

The Nurses' Ball is on. Jake is nervous before going on stage to sing but Franco single-handedly encourages him and is publicly acknowledged as the heroic art therapist who's motivated the boy to be a success. Jason is not ok with that. Jason is also unexpectedly "blindsided" when Diane finds him and serves him with a court order declaring that, due to his criminal activities, the IRS has frozen all of his assets. It appears Nikolas is behind this while he continues to "spar" with Hayden/Rachel. Curtis, however, intervenes and wants to help her. Bobbie passes out on the floor and Lucas interrupts his act (and his wedding) to take his mom to the hospital and make sure she is ok. Finn treats her and is not worried, assessing she's merely had an episode of vertigo and will be ok. However, after she falls asleep alone in her hospital bed, "somebody" appears, without their face revealed, wearing a nurse's uniform and injects a sleeping Bobbie with a needle. As Lucy is ready to announce the wedding ceremony, Brad is there with Felix standing by him and Sam is there for Lucas, yet they discover Lucas is gone. The reason is because he's been knocked out and is lying on the floor in Bobbie's hospital room, beside his mom. Carly is very confident she can prevent Ava from having any more rights to Avery, once and for all, when she manages to get a flash-drive, from the surveillance camera in Paul Hornsby's room, of Ava having rough sex with the DA. Although Ava is not "initially" worried about how that will affect her, Paul is and tells her she better do what he wants or else he will expose her for killing Connie Falconeri. Ava goes to find Carly, manages to take the flash-drive out of her hands and flushes it down the toilet. Carly, however, is not worried, as she declares she's backed up the video and has it permanently on the cloud.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Adam and Chelsea decide to run and start a new life free from Victor and his games. Victoria encourages Adam not to run because he is innocent and Victor set him up. Adam goes to the prison to talk to Victor and then tells Chelsea that he has decided to stay and prove that he didn't kill Constance Bingham. Victor continues to manipulate Dr. Gates by telling her that he is going to admit that he set up Adam, so that he won't spend time in prison. Dr. Gates tells Victor that he shouldn't confess to a crime he didn't commit, because she will help him find a way to get him out of prison early. Phyllis continues to fight her feelings for Billy and is determined to forget about the past and concentrate on a future with Jack.

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