Tuesday 5/24/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 5/24/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam gets a phone call from Lt. Baker saying he cannot hold Quinn forever, so Liam needs to say for the record if he is going to press charges or not. Liam says he will be over in a few minutes with his attorney. Wyatt drops by and asks Liam one more time not to press charges. Justin tells Bill that he is on board. Bill says great; then Quinn will be behind bars before the day is over. Justin tells Bill just to be prepared as anything could happen. It is a he said/she said. Bill does not believe a little game of pretend is going to stop justice. Bill says that is Justin’s job to make sure justice is done even if Liam doesn’t understand what is at stake. Quinn’s attorney comes in and she says Liam is on his way and she does not think he will press charges, Adam wouldn’t. The lawyer asks her to sit quietly and do not make any pleas, let him do the legal talking. Wyatt tells Liam that his mom won’t get help in prison. She will have to harden up and he does not want that. Liam says she took his life and Wyatt’s too with Steffy and he is not going to let her get away with that. Liam says Wyatt keeps making excuses. Wyatt says he did not come here to discuss Steffy. Just do what he does best and show some compassion and not press charges against his mother. Wyatt explains to Bill what he did. Quinn tells her lawyer that this might be over before he knows it. Liam has had plenty of time if he wanted to press charges, so she thinks he won’t. Justin and Liam walk in. Lt. Baker wants to get started. Quinn interrupts and says she does not think they need all these people; they just need the two of them, her and Liam. She would like him to honor what they had at the cabin and not send her to prison. Liam starts to speak but when he does the attorney speaks up and says it was all consensual when they had physical relations and he was free to leave as he was not restrained. He was not forced into staying or held against his will and he did not resist any advances and in fact he made his own advances and told Eve that he loved her. There is no case here.

Bill tells Wyatt that Quinn gets away with everything because no one wants to hold her accountable, but Liam will press charges and this time she is going away for a long, long time. Quinn tells Lt. Baker and her attorney that if she is released she can make this up to Liam that she is a new person. Liam asks Justin if he thinks they can win otherwise he does not want to stand before the court and let the world know what he went through. Justin is honest and says it will be a very difficult case to prove. Wyatt tells Bill that Quinn does twisted things for him out of twisted love but in the end she is his mother. He hates what she did to Liam but he cannot support Liam putting her behind bars. Liam comes back and can barely look at Quinn. He says what she did was wrong and she may think what happened was real. But he never cared about her and never will. She agrees that he is right. She never should have taken him from the parking lot that day. But she will not regret what happened after that. She became another woman and she can again. Liam tells her that she caused him the woman he really loved and yet she sent texts making Steffy think otherwise. She is still the scheming monster she always was. Lt. Baker says he gets it that Liam is angry but he will have to take this elsewhere unless he is pressing charges. If not, then he has to let Quinn go.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer told Lucas about what was going on with her children.  She also told him that Chad didnít want her near her grandchild because she was a danger to him.  She told him about trying to get more pills and what she did to find the ones she had.  He wanted her to go to a meeting to get help, but she gave him a hard time.  Jennifer had a nightmare about Abby yelling at her for not watching Thomas.  She also had a nightmare about JJ being in prison because of drugs.  Jack showed up in her dream. 

Jennifer thought about her past with Jack.  She talked to him about leaving her and how she was alone.  She wanted to know why he was there.  He wanted her to change her life.  She wasnít interested and wanted to take her pills.  Julie and Doug were there for Jennifer.  Doug suggested that he and Julie move in with Jennifer until she got better.  Jennifer and Julie went up to Jenniferís bedroom.  When Julie left the room, Jennifer found a pill bottle under her bed.  Julie busted Jennifer with her pills.  Jennifer slapped Julie when she tried to take the pills.  The next day, Lucas took Jennifer to the meeting.  She admitted to being an addict.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

The Nurses' Ball begins. Lucy is the MC while the announcer introduces all the guests as they enter the red carpet. Anna gets a surprise visit from Robin and Emma. Since Nathan has to stay in the hospital and recover, Griffin takes Maxie to the ball. Nina is a major part of the hosting and appears "bold" until she notices Franco enter with Elizabeth, at which point, she is not happy. Carly warns Dr. Obrecht if she makes any "surprise" changes in the acts, she will get escorted out by security, yet the former chief of staff is not worried as she's confident she can accomplish what she wants. Carly also notices that Ava is a threat and so she goes into Ava's room and finds her confession about murdering Connie Falconeri so that Ava will lose custody of Avery. Bobbie welcomes Brad into her family. Nikolas arrives with Hayden and is very contented to have everyone know that she's the daughter of the famous crook. After the nurses' opening number, Bobbie becomes light-headed and passes out backstage. As Dr. Obrecht is ready to perform "Edelweiss" from "The Sound of Music," masked men come to physically remove her from the scene. Jason is happy to reunite with Robin, but Nikolas sees red and confronts him.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Meredith tells Victor that Adam is all over the news for being arrested for Constance Bingham's murder. Nick visits Victor and accuses him of using Sage to frame Adam. Victor denies any wrongdoing. Family gathers to remember Cassie on the anniversary of her death. Mariah suggests to Sharon that she tell Nick that his son is alive. Sharon says that too many people would be devastated to learn the truth. Faith suggests Nick hold Sully to make him feel better. Dylan notes that Nick should be holding Christian. He tells Sharon he doesn't know what he would do if Sully suddenly disappeared. Michael visits Victor and attempts to get a confession out of him. Victor says he has nothing to say to Michael or Adam. Chelsea thinks that she, Adam, and Connor should run away. Natalie plans an expensive fun day for her and Kevin. Kevin finds Mariah at GCAC and asks her what she wanted to talk to him about the other day. She kisses him but regrets it. She asks if they can go watch movies and eat Chinese food. Kevin starts to tell her he has other plans when Natalie walks in and asks if he's ready. Mariah starts to walk away when Kevin tells Natalie that he has to reschedule. Mariah and Kevin leave a very confused Natalie.

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