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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nicole is stunned that Sasha is pregnant according to Zende. Julius says his wife and daughter hardly speak to him and now Sasha tells him that she is pregnant. She says perhaps they can help each other. Julius says no way, he is not going to make any deal with her. She says she just needs a little help to convince Nicole to back off. Bill says the good news is that Quinn is in custody and not a threat. He is going to make sure they throw the book at her. Liam says he needs help with Steffy and Wyatt. He says he would love to see Quinn behind bars but it does not make up for the rest. It does not help him with Steffy. Quinn tells Lt. Baker that maybe Liam will change his mind and not press charges but either way he needs to get on with this business or let her go. Wyatt comes in and says he cannot believe she did all those things. She states that she did it all for him. She thought she was doing him a favor and making it easier for him. He says he told her over and over not to get involved and not be in people’s lives. He retorts whatever she did does not even make it close to the harm.

Bill asks if Liam is okay. He replies that yes he is pretty well back to normal. Bill says just the same he thinks he needs to seek some professional help. Liam says yes, he only knew Quinn in those moments as Eve and she convinced him that he was her husband and they were in love with each other. Julius tells Sasha to get her head out of the clouds as it is a long way down. Sasha says okay, then she will have to have a little talk with Nicole herself. Zende tells Nicole they cannot let this change things. He was ready to tell Sasha that he was back with Nicole when she dropped this bomb. He wants Nicole now and he begs her to still think of that; he knows she wants that too. The nurse comes in and interrupts the conversation so Zende leaves when Nicole says he was on the way out. Sasha comes in when the nurse leaves and congratulates Nicole. She says she knows Nicole must be overwhelmed giving birth and then having to hand her baby over to Maya. Nicole says yes it is the most amazing thing she has ever done. Sasha cannot wait to tell Nicole that she is pregnant. Nicole says yes she knows. Zende was just here and they want to spend the rest of their lives together. She was ecstatic until she found out Sasha was pregnant. Nicole says Sasha lied to her and did not tell her they were sisters so this better not be another one of her lies. She wants her to take another pregnancy test to prove it. Wyatt barks at his mother that Liam is not Adam. Adam does not exist. Quinn says that is not so, he feels as strongly about her that she does him. Wyatt says that was a fantasy, it was not real. Quinn begs him to talk to Liam and convince him not to lock her up. Liam explains to Bill that he doesn’t know how it is possible but he looked into Quinn’s eyes and saw goodness. Clearly his brain was shut down and now she is begging for another chance. She says she is in love with him and wants another chance. Liam says he knows Bill does not want to hear this but he wants Steffy back. He wants it all, her and a place back in the company. Bill argues again that he needs to forget that and only focus on filing charges and keeping Quinn in jail. Quinn tells Lt. Baker that she did not hurt Liam and she would do anything for her son. Liam was peaceful in his new life. They actually were packing up and talking about a road trip. Liam comes in at Baker’s request. He tells Liam that it says here on paper that Quinn kidnapped him so if he presses charges then she most likely will be in prison for many years. It is his call, to say yes or no.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate walked in on Nicole looking at Helena’s picture.  They ended up arguing over it.  Deimos overheard them arguing.  Rafe saw Aiden kissing Hope.  Rafe walked away before Hope stopped kissing Aiden.  Belle kissed Shawn, but he wanted to stop because she was drunk.  Aiden apologized for kissing Hope.  Nicole continued to argue.  Belle told Shawn that she felt guilty for cheating on him.  Hope was upset about Aiden kissing her.  He asked if she was in love with Rafe.  Roman ran into Rafe at the club.  They argued over Hope.  Rafe admitted that he and Hope were involved.  Hope told Aiden that she was involved with Rafe.  Aiden was willing to accept her being with Rafe.  Nicole wanted to know what Kate’s agenda was with Deimos.  Deimos interrupted their conversation.

Belle realized that she messed up with Claire.  Shawn comforted Belle.  They ended up kissing.  Kate wanted to know what was going on with Deimos and Nicole.  Roman advised Rafe to fight for Hope.  Hope told Aiden that she was falling in love with Rafe.  Aiden wanted to focus on getting Chase out of prison.  She was upset when he wanted to get Chase off.  She begged him not to help Chase.  They ended up in an argument over it.  After Deimos and Kate argued, she called off their engagement.  Rafe went to see Hope and told her he wasn’t losing her to Aiden.  They kissed each other.  Deimos wanted Nicole to go upstairs with him, but she wanted a commitment first.  She called Victor and told him the plan was working.  Belle and Shawn started to make love.  Rafe and Hope continued to kiss each other.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

In Puerto Rico, Marcos pulls a gun on Sabrina to get rid of her now that Carlos is dead. He is afraid of the heat coming after him. Michael and Sonny arrive in time to save her and disarm the guy. He is afraid of Sonny yet swears he had nothing to do with anything involving Julian Jerome even as Sonny threatens him. Michael takes Sabrina with him on Sonny's private jet where she reveals to him that she did not intend to choose Carlos over him, only chose to be with her baby's father because she was afraid of his threats to Michael and his family, and she declares she owes her loyalties to Michael and Sonny since they saved her life. Alexis is wary of her husband's motives when Julian gives her a diamond bauble. She assures him she just needs time to process what happened. As soon as she is alone, she immediately calls Diane Miller to discuss her sensitive situation, expressing not only how upset and betrayed she is to find out Julian has been lying about not being in the mob, but she's also worried about what will happen to her, since she's covering for him and still has the bloody shirt as evidence. She declares that she won't hesitate to testify against Julian and put him away. Diane asks her if she's really ready to go through with that and she replies she needs to be able to sleep at night, live with herself and face her daughters and so she must go through with it. Hayden and Nikolas are still "sparring" each afraid of losing everything, knowing what they have on each other. Elizabeth discovers that Nikolas has secretly taken diamonds from Hayden and is "desperate" enough to need to sell them. Nikolas asks her to keep it a secret. Rehearsals for the Nurses' Ball are underway. Lucas and Brad want to have their wedding at the event. Brad asks Felix to be his best man, knowing how Felix motivated him to be a better man. Lucas wants his dad to be his best man, but Julian tells his son he has to decline because of the mess he's now in, at which point, Lucas contacts Sam and she agrees to be his "best person." Dr. Obrecht is still determined to uncover secrets about Finn even though she knows nobody else in the hospital suspects him. Hayden goes to find Finn, reveals that she and her father are responsible for defrauding lots of people in his life and some died. She insists he take her $10,000 check as restitution, but he doesn't think it makes up for the those who died because of her father's greed. She assures him she understands.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Luca advises Summer on a proposal to solve the disagreement Victoria is having with the Newman Enterprises oil division. Summer sends the proposal to the oil division and signs Victoria's name to the e-mail. The oil executives love the deal and Victoria figures out that Luca is using Summer to try and keep himself inside Newman Enterprises, so she tells him to stop doing it, but Luca says not to underestimate Summer. Luca advises Victoria to use the fact that Victor trusts Summer to her advantage to help with the company. Victor shares another kiss with Dr. Gates, but they both agree to keep their relationship professional  Summer goes to visit Victor to tell him Nikki filed for divorce. Victor thanks her for her loyalty and tells her that she is the future of the family. Adam tells Dylan that he thinks Victor has somebody following his orders while he is in jail and that person is helping Victor set him up for the murder of Constance Bingham. Adam and Chelsea get Luca to admit that he helped Victor get him fired from his job; but a few minutes later, Dylan arrives to arrest Adam for the murder.

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