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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Zende tells Nicole that he did not expect to feel this way; it blew his mind. He never should have left her. He has never been in more awe when he saw that baby in Maya’s arms. Sasha tells Julius that she is glad the baby is healthy and all. Julius finds it hard to believe that Sasha can be that happy about this and that it probably means that Zende will get back with Nicole. Clearly they are both in love. So she and Zende had their fun but now it is over. She remarks that she is not going anywhere, she is pregnant. Katie goes berserk that here her husband is half naked and Brooke pops out from under the bed and that is what she walked in on. She caught them in the act. Bill says he knows it looks bad but it is not what she is saying. She is getting upset for no reason. Brooke says she did not even know Bill was there. Katie says Brooke is better than that. She does not believe she was not trying to seduce her husband but came over to do something nice for Katie. Such luck that Brooke has, just dropping by and suddenly finding Bill standing there without his clothes….and now the worst part is trying to make Katie believe this. Zende tells Nicole he is so sorry what he put her through. It was a big mistake. Sasha is a great person but it does not change how he feels about Nicole. Katie goes downstairs and pours herself a drink. Bill tries to stop her. She says he got to do what he wanted to do so now she will too. So Brooke needs to stop trying to make people think she is delusional. Bill says when she gets like this they cannot talk. Nothing happened. She won’t let Bill have the bottle. She says she does not want to feel like this yet here she is. He should have told Brooke to leave the minute he found her in the bedroom. She tells Brooke to get the hell out of her house. She locks herself in her room and won’t let Brooke or Bill come in, tells them to go away. He refuses to see what Brooke is doing, so there is no need in talking.

Julius says he is starting to talk to his family again so he can confirm this pregnancy. Sasha says they do not know yet. He thinks it is awfully convenient that the minute Nicole has the baby and gets back with Zende that Sasha finds out suddenly that she is pregnant and yes Zende will do the right thing and stay with her. Nicole tells Zende that she told him from the beginning how she felt so she does not blame him. He says he loves her and wants another chance. He thinks he can get through anything now. They hug. Katie holds the bottle, thinks back on her wedding day and things Bill said and then the birth of Will. And Bill saying he does not want to lose her. She puts the bottle aside and does not want it after all. Despite what Bill says, Brooke says this was all her fault and she should go. Bill says Katie is locked in her bedroom and will not come back out now. Bill says no matter what he does it does not seem to help. She says Katie is lucky to have him. She is worried about her so take care of her. She hugs Bill. Nicole tells Zende that she missed him so much. He thinks their relationship is stronger and they can get through anything. Nothing is going to stop them this time. But he has news that is not good but they can’t let it change things. He states that he went to see Sasha and she was happy for Nicole and the baby and said the same thing was gonna happen to her. She is pregnant.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe saw the black roses Eduardo got and asked Adriana about it.  Deimos told Nicole about Victor branding him.  Claire and Belle got into an argument.  Claire told her that she was moving out.  Deimos and Nicole kissed each other.  Belle and Philip talked about the label he was starting.  Claire showed Philip her video, but he wasn’t supportive of it.  Belle was upset with him.  Chad had a dream about Stefano.  Rafe was upset that Eduardo was being threatened.  Belle and Philip argued over what he did to Claire.

Claire called Shawn to tell him she was moving, but she wouldn’t say where.  Aiden ran into Hope and told her about what happened to him.  Deimos wanted Nicole to go upstairs.  She didn’t want to be his mistress.  He wanted to know what she wanted from him.  She tried to stop him from marrying Kate.  He wanted to know if Nicole would marry him.  She questioned him about his past.  She wanted him to go back to the way he was before.  She let him know that he shouldn’t be with a woman like Kate.  Belle went to see Shawn to talk about Claire.  They ended up arguing until she walked away.  Rafe went to see Eduardo to talk about Patrick Johansen.  Shawn went to see Belle at the club to apologize.  Rafe wanted to know who was after Eduardo.  Aiden tried to convince Hope that she loved him.  Kate walked in on Nicole looking at Helena’s picture.  Belle kissed Shawn when he took her home.  Rafe went to the park and saw Aiden and Hope kissing.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Michael adamantly tells his parents he has to attempt to find Sabrina whether they approve or not. Carly argues that he could get into serious trouble and needs to wash his hands of this girl who abandoned him and chose to have a baby and go away with the man who tried to kill his father and has done other terrible things. Yet Sonny realizes his son is going to do what he's going to do and so he arranges to go with Michael to Puerto Rico in a private jet. Meanwhile, we see Sabrina and her aunt in a "secret place" hiding after having arranged for the baby to be "illegally shipped" to Port Charles. Yet she demands for a way to travel to Port Charles to be with her baby. Her aunt tells her that may be impossible until she "persuades" her son to help. As soon as her aunt's son is alone in the room with Sabrina, however, he pulls a gun on her, telling her he won't let her go anywhere. Meanwhile, Sonny and Michael are traveling in the private jet as Sonny has a "plan" which it appears involves what is happening to Sabrina, in order to protect his son from getting in trouble for getting involved in the mess with the baby she had with Carlos. Nikolas has made efforts to prevent Hayden/Rachel and Curtis from selling and removing any and all things of value from his house, as they'd previously planned to do. They hear that Nikolas cannot even offer the monetary contribution he's always been able to give to Lucy Coe for The Nurse's Ball. However, Nikolas privately goes off to meet with a man to sell the tiny diamond and the man agrees to his asking price. Morgan is upset after Ava has convinced him that he needs to break it off with Kiki and never see her again when he gets out of the facility, because he's only put her daughter in danger. Kiki is not ok with that and it's probably not the end of that story. Ava is ready to take Avery out of Sonny and Carly's home and never give them any "rights" to hers and Sonny's mutual child again. However, Carly is not about to let her "win" with that.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Abby and Stitch spend the morning together and Abby suggests he visit with Max. Abby goes to the lab where Ashley assures her that she deserves to be happy and the Newmans aren't cursed. After visiting Max, Stitch goes to the lab but Abby isn't there. Ashley urges Stitch to spend some time with Abby, let her know how important she is. Abby goes to the GCAC and remembers her fall. She goes upstairs to find that Stitch has set up the hotel room for a romantic evening. Meredith and Victor talk about their families and forgiveness. They kiss. Meredith says it can never happen again but, later, she tells him she can't stop thinking about him. Before their meeting, Neil warns Hilary not to make trouble for Jack and Phyllis; they've been through enough. Hilary reminds Neil that she could turn him into the police. At the same time, Phyllis warns Jack that Hilary is a wrecking ball. Jack defends her. After the meeting, Lily tells Hilary that she's disgusting. She's married to Devon for his money and is making a play for Jack to climb the social ladder. Hilary denies all of it. Jack goes to the lab and defends Hilary there to Ashley, who reminds her brother that Hilary blackmailed her. Cane finds Neil at Hank's Bar. Cane takes Neil's car keys and wallet. Neil says that Lily and the twins are better off without him. Ashley tells Jack she thinks Billy has a new woman in his life. He thinks it's Fiona but Ashley says she's sure it's personal, not business. Billy finds Phyllis in the park. She tells him to leave her alone but he stays. He admits his feeling for her and hints that he wants her to leave Jack to be with him.

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