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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Zende is beyond words when Sasha tells him that she is pregnant. He wants to know how long has she known. She explains that just since last night when she took a pregnancy test and they are pretty accurate. She tried to tell him out by the pool but he had to run off to the office which they know now was to the hospital to be with Nicole. He keeps questioning her and she senses that he is almost saying she is lying….and she would not do that with something so important. He states they used protection every time and the condoms did not break, he checked. She says she knows this is a surprise but surely there must be some little part that he could be happy about, and not just thinking about Nicole. He stammers that he is not ready to be a father. He never said he loved her, just that they made love. They enjoyed each other but this was not something he wanted and she knew it. There was absolutely no commitment. She says she knows, this is not 1950 so she guesses he now is going to kick her to the curb the way he did Nicole. She tries to kiss him but he pulls away again. He wants to know if she has thought this through because a child is for the rest of their lives. She says they will get through this together. He says even though this is his room he needs to go and he does not want her to be there when he gets back. He promises they will talk later.

Brooke slips into Katie’s house and puts a note with her gown in the bedroom. Bill comes out all wet in a towel and scares her to death. She did not expect to see Bill here at this time of the day. She is simply there to try to help repair her relationship with her sister. He says probably not a good idea as he never knows what will set Katie off. Before they know it Katie comes in and Brooke has no place to go but hide under the bed. Katie proceeds to tell Bill they do not have to go to this charity function tonight. She peels off her clothes and shoes and drops them to the floor, right in front of Brooke’s face……she kisses Bill and proceeds to try to seduce him. Mindful that Brooke is so close by he tries to get out of her embraces, but she throws him to the bed and is still putting the moves on him. Brooke can’t stand it any longer and she crawls out from under the bed. Katie is aghast. Rick and Maya discuss how they should be holding the baby. Viv speaks up and says there are only two key points – hold the baby by the head and do not drop the baby. Julius walks in with a bouquet of flowers. Viv cannot look at him. He goes directly to Nicole and says he heard she did good. He knows all of them do not care if grandfather is even alive but he had to come. When he hears it is a girl he beams that must be his destiny in life to furnish the world with female Avants. Without even looking at him Viv says he had nothing to do with this. Maya allows Julius to hold the baby. He coos that he may not have always been a good father but he will do this right. Later he tracks down Sasha back at Forrester while everyone else has gone home. He tells her if she has not heard, he is now a grandfather….it is a healthy, robust baby girl. He thinks Nicole will be okay with being more like a sister now that she knows the truth. And sisters often share things with their sisters but the loving ones always return what they borrowed. Zende returns to Nicole in the hospital and wants to know how she feels. She says good, this was a powerful experience for her. She loves him and she is glad he is there for her. His eyes dart about and he hardly knows what to say after what Sasha just told him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Justin went to see Deimos.  Deimos took Justinís offer.  Nicole talked to Dario about the plan to get Deimos.  Nicole was worried that Kate would marry Deimos before the plan could work.  Deimos wanted Justin to prove his loyalty to him.  Justin called Victor and told him about Deimos accepting his offer.  Kate wanted to know what Justin wanted, but he wouldnít tell her.  He talked to her about signing a prenup.  She was upset that he wanted her to sign a prenup.  They agreed that they didnít trust each other so they had to protect themselves.  They also agreed to go to Vegas to get married.

Nicole wanted Dario to follow Kate when she left the mansion.  Nicole wanted Dario to keep Kate away from Deimos.  She made him think she had a flat tire in order to get back in the mansion.  Dario ran into Kate at the town square.  She wanted to know why he was back in Salem.  Eduardo interrupted their conversation because he wanted to know what was going on between them.  Dario was upset with Eduardo for interrupting.  Deimos played a son for Nicole.  They ended up kissing each other.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Tracy makes it clear to her two very concerned sons that she intends to keep the baby although they remind her that it is not realistic to assume that it can easily happen, and so they don't want her getting attached to a baby she will have to say goodbye to. Michael goes to the PCPD where Dante informs him the DNA test confirmed this baby boy is Sabrina's. He discovers that her aunt Inocencia brought the baby to New York but cannot now be located by the FBI. Tracy privately has a social worker pull strings in order to give her custodial rights of the baby. Ned enters and finds her giving "Edward" a lecture on investments. Morgan is ready to get out of the mental health facility and contacts Kiki. Ava has concerns about her daughter getting mixed up with Morgan after he's out and urges him to break up with Kiki, realizing he's only gotten her in trouble throughout their relationship. Meanwhile, Dillon and Kiki are growing closer, and she agrees to go to a concert with him in Rochester. Monica and Dr. Obrecht call a meeting with Finn whom Dr. Obrecht clearly wants to get in trouble for the "untimely death" of more two patients under his care. Yet Monica and all other hospital board members vote in favor of Finn. He tells Dr. Obrecht she better back off, but she knows he has a secret that will get him in trouble once it's revealed. In his hotel room, Finn tells Roxy, his bearded dragon, that he needs to be more careful.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

At the Club, Michael told Kevin that he'd decided to appeal his suspension. Kevin noticed that Mariah was there, and he approached her and admitted he'd been a jerk. Mariah confessed that she regretted moving in with Sharon, because she'd been sucked into a huge mess. Mariah seemed to be about to confide in Kevin, but she clammed up and grew snippy with him when Natalie called his cell phone. Kevin asked Mariah to come home, but she said her home was with Sharon. Nick went to Dylan with Sage's journal; it said that Constance had been figuring out that Adam wasn't really Gabriel and that Adam murdered her. Dylan went to talk to Adam. Nick wondered how Sage could keep this from him. He asked Sharon how someone could lie to the person they loved. Sharon said that sometimes admitting the truth was too painful, so people chose to live in denial. Sharon suggested that Nick stop reading the journal, but Nick said he'd already finished it. Luca went to Hank's because he knew Travis was involved with Victoria. Luca pretended to be a lovelorn guy looking for someone to commiserate with. Travis took the bait and told Luca about “Tori,” Travis had thought he could be able to build something with her, but she'd suddenly broken things off. Victoria geared up to take on the heads of Newman's Energy division. Summer wanted to help. Victoria appreciated the offer, but she didn't think Summer was qualified. Victoria had a tense meeting with the heads, and she made it clear that they answered to her, not Victor. Michael came by and told Summer and Victoria that Nikki was divorcing Victor. Victoria told Michael to change Nikki's mind, since this would further enrage Victor. Summer was worried that Victor would be devastated.

Dylan told Chelsea and Adam about the allegations in Sage's journal. Adam swore that he was innocent. Dylan revealed that he planned to have Constance's body exhumed. Once they were alone, Chelsea and Adam vowed to face this obstacle together. Summer told Luca how Victoria had yelled at the Energy Executives. Luca said Victoria wouldn't get anywhere with that approach. Summer asked Luca to write an email to the executives restating Victoria's goals, and Summer would sign Victoria's name to it. Summer thought that Victoria would be pleased with Summer for showing initiative. Victoria went back to Hank's. After Travis agreed not to pry into Victoria's personal life, they danced, then they went back to his place and had sex. Mariah came home and found Sharon talking with Nick. Sharon bristled when Mariah suggested that Sharon cheer Nick up by bringing Sully downstairs. She firmly stated that Sully was exhausted after spending the day with his father. After Nick left, Sharon and Mariah argued. Sharon said she'd lie to keep Sully. Mariah didn't know if she could go on pretending that Sully was her brother. Dylan walked in, and Sharon came up with a lie to explain the tension in the air. Nick went to Adam's and confronted him. Adam maintained his innocence, so Nick demanded to see the letter Sage left Adam. Adam refused to betray Sage's confidence. Adam recalled that Victor had threatened him earlier. Adam theorized that Victor had planted the journal entry in order to frame Adam for murder.

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