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The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 5/18/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Zende holds Nicole’s hand and tells her what a super job she did now giving Maya and Rick their baby. She is glad he was part of it and he says he should have been all along. No matter the circumstances it changes everything and he did not see it until now. He laments that she has the biggest heart of anyone he knows, a very selfless act of love on her part. At the Forrester mansion Sasha strolls through the living room and looks up at Stephanie’s portrait and speaks to her and says she wishes she would have gotten to have known her. She hears she was quite the force to be reckoned with, something she thinks they have in common. And who knows, maybe someday she will be up there on the wall, that would be a kick…..her the Forrester matriarch. She thinks Stephanie winks at her. Brooke and Eric share breakfast and can’t help but gush about their new grandchild and share their texts with others. Eric says he knows Rick still has issues with Ridge and thinking Eric is always siding with Ridge but he is awfully proud of Rick and the man he has become.

Rick, Viv and Maya with baby come into Nicole’s room and are all surprised that Zende is there and has been the entire time during delivery. Nicole holds the baby. She asks about names and Maya says they have a couple in mind but would like to spend a little more time to get to know their baby girl and see what suits her. Sasha is still waiting for Zende when he gets home and ready to get back to a romantic mood. He says he knows she has had a rough time with Julius and being shunned. He too has had rough times but she has put sunshine and laughter back into his life and he thanks her for that. She is flirtatious and tries to kiss him. He pulls away and says there is something he needs to tell her. He went to the hospital. She is stunned but says he had every right to be turned off by Nicole having another man’s baby and especially his uncles. Zende says no, he didn’t. Nicole is such a beautiful spirit and he loved it when she put that baby in Maya’s hands. Then he says what he is going to say next will hurt her…..she senses what is coming and says she needs to say something first. She is glad he saw the birth as now he can experience it again with them – she is pregnant.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Julie was upset about Aiden checking into the Martin house.  Nicole was upset with Deimos for hurting Maggie.  Justin told Victor that Deimos wanted to meet him.  Kate asked Deimos to marry him.  Roman told Julie that Aiden didnít attack Hope.  Aiden wanted to stay, but she didnít want him to.  Roman talked Julie into letting Aiden stay.  Maggie didnít want Nicole to go after Deimos.  Victor wanted Justin to do what he had to do to get Deimos.  Justin didnít want Victor to get revenge, but Victor wanted to do it.  Deimos didnít think Kate was serious about marrying him.  Hope talked to Julie about Aiden.  Justin continued to talk Victor out of getting back at Deimos, but it didnít work.

Nicole showed up at Deimosí mansion.  Deimos told her that Kate proposed to him.  Shawn went to see Hope.  Rafe opened up to Eduardo about Hope and Aiden.  Nicole wanted to know if Deimos accepted Kateís proposal.  He said he would consider it.  Hope talked to Shawn about Aiden.  Deimos wondered why Nicole was at his place.  Eduardo warned Rafe to check out Aiden.  Hope wanted to figure things out on her own without Shawnís help.  When Nicole left, Deimos thought Kate was testing him with her proposal.  She wanted to know if he was wasting her time.  Hope wanted to know how Shawn would feel if she gave Aiden a chance.  He said it was up to her.  Deimos agreed to marry Kate.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Kevin accompanies Laura to an old abandoned building which she remembers well as the Campus Disco where she used to work and saw as a very hip and cool place in her younger days. She remembers being married to Scott Baldwin at the time and there was the time when she was with a drunk Luke and he forced himself on her. She continues to "brainstorm" with Kevin about what Helena may be trying to tell her regarding having her go back to this place. They still find no clues and conclude that once again, Helena is playing and messing with people's heads from the grave, just as everyone has known her to do. Tracy is happy and not questioning how or why the baby was put on her doorstep or who he is. Yet Michael is certain this would have to be Sabrina's son and he's concerned, afraid she might be in danger and he has to find her. Tracy asks Finn to come to the house to give the baby a check-up, but he advises them to take him to the hospital for further testing. Tracy wants to keep him, but Michael takes the baby to the hospital and introduces him to Felix. Sonny and Jason talk and affirm their history and both promise to have the same relationship of mutual loyalty they had before. Nikolas finds Hayden trying to sell his family's antiques. He suggests she use her skills to get a job and she goes to see if Tracy will hire her at ELQ to which Tracy tells her no way.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Lauren encourages Michael to get his law license back instead of retiring early like he was considering doing because there are still a lot of people he could help. Nikki asks Michael to help her divorce Victor, because she can't live her life making excuses for him anymore. Adam goes to visit Victor and tells him that he is determined to stop every attempt he makes to get an early release from prison. Adam also tells Victor that he is going to have a happy life without him and so will the rest of his family. As he leaves the prison, Adam tells Victor he will never return to see him again. Victor recalls a similar conversation he had with his own father and how much it hurt him that his father asked him to never visit him again. Nick tells Chelsea that he can't believe Adam did this, and he will make him pay but he doesn't tell her what Sage said in her diary that is so horrible. Nick demands to read what Sage wrote in her letter to Adam, but Chelsea tells him she never saw the letter. Mariah demands that Sharon tell her why she is so scared that Nick will read Sage's journal. Sharon tells Mariah the whole story about Baby Sully being baby Christian. Mariah wonders how Sharon could keep the truth from Nick and advises her to tell Dylan before he finds out from Nick. Sharon is about to tell Dylan the truth, but Nick arrives demanding that Dylan arrest Adam for murder.

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