Tuesday 5/17/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 5/17/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Viv shows up at the hospital awaiting the birth of Nicole’s baby. She says she is so proud of her. Sasha brings Zende some tea and she tells him she aims to please. She knows today will be tough with Nicole giving birth but together they can get through this. Suddenly he thinks of Nicole and tells Sasha that he has to go, but he tells Sasha that he has something at the office to do. Eric is delighted to hear from Brooke that Rick and Maya are at the hospital with Nicole. They both agree that in all of this it seems Nicole is the only one to lose something since Zende has moved on. Everybody, including Zende, gets their scrubs on and hover around and watch Nicole give birth. Sasha goes back into the house and runs into Caroline with Douglas. Caroline says it is amazing what Nicole is giving up to give her baby to Maya.

There are tears in Zende’s eyes as Nicole gives birth. Rick and Maya cut the umbilical cord and the baby is handed to them. Kisses all around. Zende can’t stand it any more and he steps outside just as Sasha calls and says she needed to hear his voice and the sooner he can finish the sooner they can get back together. Zende looks through the window at Nicole and she spots him. He walks on in and she tells him about the joy of giving birth to a baby girl and how happy Rick and Maya were. She wishes he could have been there. He says he was. He says he does not know what to say in the big sacrifice she just made, the most precious moment of his life. It was beautiful and very generous of her. He feels selfish now of how he has been feeling. He is sorry he was so blind. She says he is here now, that is what counts. They hug and kiss.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Aiden tried to get Hope to believe that he wanted to be with her, but she didnít believe him.  She didnít want him to pressure her to get back together.  He was convinced that he would get her to want to be with him.  Summer talked to Dario about killing Clark.  She was worried that they would get caught.  He didnít want to be a part of it anymore.  Maggie was worried that Summer wanted to find her father. 

Summer threatened to turn on Dario if he didnít help her.  Brady was watching them while they were talking.  Dario agreed to help her.  Aiden wondered if Rafe was the reason why Hope didnít want to be with him.  Aiden declared his love for Hope.  Brady talked to Summer about Dario, which led to an argument.  When Aiden left, Hope thought about Aiden.  Brady tried to make things right with Summer, but it didnít do any good.  She was convinced that no one wanted her around so she was leaving Salem.  Theresa was upset with Brady for being with Summer instead of her.  Hope went to see Bo.  She talked to him about the things going wrong in her life.  She wanted him to give her a sign of where to go in her life.  Aiden showed up.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Alexis is stunned to find out her husband has all but admitted he had Carlos kill Duke, had the witness who saw it killed and has now killed Carlos in order to save himself. Yet he affirms to her they are a team and are in it together. Right then, Sonny comes by and demands to know if Julian has confessed to her what he's just confessed. She says nothing and makes it clear to Sonny what he already suspects. Julian demands he leaves but Sonny smashes things and takes a fire poker to knock Julian over and injure him. Alexis is afraid after this. Sonny leaves after urging Alexis to wake up and see what she's gotten herself into being blinded by love with this man. Alone, she "dutifully" gets him the ice and agrees to burn the blood stained shirt they both know has all the evidence needed to prove that he stabbed and killed Carlos. However, right when she gets ready to throw the shirt in the fire place, she reconsiders and puts it away where Julian will not find it. Michael, Carly, Monica, Sam and all the people who loved Jason are overjoyed that he now remembers everything. Yet Jake makes it clear to both of his parents that he does not accept being prevented from seeing Franco and runs away to his apartment. Franco calls Elizabeth to inform her and let her pick up her son, yet urging her to know that her son is telling her something she and Jason cannot ignore. Tracy is alone at the house when she hears the doorbell ring but does not see anyone yet sees a baby in a carrier. She brings the infant inside, happy to engage with the little one and not questioning where he came from. When Michael returns and sees her with the baby, he puts two and two together and concludes that must be Sabrina's son that she had with Carlos.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Victoria and Nick make a pact to focus on Newman Enterprises and not make dumb mistakes because they're upset. Victoria asks Michael to draw up some papers for Billy to sign that state they will both strictly adhere to the rules of their custody agreement. Michael takes them to Billy. Billy thinks Victoria is doing this because she wants to see someone new. He signs the papers and takes them to Victoria. Victoria goes to Travis' bar and tells him they can never be together again because it was supposed to be fun and casual but he crossed the line by asking her kid's name. The P.I. witnesses this exchange and reports back that Victoria and Travis weren't just a one time thing. Mariah walks in on Dylan and Sharon in an intimate moment. She thinks Dylan doesn't like this new arrangement with Mariah living there. Dylan and Sharon assure her that everything is fine. Dylan leaves and Nick arrives. He wants to take Faith to the park but Faith is at school. Nick says he needs to box up Sage's stuff. Mariah offers to do it for him. Nick confides in Sharon. Mariah returns with a box of personal items including Sage's journal. Nick starts to read it and gets emotional. He decides he wants to be alone. When he leaves, Sharon snaps at Mariah for giving Nick the journal. Mariah asks what Sharon thinks is in the journal. Nick takes the journal to the park and reads something that shocks him. Dylan goes to the hospital to be there for Stitch, who just found out that Max has to stay at a children's psychiatric treatment facility. Max admits he is having a hard time dealing with his mom's death. He asks Abby if she will come visit him with his dad. Abby says yes.

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