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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn begs Liam to tell them how he really feels. They want to arrest her because they think she will hurt him but that is not true. She knows she should have called Bill or taken Liam to the hospital but she just wanted to help him get out of Steffy’s clutches who was a better match for Wyatt. She was vulnerable with Liam and she does not want to go to jail for her love for him but it will be worth it. Caroline runs into Sasha at the Forrester pool. She says she just wants a couple of laps as she does not want to be away from Douglas very long. Caroline gets a text that Nicole is in labor. Zende is on hand while Pam whirls around for the next thing to do. Nicole tells Zende that if he wants to say something he better say it quickly as the contractions are coming pretty close now. She just wanted Pam to call him and he be the first to know. Sasha says she will stay out of this as she cannot imagine giving birth and then stepping aside. Caroline says sometimes that is what it takes. Sasha says yes but this is Nicole’s first child and it seems a bit much.

Wyatt and Steffy return and he tells Quinn it is not fair for Quinn to expect Liam to help her now. She continues on her reasons for what she did. If Liam presses charges she will go to jail but it will not change the way she feels. Her time with Liam has changed her and she has so much hope for what is yet to come. Liam opens the door for the police to take Quinn away. Liam tells Wyatt and Steffy that he understands if they want to forgive Quinn but he is glad he does not have to. Det. Baker interviews Quinn. She says Liam wants her in jail, so be it. Caroline tells Zende that Sasha is out by the pool but she thinks Zende could be with Nicole now and supporting her; better use of his time. Zende does go check on Sasha and she hands him some trunks and retorts that she went through his drawers and hopes he does not mind. She thought they could use some fun and sun. He changes into his trunks but says he really is not in the mood. She says okay, no beer or martinis but how about some iced tea. He agrees to that. Steffy tells Wyatt that she has never seen Quinn like that, so affectionate and vulnerable. Her feelings for Liam seem real. Liam goes home and thinks it over, all of Quinn’s pleadings. Quinn tells the detective that she only kept Liam safe and she hopes she does not have to go to jail for that. Maya and Rick accompany Nicole to the hospital where her labor continues. She wonders if she should have asked Zende to be there with her. He is thinking about her and she is thinking about him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope assured Rafe that she wanted to be with him.  Aiden wanted Andre to tell him why he wanted him alive.  Andre told him what he wanted from him. Andre told Aiden that Hope killed Stefano, but Aiden didnít believe it.  Andre wanted a lawyer to so he could get out of prison.  Aiden didnít want to be Andreís lawyer.  Hope talked to Rafe about Aiden again.  Andre was willing to back up Aidenís story if he represent him, but Aiden wasnít willing to help him.  Kayla wanted Steve to find Joey.  Fynn told Kayla that they found a cure for the virus.  Aiden went to see Ciara to explain what happened with him.  She told him how Chase raped her.

Aiden tried to make excuses for Chase raping Ciara.  Rafe showed up while they were talking.  Rafe was upset that Aiden would talk to Ciara about the rape.  When Ciara left, Aiden talked to Rafe about what Chase did to Ciara.  Aiden told Rafe how he wanted Hope back.  Rafe wasnít so sure that Aiden would get Hope back.  Steve went to a private detective about Joey.  Aiden went to see Hope.  He showed her a video of them dancing.  Joey didnít want to be involved in a robbery with Jade and the other kids, but it turned her on.  The serum arrived at the hospital.  Aiden wanted to know what he had to do to get Hope to fall in love with him.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Alexis finds the knife Julian knows Helena used to murder her mom, and can clearly see he used it to stab and kill Carlos. He attempts to lie and tell her otherwise but she is onto him and cries hysterically and furiously, demanding to know how he could do this. He promised her he was out of the mob, she reminds him. Yet he "rationalizes" to her that he did what he did in order to preserve their marriage and their future together. Meanwhile, Sonny discusses the same thing with Carly, only with a very different "spin", assessing how obvious it is that Julian put Carlos up to killing Duke. When the witness came forward and suddenly got killed, it's obvious how it happened. Now that Carlos has all the incentive to turn on him, Julian has all the incentive to kill Carlos. He confirms that Julian only wants to save himself yet he's confident he's onto him and can expose him. At the hospital, Monica talks to Finn about how Obrecht wants to get him in trouble for the sudden, unexpected death of the patient under his care, reminding the new doc that their chief of staff clearly has it in for him for personal reasons. Yet Monica assures him, all the other staff have his back and have voted not to let him take the fall for that. Elizabeth takes Jake in for his therapy session and has to inform her son that she and his dad have decided he can no longer work with Franco as his art therapist. Franco is not far away and asks Elizabeth why she is doing this. She does not budge and instructs her son to go off with his new provider. However, at that point, she finds out Jake has disappeared. So has Franco. We see Franco at his house harboring Jake there. Carly is still persistently attempting to get Finn to help her unravel the mystery of where Josslyn's kidney came from. While they speak, it appears he has a lead. Sam and Jason are alone talking about all the things in their history that he suddenly remembers. They discuss their past, present and terms and conditions of their future together.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Dr. Gates tells Nikki she will do everything she can to get Victor an early release from prison, because he deserves a second chance.  The judge tells Victor he will make sure that he serves his entire prison term.  Dr. Gates tells Victor about her run in with Nikki at the Athletic Club bar. He tells her that Nikki has a drinking problem; and when she is drunk, she tends to say and do things she wouldn't normally do.  Adam and Chelsea renew their wedding vows and put their wedding rings back on to signify that their love can survive anything.  Using her alias "Tory," Victoria sleeps with the bartender at her favorite bar and later regrets what she did, feeling like she betrayed Billy.  Johnny finds a button that came off Phyllis' blouse and gives it to Billy.  Chelsea notices that Phyllis has a button missing from her blouse and tells her about it.  Chelsea also tells Phyllis that her marriage to Jack is the model that she and Adam follow to keep their marriage strong.  Phyllis tells Jack that she feels sympathy for Billy and all that he is going through, but now Billy will have to handle his problems on his own, because she wants to concentrate on her marriage.

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