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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge paces the floor with his phone. Eric walks in and says he was hoping to get some grandpa time. Ridge retorts that Caroline will be on her way soon. Wyatt drops in on Liam just to see how he is doing. He says he is trying to help him and be a brother. He does not want him to hope for something so unrealistic. He and Steffy are never going to happen. Steffy opens the door and tries to block Quinn from coming in but she gets past anyway. Quinn begs Steffy to help her talk to Wyatt. She does not want to lose him. She mentions that she is in love with Liam and does not want to lose him either. Thomas holds baby Douglas. Caroline tells him that Ridge just called and she needs to call him back and say she is on her way home. She does call Ridge and says she is with Thomas and they are all fine. He understands. Caroline returns to Thomas and thanks him for letting her and Ridge be the parents, the greatest gift of all. She thanks him for being Douglas’s brother. Wyatt tells Liam that there is a woman out there for him, but it is not Steffy. Just call Hope or Ivy. Liam says he is not interested. Quinn states to Steffy that she will show everyone if they give her a chance to see how being with Liam has changed her.

Eric tells Ridge that it is good to see him thriving at work, living in this house with Caroline and having a new baby. Stephanie smiling from above would be so happy. Wyatt laments to Liam that he is not an idiot and his mother might have pushed it along a little way but with time he thinks he and Steffy would have married. Steffy tells Quinn that she manipulated her into marrying Wyatt. She was waiting for Liam the whole time when Quinn took him. She would have never taken those vows with Wyatt if it had not been for Quinn. Ridge is so happy to have Caroline and Douglas home. Caroline says Thomas over-reacted but they should not be too hard on him. He was confused and upset and he just took him. Ridge wants to be sure that Thomas agreed that Douglas was their boy. Meanwhile that is all Thomas can think about, that Douglas is his son. Quinn tells Steffy that Liam is not right for her so it is no secret why she chose Wyatt and is staying with him now. Steffy says Liam hates her and does not want to be with her. She needs help. Quinn says Liam had the chance to turn her in but this was all it was meant to be. Sometimes things just turn out the way they are supposed to. Liam says he is not defending Quinn but he was in pain and Quinn as Eve took care of him. She had him in her clutches and she did not have to be that good to him. Suddenly they realize that Quinn is with Steffy and both rush out. Ridge tells Caroline that Thomas owes him this child. Someday he will marry and have one of his own, but he can’t have this boy. Liam is on the phone and tells Wyatt that the police should be there any minute. Quinn says as her mother in law she knows Liam cares about her and Steffy and Wyatt can help. The police push in the door and grab both Quinn and Steffy. Quinn screams at Steffy to tell them she was wrong. Still they put the cuffs on Quinn and she falls to the floor just as Liam and Wyatt walk in. She begs Liam to tell them that she did no wrong. She loves him and wants another chance with him. He looks conflicted.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby talked to Dr. Robinson about her problems.  Hope went to see Andre about Aiden.  Rafe wanted to question Aiden, but Aiden wanted to talk to Hope.  Fynn wanted to figure out what caused the virus.  Rafe talked to Aiden about Hope.  Aiden figured out that Rafe loved Hope.  Andre denied having anything to do with Aidenís double.  He was done talking to her.  Aiden said he wanted Hope back and wanted to help his son.  Rafe was done talking to him. 

The doctors yelled at Gabi and Adrianna for trying to make Arianna feel better.  Hope told Roman and Rafe that they had to let Aiden go.  Hope told Aiden he could leave.  He tried to reach out to her, but it didnít work.  Abby told Chad not to come see her anymore.  Hope told Aiden that Bo died.  She didnít want Aiden pressuring her to get back together.  Aiden told Roman that he would get Chase off, but Roman told him he wouldnít.  Chad went to see Dr. Robinson and demanded to see Abby.  Rafe wanted to know how Hope felt about Aiden.  Aiden went to see Andre.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Carlos is ready to die. Yet Sonny and Anna are both adamant and very impatient about getting him to admit, on his death-bed that Julian put him up to murdering Duke, so that they can bring Julian to justice. Yet Griffin demands they back off and wait while he recites The Lord's Prayer and asks for forgiveness and mercy for Carlos. At that point, the beeper indicates that Carlos has die, Griffin calls the time of death and prays for his father's killer's salvation. This infuriates Anna and she demands to know why he had to waste this crucial time with this. She later finds him in the chapel continuing to plead to God for Carlos to find peace in His kingdom that he could not find on earth and demands to know why he so intensely cares about his father's killer as well as why he lied to her never having revealed until now that he's a Roman Catholic priest. She goes to find Sonny knowing he's on the same page and same side as her. He assures her that is true. He also reveals that he knows there is something very noteworthy about the pen that Carlos used to stab and attempt to murder Dante and he informs Paul he is certain he had something to do with that, having incentive to "work with" Carlos. Jordan goes to question both Julian and Alexis regarding his whereabouts when Carlos was stabbed. Alexis has no proof her husband found Carlos the night in question but also no assurance he did not. Alexis notices a very familiar knife that has been taken out of the drawer, concealed in a towel and knows that Julian will know how effective this knife is with stabbing since it's the one Helena used to stab Alexis' mother. At that point, she makes it clear she is onto him. Nikolas talks to Elizabeth about how he can "win" and wear down Hayden so she cannot take anything from him or mess with his life any longer. Hayden meets with Curtis and brainstorms about how she can "win" and wear Nikolas down so that he has to surrender with her.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Meredith has lunch with her father in the park. She tells Victor what a great time she had and that she and her father are going to keep in touch. Adam finds Judge Gates and tells him that Victor is using Meredith to get to him because he thinks that the judge will help him get out of prison. While Adam is doing this, Chelsea visits Victor in the prison and tells him his plan won't work. She and Adam will make sure Victor stays in prison. Later, Judge Gates confronts Victor and tells him there's no way he will help him. Lily and Hilary hurl insults at each other so Jack takes Hilary upstairs to do business and to get her away from Lily. Hilary opens up about her relationship with Devon when she was married to Neil. Jack starts to compare this to Phyllis and Billy. Devon comes home and questions Hilary's motives for keeping Neil's secret. She says she is protecting the family, but mostly Devon because he would get in trouble with the law. Devon assures Hilary that Lily will keep Neil's secret. Cane warns Lily to control her temper around Hilary because they promised to keep quiet. Phyllis and Billy have sex. Phyllis regrets this decision and says she wants to leave but Billy thinks she is where she wants to be. She goes to GCAC where she runs into Jack. Jack says he needs to talk to her and she needs to be completely honest with him. Billy finds Phyllis' earring on the stairs and has flashbacks of when they had sex.

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