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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas tells Caroline that Douglas is not the Prince of King Ridge. Ridge only wants to push Thomas away. He sees his dad’s stamp all over this. She says this is what was best for the child. He says okay but now that the secret is out, what does she want? She reminds him this will be a scandal that will follow Douglas around for the rest of his life. They made the decision and she still stands by that. He reminds her that she is asking him to deny his son. She says she is sorry; she cannot make it any easier. She cannot change the past. Thomas says then she wants him to keep the secret and the world is the way that Ridge wants it. Brooke catches Rick in deep thought – about Ridge and she asks him to share. He laments nothing more than the usual. He knows Ridge always has a secret that is just waiting to come out. He says Ridge is a Marone and that is a disgrace to be running Forrester….to Rick and to Thorne. Brooke tells Rick that here is a little motherly advice. He has everything, just enjoy that. Everything else will fall in place.

Katie tries to convince Ridge that Thomas has this right to know that Douglas is his child. He has changed and it probably is due to Douglas in his life. She says everything will work out for the best. Caroline crawls on the bed with Thomas and Douglas. She says she can see that he loves Douglas but Thomas needs to keep this secret for him. She assures him that he will have total access to Douglas. They will never keep Douglas from him. She says she loves him so much for helping bring Douglas into this world. She wants Douglas to be in his life and to know Thomas. She says they can do this; they can do what is best for Douglas….just keep things the way they have been. Katie tells Ridge that as a mother she knows how deep that bond is for mother and the bio father of the child but she knows they can all work this out. Caroline says she is so sorry. She cannot deny that Thomas has the right to know and she cannot give him back that time that they kept him away. She would like for him to prove that he can be part of Douglas’s life by keeping this secret. This is the hardest decision that Thomas will ever have to make and she will make sure that Ridge also honors it. She gives him a hug. She picks up Douglas and cradles him in her arms then hands him for Thomas to hold.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

The doctors at the hospital were determined to cure the virus.  Steve was focused on finding Joey.  He questioned Jadeís father about Jade.  Chad took Thomas to see Abby.  Things didnít go well.  She didnít want to see Chad or Thomas.  It was worse when she couldnít get Thomas to stop crying.  When a nurse took her away, Jennifer showed up and wanted to see her.  Chad told Jennifer that Abby was getting worse.  Fynn tried to take care of Kayla when she got sick.

Dr. Thompson talked to Chad and Jennifer about Abby.  Dr. Thompson suggested that they donít see her anymore.  Chad and Jennifer argued over Abby.  Dr. Thompson told them Abby said bye.  Steve ran into Claire and told her what he found out about Jade.  Claire told Steve that Joey went to L.A.  When Chad and Jennifer went back to the mansion, she offered to let the baby stay with her.  He refused to let the baby stay with her because of her habit.  When Steve called Kayla, he noticed that she was getting sick.  Chad confronted Jennifer about her addiction.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Carlos has called Julian and pleaded for his help, Julian goes to meet with him, appearing to want to do what Carlos asks. However, he catches Carlos off guard, stabs him and pushes him into the harbor. Meanwhile, Alexis is alone at the house waiting after he's told her he needs to go and take care of business at Crimson, when Sonny comes to visit her and ask her what she intends to do seeing it's obvious she suspects her husband of aiding and abetting Carlos just like he does. After Sonny tells her she needs to wake up and realize that Julian is not where he says he is, she goes to find him at Crimson, after he's done leaving Carlos for dead on the docks, and has no proof that Sonny's suspicions of her husband are true. Meanwhile, as Carlos is floating in the harbor, injured and helpless, Michael finds him and tells him he will let him die unless Carlos tells him where Sabrina and the baby are. Carlos refuses yet Michael does not carry out his threat, calls 911 as well as his dad to inform him that he found Carlos. At that point, Jordan, Paul and the medical team rush to find Carlos. They wheel him to the hospital. Meanwhile, Anna is trapped inside a locked refrigerator room after Carlos has knocked her out and put her there. She awakens and finds she's locked, yells for help, attempts to break free but is unsuccessful until Andre finds her, saves her and takes her to the hospital. While he's in the ER and the medical team struggles to save him, Sonny, Anna and Paul all make it clear they don't want Carlos to live. Paul would obviously prefer him dead before he has a chance to reveal what he knows about Paul. Sonny and Anna make it clear they want to keep him alive only until he gives them the information they need to put Duke's killer away. Griffin overhears all the "vengeance" and protests that they can all find peace on earth but this man is dying and he reveals he is not only a doctor. He's a priest. Nina is burying herself in work although Franco is fighting not to lose her. She tells him he's preventing her from being independent and pursuing her goals. He goes to work at the hospital and hopes to be able to "vent" to Obrecht about his failing relationship. Yet, for the first time, Obrecht reveals to him that she no longer wants to hear about his problems and is focused on her son who has been fatally injured yet has miraculously healed. She and Maxie are very gracious to one another, both reflecting their love for Nathan. Nina finally gets the message that her brother has been injured and rushes to the hospital, sees Franco, yet makes it clear her brother is her only priority as she gathers with his mom and fiancť to be there for him.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

At the park, Mariah told Kevin that she was moving out, then she rushed away. Kevin wondered if Mariah was right when she said the money changed him and Natalie for the worse. Natalie thought Mariah was just jealous. Natalie kissed Kevin, and suggested going back to his place for privacy, but Kevin said they could work on Pass Key instead. Kevin convinced Natalie to repair Pass Key. Referring to Ben's situation, Dylan told Sharon that it would be hellish if anyone tried to take their son away. Mariah came to Sharon's and saw how good Dylan was with Sully. After Dylan left, Mariah said Sharon had been right to hide the miscarriage and get pregnant again. Sharon asked why Mariah kept throwing the miscarriage in her face. Mariah asked to move back in and Sharon said yes. Kevin came by; he admitted he'd been a jerk, and he and begged Mariah to come home, but she refused. Jack approached Phyllis and Billy at the park and asked what was going on. Phyllis said she'd asked Billy to convince Natalie to repair Pass Key. Billy cryptically said that there was one person who could get him to agree to help. Jack's eyes narrowed in suspicion, and he impatiently asked Billy what he wanted. Billy told Jack to ask his wife. Phyllis flashed back to the kiss. Jack looked to Phyllis for answers, and Billy urged her to tell Jack. Phyllis said she'd been stupid to think she could count on Billy. Billy knew Jack thought that Billy would only do what was best for Billy. Billy said that Jack would never admit to needing help. Billy decided to go talk with Fiona about Brash and Sassy and to ask her to carry Jabot's products too. Jack said Billy shouldn't bother since he'd already worked out an exclusive deal with Fiona. Billy conceded that Jabot had won this round. Billy left the park after vowing to take Fiona on a motorcycle ride. Jack asked if Phyllis would chase Billy again. Phyllis said she was through doing that because Billy had no loyalty – he'd stolen Brash and Sassy, turned his back on Jack and taken that “slut” Fiona to bed. Jack thought Phyllis was being harsh on Fiona because she was jealous of her and Billy. Jack felt that nothing had gone right since Phyllis and Billy teamed up. Jack said he didn't know who Phyllis was anymore, and he stormed off, leaving her in tears. Phyllis went to Billy's and said Jack knew there was something between them, so she and Billy had to stay away from each other for the sake of her marriage. Billy contended that Phyllis wanted to be with Billy. He pulled her into a passionate kiss.

Simon and Hilary worried about what would happen to their reputations if Lily found out Neil was the kidnapper and went to the police. Abby went to Ben's suite to check on him. Ben felt like a bad father, and Abby unsuccessfully tried to convince him that he wasn't. Abby wanted to be there for Ben, but Ben didn't think that was best for Max. Dejected, Abby went to see talked to Ashley, who gave her some encouragement. Lily blasted Neil for kidnapping Hilary and putting their family in turmoil. Neil said he tried to make up for it by finding a miracle cure, but Lily snapped that Neil was not the hero. Neil told Lily about Hilary blackmailing him. Lily told him to turn himself in. Neil wanted to, but he couldn't because if he did, the police would charge Devon as an accessory, take away Simon's medical license and destroy Ashley's dream. Neil begged Lily to keep his secret. Lily decided to keep quiet for Devon's sake, but she said she'd never view Neil the same way again. Natalie told Jack that she'd help with Pass Key. Later, Jack told Hilary he was having personal problems. Hilary urged him to talk to her about it. Lily interrupted them, called Hilary a backstabbing, cheating skank and threw a drink in her face. Paul talked with Max at the hospital, then turned him over to a psychiatrist. Dylan came to the hospital to support Ben. Ben apologized for lashing out at Dylan. Ben admitted Max should have been in therapy as soon as came to town. Ben hoped he got a second chance with Max. Paul told Ben about his troubled son, Ricky. Paul thought Ricky might be alive today if Paul had helped raise him. Paul assured Ben that Ben had time to turn Max around. Max's doctor revealed that Max had admitted to wanting to hurt Abby and the baby and had shown no remorse. Ben was crushed when he learned that Max had to stay in the hospital psych ward. Max asked Ben to take him home. Ben tried to explain things to Max, but he got angry and ran off. Paul and a social worker caught Max and dragged him away, while he begged Ben to help him. Ben went to his suite and Abby was waiting. He asked her to leave, because he didn't want to talk, but Abby said they didn't have to. She held him while he cried.

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