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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Caroline panics; tells Ridge that Thomas just took their son and she cannot find him. Ridge calls security and finds out that Thomas just drove off with Douglas. Thomas remembers thinking that night was a mistake and now Ridge tells him that Douglas is his son. Rick tells Maya that he is glad his family does not keep secrets like Julius did – that Sasha is his love child. He reminds Maya that Ridge is not a Forrester but a Marone. He was a family secret that Stephanie did not tell until Ridge was in his 4o’s. Now he is CEO and has the family home and he will not let him get away with it. Maya says he has a right to feel betrayed but he cannot let it consume him. Pam walks in and says they should steer clear of Ridge as he is in a foul mood. It has something to do with Ridge and Thomas. Ridge manages to get Thomas on the phone and tells him to bring Douglas back. Thomas says he will not talk with Ridge, only Caroline. She begs Thomas to bring Douglas home. He says he needs to talk to her alone, meet him at the cabin. Caroline loses it and demands that Ridge not follow. Thomas does not want him to come. She rants that Ridge is not to come. Do not call the police……she will handle this and get their son.

Thomas looks over a sleeping Douglas at the cabin. Katie comes in to Ridge’s office. He asks if she feels better now after sticking her nose in other people’s business. She defends by saying he knows she is right that Thomas has the right to know Douglas is his son. Ridge did the right thing by telling Thomas himself. He tells her that Thomas irrationally took off with his son now. Caroline rushes into the cabin and wants to see her son. Thomas says he would never hurt him since that is his son. He wishes she would have told him. He has apologized over and over and he never meant to hurt her. That night ended up being a huge mistake for both of them, but then it produced Douglas so it isn’t so bad after all. They created something so beautiful. Katie yells at Ridge that it doesn’t make it right but surely Ridge can understand why Thomas did this. His entire life was changed today so they need to give it some time and he will return. None of this is her fault. No one knew he would take Douglas. Caroline berates Thomas for taking Douglas. His only excuse was that he just found out and he wanted to be alone with his son. He could not believe she allowed him to think this was his little brother after both of them created him. No one can take that away from them. Ridge can say he is the father but Caroline cannot deny that he is the real father. He understands now why he has been so drawn to him and so fascinated by him. This has changed his life. He feels now like a parent does when they look at their child. You cannot describe it. He cannot push this love down and pretend it is his brother. He cannot live with that. She told the whole world that the child was Ridge's. He needs to know this is what she really wants. He pressures her to answer.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve told Kayla that Joey ran away.  Aiden told Hope that he wasnít an imposter.  He told her that he would have never killed her.  He admitted that he was working for Stefano while he was with her.  He explained to her why he worked for Stefano and how he was switched with the imposter.  She didnít believe it.  She said she stabbed him after he tried to kill her.  He showed her his chest and there was no scar.  Theo declared his love for Ciara again.  Hope wasnít sure if Aiden was telling her the truth about who he was.  He told her what happened on their first date.

Hope thought Aiden was a piece of garbage even if he told the truth about who he is.  She wanted nothing to do with him.  When she was finished talking to him, she told Roman and Rafe she wasnít sure if Aiden was telling the truth.  Rafe took her home.  Steve went to the hospital to check on Kayla.  She wanted him to focus on finding Joey.  Paul thought that the virus happened after Yo Ling brainwashed him.  John told Eduardo about the virus and how Gabi and Arianna had it.  John told Eduardo that he could do something that could cure everyone.  Paul felt guilty about casing the virus to spread.  When Rafe took Hope home, she questioned whether or not Aiden told the truth.  Eduardo went to Roman and told him Johnís plan.  Hope told Ciara about Aiden.  Ciara was worried that Aiden would get Chase out of jail.  JJ and John were suddenly sick with the virus.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Nina is alone sleeping at the Crimson Office declaring to Dillon and to Kiki that she and Franco are through although Kiki urges her to be there for Franco because she's very worried that Franco is going to the "dark side". Franco goes to visit his incarcerated criminally dangerous mom, Heather Weber. At first she tells him it's just as well he and Nina have broken up and that he should not be working as an art therapist. But he lays down the law to her that he cannot give up on Nina although he hasn't a clue what he can do to get her back. At that point, Heather urges her son to do whatever he needs to do to get Nina back and informs him that she would really like to be a grandma to the kids that Nina wants to have with her son. While Anna is unconscious on the docks, after Carlos has knocked her out, she dreams of Duke being with her and believing they are no longer apart. She also has a chance to happily inform him that he has son whom she tells him all the great things she's discovered about Griffin from getting to know him. However, right when Duke declares that everything will be all right and they can be together, (in the afterlife?), she awakens to realize she was only dreaming. Not far away, a frantic Carlos knows he is in serious trouble with the manhunt for him. He calls Julian and asks if he can help him by giving him money and helping him disappear. In this time, Alexis has grilled her husband about whether everyone's suspicions are true or not. Sonny knows he cannot give up and wait around so he goes to ask Alexis what she really believes or knows about her husband's involvement in this and the fact that Carlos has escaped after committing more crimes. Julian agrees to meet Carlos on the docks when it appears nobody sees or knows they are there. He appears as though he is willing to help him but as soon as he moves closer to his former "employee", he pulls a knife out of his back and surprises Carlos by stabbing him.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick and Victoria decide to bury themselves in work to forget about their troubles. Nick advises Billy and Victoria to fight for their love and not let anger get in the way of their happiness. Billy and Victoria tell Nick that their relationship is finished. Jack's identity is stolen due to a glitch in the Pass Key program. Phyllis asks Natalie for help fix it, but she refuses because she is out of the computer business. Sharon encourages Mariah to tell Kevin how she feels, When Mariah goes to talk to Kevin, she sees him kissing Natalie, so she tells him she is moving out of his house. Fiona agrees to put Jabot products back on the shelves of her stores when Jack promises that Billy is not a part of Jabot. Fiona warns Jack that Billy and Phyllis have feelings for each other, and he should open his eyes and see the truth. Adam tells Victor that he knows about his plan to get early parole by getting close to Dr. Gates, so that she can persuade her father who is the head of the judicial review board to give him early parole. Adam tells Nick and Victoria about Victor's plan to get out of jail.

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