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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas and Ridge go back and forth about Ridge asking him to deny his son….the son that the world thinks is Ridge’s. Douglas is safe and secure and he is not going to let anyone ruin that happiness that he has made for him. Thomas laments surely Ridge cannot expect him to go along with this, denying his own son. Someday because of a possible blood test Douglas will know and think that he rejected him all along. Ridge tells Thomas that Caroline was not herself that night and it should not have happened but Thomas was getting back at Ridge all along. He had broken up with Caroline all of two hours when Thomas showed up. Ridge knows he was infertile so Douglas had to have come from that night but Douglas is his….his name is on the birth certificate and that is never going to change. He hopes Thomas understands that. Katie tells Caroline that Thomas has a son and he deserves to be part of his life. Caroline says this will tear her family apart. Is that what Katie wants? Douglas is thriving and she cannot do this to him. Steffy cries that she did not know what happened to Liam while he was gone. He says yes but she does not have to live with that now. She says too much has happened. He says if that is how she feels then tell him to back off and say no, but he does not think that is how she feels. He is not asking about Wyatt. Just for her to tell him how she feels. Wyatt comes by. Steffy tells Liam she did not know that he was coming over. Wyatt says they need to sit and talk this over now. Liam says Steffy has a mind of her own and does not need Wyatt telling her what to do. Wyatt says he knows what his mom did to him messed him up and he will give him that time. But if Liam wants to be in his and Steffy’s life then he needs to respect the fact that they are married.

Thomas is startled that Caroline knew the entire time it was Thomas’s child. He remembers driving her to the hospital even and yet she did not say anything. Ridge says she did what was right for the child. ….a mother does that. Only Thomas can take that away. He knows he has become a better person and he can do this. Ridge says he knows this is hard but this is what is best for Douglas. If Thomas is the man he says he wants to be, then do the right thing. Thomas says that does not seem right at all. He stumbles out of the office. Caroline leaves Douglas with Pam while she runs downstairs for something important. Wyatt tells Liam that he needs to heal and if he keeps doing this then he won’t. He just needs to accept what happened. They have all moved on and Liam needs to do that too. Thomas rushes in to talk to Caroline but only finds little Douglas. Pam comes back in and says Caroline will be back any second. Thomas picks up Douglas and his bag in his car seat and says it will be all right as he can look after him now and take him to Ridge. Liam tells Wyatt that he and Steffy have been through too much and he is not giving up now. Wyatt says they may have gone through a lot but he is hurting Steffy now and she does not deserve that. Her future is with Wyatt and time for Liam to let go if he will. Liam thinks a minute and says he will try. Wyatt and Steffy leave. Caroline panics when Pam tells her that Thomas took Douglas. Thomas pulls out of the parking lot with Douglas beside him in the car.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Roman questioned Aiden about who he was.  Aiden wanted to talk to Hope, but Roman wanted to talk to him.  Aiden refused to talk to Roman.  Ciara talked to Hope about Theo.  They had a fight until Hope tried to resolve it.  Hope went to the police station.  Kayla and Fynn spent time together at the pub.  He wanted to talk to her about Steve, but she didnít want to talk about him right away.  JJ told the doctor what Gabi did that day when she got sick.  The doctor wanted to know what happened at the photo shoot.  Kayla talked to Fynn about Steve.  Theo was upset with Abe for not letting him see Ciara.  When Rafe went to the police station, Roman told him about Aiden.  Rafe went to talk to him, but he only wanted to talk to Hope.

Ciara talked to Ciara about Theo loving her.  Theo and Abe argued over Ciara again.  Theo accused Abe of being afraid of Markís father.  Kayla and Fynn had to go to the doctor.  Claire wanted to know if Ciara loved Theo.  Steve came over to question them about Joey.  Ciara lied to him, but Claire told him that Joey ran away with Jade.  Roman questioned Hope about what happened with Aiden.  She wanted to question Aiden alone.  Kayla dealt with all of the sick patients at the hospital.  Gabiís condition was getting worse than before.  Steve called Kayla to tell her that Joey ran away.  Hope went to talk to Aiden.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Carlos has run the van off the road, he's escaped and nobody can find him. Jason saves Dante's life before the van blows up. Nathan appears uninjured and calls the authorities to report Carlos' escape. Nathan seems ok until paramedics discover he has had a fractured skull and he falls to the ground. Jordan, Paul, Alexis and Anna are all notified and go to the station. Paul is obviously keeping secrets and makes it appear likely he not only arranged for Carlos to be transported to the new facility. He may have enabled him to go free. Nobody can find Carlos except for Anna who goes off, with her gun, to the docks and confronts him. They get into a struggle and he knocks her unconscious, leaving her in a helpless position. Griffin has been staying with her but has been called to the ER to treat Dante and Nathan from their injuries. Sam is at her parents' house aware that her mom may have gotten in over her head in her "loyalty" to her dad and the likelihood that her dad not only put Carlos up to murdering Duke but has also murdered the witness. When Julian is alone in the house, Carlos calls him, knowing there's a manhunt for him, and tells Julian he needs his help. Jason comes by and declares to Sam that he now remembers everything and he declares his love for her.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Victoria arrives early to Billy's house to drop off the kids and finds Fiona there in Billy's bathrobe. She threatens to leave with the kids but Billy says if she does that, he will call the police. Victoria says she is glad she's rid of him and leaves. Phyllis tells Jack that Billy is sleeping with Fiona. She admits that she slapped him. Jack thinks that Phyllis is finally seeing what Jack has known all along- that Billy is too far gone to help. Fiona finds Jack and Phyllis at GCAC and tells them that her stores will no longer be selling Jabot or Brash and Sassy because the Abbott family has too much drama and that's bad for the bottom line. Jack heads over to Billy's leaving the women alone. Fiona thinks Phyllis slapped Billy because he took another woman to bed and that's where Phyllis wants to be. Billy tells Jack that he isn't going to play the screw up of the family anymore. He's going to run his business, be a father, and take a woman to bed if he wants to. Victoria goes to Hank's bar where she and Travis, who admits to being the owner of the bar, dance. They kiss and Victoria leaves. A man at the bar records the whole thing. Abby tells Max that running away isn't the answer. He needs to stay in Genoa City and get the help he needs. Ben tells Max that he wants to help him but he needs to know the truth. Ben thinks that what started out as a prank may have come from a deeper place in Max that was still hurting from his mother's death. Max admitted that he felt like Ben was trying to erase Max's mom. Dylan calls child services and they come to get Max, who leaves with them kicking and screaming. Abby and Dylan try to comfort Ben but he wants to be alone. Abby blames herself for the situation and thinks Ben will never forgive her.

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