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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas faces Ridge and says he cannot believe it – that Douglas is his son. Katie tells Caroline that she cannot possibly think Douglas will go through his entire life and not know he is Thomas’s son. Wyatt drops in on Wyatt and is absolutely shocked that Quinn had been there and Liam just let her go. He says yeah, but his focus is not on Quinn but on Steffy. Bill drops in on Steffy and looks at her tattoo ring and reminds her that means Wyatt is #1 and should always be. She says he is not subtle. He says she finds herself married to one son and then the other son re-appears, but she took vows and she has a commitment to Wyatt and only Wyatt. She says he makes it sound so easy but it is not. He says he knows but she needs to give it her all. He cannot stand to see his two sons battle it out over her. Wyatt reminds Liam that Steffy has moved on. Yes she still cares for Liam. And he hates what happened to Liam by his mother but in time he can get past all of this and make a new life with someone else. But only if he stops hanging on to something that cannot be. Caroline tells Katie there is so much more at stake here than she is realizing, but it was her and Ridge’s decision and they are being backed into a corner. Katie says still it is the best decision to tell Thomas and Douglas. Ridge tells Thomas that no, Douglas is his child. That night should have never happened. Liam tells Wyatt that he cannot let it go; he and Steffy were robbed. Wyatt says Steffy is his wife and they cannot turn back the clock now. Liam says it will take more than a tattoo ring for him to back off. He is fighting for the woman he loves. Katie tells Caroline that she is not judging and she had no idea talking to the doctor at the restaurant would lead to this. She now has a connection to Thomas because of Douglas; she needs to think about that. She knows how difficult this is for her. And at least there will not be any more secrets. Caroline says that night never should have happened and now her whole life is ruined.

Thomas opines to Ridge that he knows how much Douglas means to him but he is his grandson, not his son. Douglas belongs to him. Ridge tells his son that he needs to put Douglas’s welfare above his own. This secret cannot come out to have a scandal and destroy his family, probably lose his job again to Rick. So they need to understand each other. He will not allow that to happen. While thinking of Steffy, Liam looks around and there she is standing in his living room. He smiles and strokes her arm and says he almost lost her. He tells her that he does not want to talk about crazy Quinn. He just wants to talk about them. He was hoping she would have the tattoo removed, but he knows they took vows. Quinn made that happen and she knows that he cannot accept that. She loves him just as much as he loves her. He asks her to have the tattoo removed and come home. Caroline re-lives that night with Thomas and her screaming it did not happen, and then telling Ridge. Ridge tells Thomas that he knows Douglas as his son; in fact the whole world knows him as his son. This is the only way. He and Caroline will be the only parents he knows. He will protect him just the way he protected Thomas all these years. They need to understand each other.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Aiden thought about when his imposter took his place and tried to kill Hope.  He thought about six months after his wedding to Hope.  He was held captive in a cell.  In the cell, he saw footage of his wedding and how the imposter tried to killer her.  Two months later, he was talking to himself in the cell about what happened.  He heard on the news that Chase was arrested for rape.  Smoke kept going off in the cell.

Aiden came up with a plan to escape from the cell.  He jumped a guard who came to give him his food.  A week later, he escaped from the cell.  Two hours later, he was at Hope’s house.  Hope came home from her date with Rafe.  Aiden talked to Hope, but she called the police.  When he tried to reach out to her, she put her gun on him.  He told her that Andre was behind what happened to them.  She put handcuffs o him.  He wanted to explain what happened, but the police came and took him away.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After the prison van crashes, it collides with Jason's motorcycle. He's injured and all alone but stands up and attempts to save the lives of people in the van or get help. Yet the "new Jason" sees all the limitations the the "old Jason" never got restricted by. He sees that Dante is fatally injured and is crushed beneath the several ton van. He wants to do something but realizes he's on an abandoned road far away from help or anyone who could find them. The phones don't work and he's all alone with very little he can do. Right then, he gets "visited" by several very prominent people in his life. First he sees Robin Scorpio-Drake. His "first love" who knew him before, during and after his first accident when he lost his memory of being a Quartermaine, encourages him to do what he believes is right. She disappears and he sees he's on his own until Carly comes to "visit" him (in his mind). She reminds him the man he was who never gave up or saw limitations in a desperate situation like this. She encourages him to be the man he used to be although he has his reservations and sees her disappear. He then sees Helena who reminds him that she has successfully "conditioned" him to lose all memories of his previous life and she reminds him how unrealistic it is for him to save anybody's life or do anything about what has happened when he has no resources or tools to do so, given the situation. Yet, Sam appears and urges him not to listen to Helena, to not be discouraged about saving the day and saving Dante and to come back home to her and Danny. He acknowledges and declares his love and commitment to her. Yet he tries and fails until he hears and sees Sonny who urges him to save Sonny's oldest son's life. Jason at first does not listen and follows Helena's instructions to get on his motorcycle, leave town and forget this life. Yet Sonny enlightens, encourages and empowers him to know who he is and what only Jason can do. At that point, he successfully saves Dante's life and takes him out of harm's way before it's too late. Meanwhile, Sam and Michael discuss the future of their respective lives and what their respective fathers intend to do. They also talk about the old vs. the new Jason and how it relates to the lives of all the people who knew Jason.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Devon is worried that Hilary isn't the woman he married because she had become cold, calculating, and power hungry.  But Lily advises him to continue to fight for his marriage and confront Hilary about his feelings. Devon confront Hilary, but she insists that she will fight for what she wants and doesn't care what she has to do to fulfill her ambitions.  Cane forces Neil to tell him the truth about the motive of Hilary's blackmail.  Neil tells him the truth about Hilary's kidnapping and pleads with him not to tell Lily. Cane meets with Lily in the park and tells her the whole kidnapping story. Lily is upset that Devon didn't tell her the truth. 

Max runs away to Ashley's lab and tells Dr. Neville and Ashley that he didn't mean to hurt Abby or the baby and that he was pulling a prank to make people laugh.  Ashley and Dr. Neville see the truth and realize that Max needs help.  Ashley then calls Stitch and tells him to come to the lab because Max is there with her.  Ashley advises Stitch to listen to Max's story and analyze it like a scientist, because Ashley was telling the truth and Max needs help.  Max tells his father that he made Abby fall, but he was afraid to tell him, because he was going to stop loving him.  Max asks his father to take him out of the country because the police are after him and they have to leave tonight.  Abby arrives at the lab and says Max is not going anywhere.  Max is scared and pleads with his father to leave.

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