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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

In a panic Caroline tells Katie to just forget what she said. Katie is aghast that Caroline said Thomas was the sperm donor. Caroline says this is not open for discussion with her or anyone else. Katie states Thomas has to know. Deacon quizzes Quinn and asks if she went to see Liam why she is not in prison or reunited with him. She reveals he was expecting Steffy when she saw him. Deacon says it is now Liam Spencer not Adam and she needs to get real. This is her son’s half brother, he is a wuss and she does not need him. She says he is a gentleman and Deacon could learn from him; some respect. He tells her that gentleman will land her in prison. Rick shows up for a meeting and tells Ridge he certainly can take time off for paternity leave but Thomas says his dad can handle all of it at same time. Liam goes to see Bill and says as weird as it sounds he felt safe around Quinn. He loved her as a wife; she did not abuse him. Bill says rest assured she will go to prison for a long time and he will make it happen. Rick tells Ridge he can keep up his guard but his chokehold on the company will come around and he will be gone. Rick listens and says he hears footsteps and it is karma coming to get him. Katie comes in as Rick leaves and tells Ridge that he owes her an apology. She knows that Thomas is the father of Caroline’s baby. He lied to her about that. Pushed against the wall with the truth Ridge says he and Caroline were broken up and that is when Thomas made his move. Now if she is happy they can continue on as Douglas is his son. She says no, he is his grandson. He has to tell Thomas the truth. As she walks out, he says he will do it.

Quinn tells Deacon that Liam did not call the police so that speaks volumes. Bill is stunned that Quinn was at Liam’s house and he let her go without calling the police. Liam says it is a blur now but all she wanted was Liam. Bill says they will call the police as Quinn surely will come back for him again. Liam says he does not care; his only focus is on Steffy. Thomas sees how upset Caroline seems to be and is trying to soothe it over when Ridge comes in and says he needs to see Thomas alone. He tells Thomas he needs to clear things up. One day he is going to run this whole company and he wants to mentor him and help him grow and succeed. Thomas is surprised since he has done a lot of unforgivable things but this is all he wanted was his love and support. He will do anything for him. Ridge says there is one thing he finds reprehensible. He knows about that night with Caroline in the hotel room. Thomas reveals that was the biggest mistake of his life and he has apologized to Caroline over and over. Ridge has a child with Caroline and they are lucky to have each other. Ridge says yes it was a terrible mistake and they had consequences. Astonished Thomas looks at his dad and guesses that Douglas is his son.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady and Theresa argued over Summer.  Dario helped Summer get rid of Clark.  Rafe got the house ready for his date with Hope.  When Hope showed up at Rafeís house, someone went in her house.  Adrianna met up with Gabi, JJ, and Arianna.  Gabi noticed something was wrong with Arianna and took her to the hospital.

Dario wanted to put Clark in Summerís car.  When Dario left, she noticed a blood stain on the floor.  Brady showed up at her hotel room. He noticed something wrong with her.  Anne came over to Theresaís place.  Theresa told Anne about Summer.  Anne wanted to search Summer on the Internet.  Brady wanted to know what was going on.  He brought up how Theresa was there earlier.  Dario barged in while they were talking.  Dario and Summer were able to get out of why he was there.  Brady left Summerís room.  Anne and Theresa couldnít find any information on Summer right away.  While Rafe and Hope were kissing, he got a text from Gabi.  A nurse told Gabi that they were going to check Arianna for the flu.  JJ noticed how Gabi was sick too.  Rafe took Hope home.  When Brady went home, Theresa told him that Summerís real name was Cindy and that she was up to something.  The guy that was in Hopeís house turned out o be Aiden.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Obrecht is determined to make Finn's life unpleasant, get him in trouble and potentially thrown off the GH staff. She informs him the patient he was attending to, who had no symptoms of anything, much less was he ready to die, has in fact died. She's certain she can build a case against Finn for that. Carly, however, is not worried when she's able to obtain information about Josslyn's kidney. Finn wants to help her but warns her in order for that to happen, he can't know anything about it, given what he's experienced regarding kidney transplants and things of that nature. Again, Finn is privately injecting the needle into his arm after having his "private issue" which is not revealed. Maxie is planning for her wedding although she reveals she still needs to get to the bottom of they mystery of Claudette. Jason talks to Sonny, somehow sensing that he "owes" him the gesture of protecting his son. Yet, he only knows what he knows (with no memories of the role Jason used to play in Sonny's life). Sonny finds it confusing to hear his concern yet hesitation. He admits to Carly he has good reason to be very upset, worried and ready to take drastic action now that the witness who could send Carlos and Julian away for murder was killed. He's worried how Julian is poisoning Kristina's mom, he tells her. The biggest concern he has is that he cannot accept Carlos going free. Carlos demands that Paul do something about the death threats he's afraid Sonny will make good on and reminds the DA what he knows and could expose regarding the death of Sloane. Paul then arranges to have Dante and Nathan transport Carlos to another facility where he will "hopefully" be safer as Sonny "might not" be able to find him. When in the prison van, en route, however, knowing that nobody is really looking out for him, Carlos knows he has to break free. He busts out of his handcuffs and causes an accident. At that point, we see the van stalled on the road and it appears Jason has been hit and fatally injured while on his motorcycle, in the collision with the van.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Hilary tells Ashley that 60 Minutes is interested in doing an interview with Hilary. Ashley says she won't allow it because the last time Hilary did an interview, she threw Ashley and Simon under the bus. Ashley reminds Hilary that the Abbotts have clout. Later, Hilary tells Neil about the interview and that she can use the venue to talk about the Abbott/Winters Foundation. Neil says that she is a conniving egomaniac and he doesn't want her kind of publicity. Hilary reminds him that she could tell everyone that he was the one that kidnapped her. Cane hears this and confronts Neil. Billy shows up at GCAC, where Jack and Phyllis are dining, with Jabot's biggest buyer, Fiona. Billy convinces Fiona to buy Brash & Sassy products. Jack asks to talk to Billy in private. He accuses Billy of trying to stick it to him. Phyllis advises Fiona to stay out of the family drama. Fiona says she is going to use it to her advantage. Billy takes Fiona back to his house, where they kiss to seal their deal. Jack accuses Phyllis of pushing Billy to make bad decisions. Phyllis storms out and goes to Billy's where she finds Fiona ready to take a motorcycle ride. Cane and Lily ask Charlie if he knows more about the fire. He admits that he stole the master key and gave it to Max. Dylan gets Max's fingerprints and a sample of his DNA. Stitch becomes irritated that Dylan and Abby think Max is capable of setting the fire. The results of the forensic tests prove that Max set the fire. Dylan tells Stitch in the hallway outside his hotel room. When they go inside to talk to Max, they find that he is gone.

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