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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Julius tells Nicole that she may think she is an adult, but he is still her father and she will treat him with respect. She simply says he has to tell the truth now or she will. Julius tells them he needs to talk to Viv but the girls will not leave for him to tell her in private. He goes back a long way to the time they got a new refrigerator and then it did not fit so it found a new spot in another room….and then the time she bought him bowling shoes instead of golf shoes. But they can look back on their mistakes and laugh. She agrees. Slowly he says because of her – Sasha is his mistake. Thomas points out to Caroline how much he has changed. It used to be models that distracted him from his designs and now it is babies. Imagine how he will treat his own. He just hopes he will be the kind of father Ridge is. Ridge admits to Katie that he was there at the accident but he did not push the doctor into traffic. Katie says well he knew the truth. She wonders if he knew who the bio father was. Ridge tries to make it seem that even Caroline may not know that as they had a donor. She wonders why he did not tell her that in the beginning and appreciates him telling her. He says he is not embarrassed; he just wants to protect Douglas and there is no reason to ever talk about this again.

Viv does not understand but finally gets the message – Sasha’s mother, Lucy, was his mistake. And all these years Viv never knew. Julius says he has prayed every day for forgiveness and wanted to protect her and his family. Please tell him they can get through this. It happened one time and when he found out Lucy was pregnant he tried to get her to leave town but she would not. Viv is shocked and disgusted. Thomas tells his dad that he is staring off in space and that does not bode well for his design but he understands with a new baby so would he. Katie comes back to get a baby book from Caroline. She lets slip about Douglas’s paternity. She closes the door so they can talk. Julius tells Viv that they had children so he did this for them. He did not want to be a part-time father so he lied. She wonders if she was a joke between him and Lucy….all those times he brought that woman into their home at barbecues and birthdays. 35 years of marriage, all lies. She does not know what is real now. He would not even acknowledge Myron back then and who he was and then all along Julius was keeping his own dirty secret. And he allowed Viv to turn her back on her own son because it suited Julius. He cries but she will not let him touch her. She says now it all makes sense how he treated Sasha; how he wanted her to leave as soon as she came over to their house. He says they have been together too many years to let it go now. They need each other. She screams at him – no! He says this has been harder than any of them ever know but know this to Viv, he did it for her. He walks out. She turns to Sasha and says she could have told her instead of just lying to her face. Both girls try to comfort her and she finally hugs both. Ridge tells Thomas that it is a fine design. Both he and Caroline appreciate how much he cares for their son. Katie tells Caroline not to be mad at her as she sort of forced it out of Ridge. She met his doctor and she talked to him and he told her that Ridge was not the father of his baby. And now Ridge has explained it was just an accident even though the doctor was trying to blackmail him. In a panic Caroline lets slip that Thomas is the father of Douglas.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena and John talked about Shawn and Belle getting divorced.  Adrianna wanted to have lunch with her family.  Marlena told John what Claire and company did to the car.  John wanted to do something about it.  Brady gave Summer the money she needed to pay Clark back.  When Brady got home, he told Theresa that Summer was a con artist.  She figured out that he gave Summer money. 

Brady didn’t want to talk to Theresa about giving Summer money.  They ended up in an argument.  Brady left to get air.  Theresa left right after him.  Dario ruined the family lunch with JJ by starting with Eduardo.  Theresa went to see Summer to remind her that Brady is with her.  Theresa wanted Summer to leave town.  Summer denied being interested in Brady.  Theresa threatened to call the police on Summer.  Clark came to see Summer when Theresa left.  Clark said they conned Brady.  Dario continued to ruin lunch by going after Eduardo.  Dario left the house.  John returned Theresa’s call.  Theresa wanted to meet.  Summer wanted Clark to leave Salem.  When he tried to kiss her, she pushed him away.  He hit his head on the table.  Marlena noticed there was something wrong with Paul.  Summer called Dario to check on Clark.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Many people are devastated after the "untimely" death of the witness who can put Carlos away. Alexis is obviously under suspicion along with Julian although nobody believes she murdered the witness and the cops conclude there's not enough evidence to convict either of them. When she returns home with Julian, she demands he give her a straight answer as to whether he got the witness killed, to which he replies he would not do that. Yet she knows he's had access to her briefcase with means to find the witness even if he did not know his name, right off hand. They end up in bed together declaring their love for each other yet she is still suspicious of him. Jordan sleeps with Maddox after he's protested to her that he's only interested in her romantically and merely friends with Anna, contrary to her suspicion. A new guy name Aaron is going out with Kristina. He meets Sonny and declares he's a big fan of Corinthos Coffee. Sonny seems positive to the polite young man his daughter's age, remarking he's glad she's over the professor. Yet she realizes how much neither she nor her new male friend know about each other. Carly goes to talk to Finn at the hospital, determined to stop at nothing to unravel the mystery of where Josslyn's kidney came from. He wants to help her but reveals it might not be something she wants to explore, given what it might involve. Dr. Obrecht is determined to have the last word with Finn, very angry that she was outvoted and he's on staff against her wishes. When he returns to the frequently visiting patient whom they've all determined there's nothing wrong with, she declares and gleefully informs Finn that this patient under his care is dead. After Sonny finds out that Hale, the witness who could put both Carlos and Julian away, has been killed, he is furious. He goes to visit Carlos and tells him he is as good as dead. Carlos is afraid, knowing that being free is going to get him killed by both Sonny and probably Julian.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Marisa went to the prison and warned Victor that Luca was a bigger threat than he realized. Victor said he already knew all about Luca. Marisa said that Noah missed Victor. Victor said that he would be getting out of prison eventually and he'd forgive his family if they apologized. Victor hinted that things would go badly for his relatives if they didn't apologize. Luca met with a man he'd hired to spy on Victoria. The man's report didn't contain any dirt Luca could exploit, so Luca ordered him to figure out why Victoria had been going to Hank's Bar. At the funeral, Sharon seemed to be about to come clean about Christian, after Nick's outburst, but she changed her mind and assured Nick that he wasn't alone. After the service, Dr. Gates told Victoria, Adam, Summer and Chelsea that she was there on Victor's behalf. Dr. Gates believed that Victor wanted to apologize and reconcile. Victoria didn't believe it, since Victor had been sabotaging Newman Enterprises and manipulating them all. Adam said that there were some things people couldn't get past. At their home, Dylan praised Sharon for her kindness toward Nick. Nick arrived and told Sharon that she had to be there for the reading of Sage's will. Firefighters put out the fire Max started, but all the security video was destroyed. Ben got angry when Abby said she thought Max started the fire. Dylan asked to interview Max, but Ben said no. Luca told Summer that he'd gone to visit Victor. At first, Summer was angry, but she softened when Luca said he was trying to help the Newmans find peace, for Summer's sake.

Dr. Gates told Victor that his family wasn't receptive, but her experience at the memorial made her want to reconcile with her own father. Dr. Gates was grateful that Victor taught her that lesson. Nick, Victoria, Sharon, Adam and Chelsea gathered for the reading of the will. Sage left Victoria a photo of Victoria and Nick, Faith a necklace, Sully a toy that had Victor had given Christian, and Nick and Adam each got letters. Nick's letter was about Sage's love for him and it urged him to find happiness again. Adam's letter was marked private, so he and Chelsea took it home to read. Adam's letter revealed that Sage had figured out Adam was Christian's father. Sage thanked Adam for keeping it a secret, and she asked him not to tell anyone the truth. Adam and Chelsea burned the letter after reading it. Nick told Victoria that she and Sharon's support helped him get through the funeral. Victoria sensed that Sharon had been planning to say something else, but had changed her mind. Nick thought that Sharon had been planning to say something about Cassie. Marisa told Noah what Victor said. Marisa suspected that Victor was working on a plan to get out of prison early.

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