Wednesday 5/4/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 5/4/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Julius tells Sasha that is the trouble about being the truth teller. There is always more truth and it was he that took care of her and made her who she is and this is the way she repays him. She ended up with a good job and a big car and now snagged a Forrester even. She is nothing like Nicole as she will understand he was only protecting her mother. Julius tells Sasha that he will go help her pack and even drive the car. He does not trust that she will do as she says. Katie finds some footage on the internet at the scene of the accident and there is Ridge in the background. Caroline takes the baby with Thomas so she can help him with a design. This leaves Katie a chance to find Ridge alone and she wants to talk to him about the accident. She gets around to the procedure. Ridge says she does not have to know about that. That time with her is over. She says he knows he did not have that procedure. But she can help him now if he tells her the truth. She wants to know if he killed the doctor. Nicole takes her phone app and tracks down her father to the Forrester house and suspects he is looking for Sasha so she tells Viv bye and rushes off.

Sasha says she would do anything that Julius wanted if she only heard one time that he loves her and appreciates her as his daughter. He cannot even see himself because he is so walled off. She should be ashamed that he is her father but she is not. Ridge asks why does Katie think he killed someone. She shows him the footage where he was on the scene. She says he lied to her. He says that is where the doctor wanted to meet. She says sooner than later others will connect him to that photograph and then start looking through the records and find a connection from the doctor to Ridge. She says she believes him when he says he did not kill anyone but the doctor was blackmailing him. This could be traced. Thomas spends more time with Douglas than he does with Caroline doing the designs. He admits to Caroline that he wants what she and his dad have. Julius tells Sasha that he did the best he could. She knows she spent more time at his house than her own. He takes her by the elbow just as Viv and Nicole come in. He speaks up and says things did not work out and she is going back home. Viv says she can understand; she would be homesick too. Nicole hugs Sasha and then tells Julius that Sasha is going nowhere; her dad can explain. She tells Viv that he will explain right now.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve wanted to know why Kayla didnít tell him about Joey being arrested.  Rafe gave Hope advice on how to deal with Ciara.  Abby gave the psychiatrist a hard time when she questioned her about Ben.  Hope talked to Doug and Julie about Ciara.  Ciara agreed to stay in school.  Chad gave Ciara a pep talk about her life.  Dr. Robinson continued to question Abby about Ben.  Abby didnít believe that they would help her.  Ciara met Claire and asked if she wanted to move in together.  Joey and Jade met Ciara and Claire and talked about what they did to the judgeís car.  Steve and Kayla argued over Joey.

Jade almost let it slip that Joey killed Ava.  Joey and Jade walked away.  Hope went to see Chad to look for Ciara.  Hope questioned Chad about Ciara confiding in him.  Dr. Robinson continued to question Abby.  Abby told her how she sees Ben.  Abby told her that Ben was in her room.  Dr. Robinson had to calm Abby down.  Chad didnít tell Hope what Ciara confided in him.  Ciara saw Hope at the DiMera mansion.  Ciara told hope that she couldnít live with her anymore.  Chad suggested that Ciara stay with him.  Ciara wanted Claire to move in too.  Hope agreed to let her stay in the mansion.  Joey went to see Steve.  They talked about Joey killing Ava.  They also talked about Jade.  Chad went to see Abby.  Abby ended up seeing Ben again.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Anna takes action to get the cops to interrogate Alexis for what she might know or be responsible for, regarding the sudden (and very convenient death) of the man who witnessed and was ready to testify that he saw Carlos murder Duke. She has Dante question Alexis while she listens in. Julian also refuses to leave the room. Anna builds a case regarding the "pattern" Alexis has had of "killing people" for the ones she loves. She brings up Alexis' "diminished capacity", many years ago when she murdered Luis Alcazar after he murdered her sister. Also, there are suspicious circumstances regardless of the charges being dropped and determined an "accident" when she ran over and killed her daughter's abusive boyfriend not long ago. Now, it's obvious Julian is in trouble along with Carlos if anyone can prove that they both got Duke killed. Any judge and jury is going to find it little "too coincidental" that Alexis just "accidentally" discovered a witness, who could ruin her husband, dead, reminding her this would be seen as a "pattern". Yet Dante is unable to obtain any forensic evidence to take further action against either of them. Anna is furious knowing that Julian murdered her fiancť and Alexis must be covering for him. Sam is also concerned and admits although she knows her mother is not a murderer, she cannot say the same for her father. Franco knows that Jason is about to persuade Elizabeth not to let him do art therapy with Jake. So he finds Elizabeth who admits to Franco that she has no suspicions of his expertise with that and believes he's helped her son make incredible progress. Jason is able to convince her, however, to discontinue Jake working with Franco although she is not happy with that decision and they both know Jake will not be ok with that. Nathan discovers something "suspicious" about a scar that Griffin has, which he knows came from a gunshot wound. He finds it very odd that a doctor would not report that, want to take action and would forget about it. He admits to Maxie he finds something "shady about this guy". Meanwhile, she is having Sam investigate what she may know about Claudette without Nathan's knowing.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Max overhears Lily and Devon saying that Abby asked Dylan to investigate the accident that caused her to lose her baby. Max persuades Charlie to steal the Athletic Club's master key card. Max goes into the surveillance camera room and starts a fire. Victor asks Dr. Gates to go to Sage's memorial service and tell Nick that he cares about him very much, but the doctor refuses to get involved in Victor's personal life. Michael informs Adam that he is named in Sage's will, so he must be present at the will reading after the memorial service. Victoria confronts Nikki about giving her voting proxy to the only board member that is on Victor's side. Nikki apologizes to Victoria, because she thought that Victor might forgive her if she gave him her voting proxy, but she realizes that Victor will never forgiver her. Dr Gates tries to persuade Victor to forgive his family, but he insists that they are the reason he is in jail, so they should be asking for his forgiveness. Nick has a breakdown at the memorial service and tells everyone he feels alone since he has lost Sage and Christian. Sharon assures him he isn't alone. Victor makes it clear to Luca that he will never run Newman Enterprises, because he disapproves of his using Summer to get into the Newman family.

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