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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Julius says Sasha is a liar. She stole Nicole’s boyfriend so another woman often believes another woman without finding out the facts. So why would Nicole believe Sasha over him. Maya tells Viv that she knows Sasha had a tough childhood but she actually had all the advantages that Nicole had so it wasn’t that bad. Viv recounts the mother was like one big long string of hard times. At least Viv knew what she was getting with Julius and he has not surprised her once. She does not think Sasha came to Los Angeles to work but to find that life she used to have with the Avants. Zende does not understand when Sasha tells him that Julius is her father and Nicole is her sister though she never knew it until today. And no one else has ever known until today. Julius always left a little bit of room so that she could be close to Nicole and the family but after today with Nicole now hating her, that will all be gone. Julius tells Nicole that Sasha’s mother is not a bad mother but she cooked up this story. He tried to show compassion. Nicole mocks him for that – yeah like he had compassion for Maya when she was growing up. She makes fun of him being so cold, and hurting her mother over and over with his ways. And this about Sasha will stab her through the heart. He has tears as he says he tried to do better but it was not easy when over and over you lose and lose. Viv tells Maya and Rick that she would never call that little room home but she needs to get back to it. Julius says the California market is in a bubble and he has not found another place for them.

Julius admits to Nicole that when Myron was little Viv had told him he was too harsh with him while his own dad said he was not strong enough. Viv turned on him in private and pulled away. Since then he has never betrayed her and Nicole will not tell her. When the time comes he will be the one to tell her. Nicole is at the room alone when Viv comes in. She sees how tense Nicole is and asks if it has anything to do with her father. Sasha goes home to the Forresters and Julius is not far behind. They are alone when he says life was a dream and they are all trying to make the best of it. He dreams his dream and she dreams hers. None of them get all they want but just enough to keep them happy and not to give each other trouble. He points his finger at her and says she did not tell Nicole the entire truth. He gave her his wife to look over her and a house over her head and included her with his family and all he asked of her was for her to keep her mouth quiet but she was too selfish. She may be his daughter but she will never be his family!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Theresa and Brady got into an argument over him always wanting to save people.  Maggie wanted to know why Victor was talking to Justin.  Kate wanted to know why Deimos wanted Nicole to work with him.  Maggie was upset that Victor was lying to her about Deimos.  Victor ended up lying to her about getting revenge on Deimos.  Deimos wanted to buy Nicoleís company.  When Deimos made Nicole an offer, she had to think it over.  Clark went to see Summer and asked her about her new mark and where she was going.  Kate was upset with Deimos for wanting to work with Nicole.  Nicole talked to Brady and Theresa about Deimosí offer.  Brady thought it was art of her plan with Victor and warned her not to do it.

Maggie told Caroline and Julie what happened with Deimos.  Clark told Summer that she owed him.  Nicole tried to talk Brady and Theresa into taking Deimosí offer.  Theresa suggested buying Nicole out of the business.  Brady continued to warn Nicole not to work with Victor.  Brady told her that Victor had another plan and was using her, but she didnít care.  She wanted to prove both of them wrong.  Kate found a picture of Helena.  Victor told Caroline that he wasnít getting revenge on Deimos, but Maggie didnít believe him.  Kate confronted Deimos about Helena.  When Nicole went to the mansion to see Deimos, she got in an argument with Kate.  Summer asked Brady for money to pay back a man she robbed.  Nicole accepted Deimosí offer.  Summer asked Brady for $50,000.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Alexis instantly notices the witness to Carlos murdering Duke in the parking garage. The guy, Garrett, is found passed out, ready to die with a needle in his arm in his car. She and Nathan rush him to the hospital although it looks like it's too late and he's already dead. This just happens to be minutes after she's spoken to him and informed Julian that this witness might ruin Carlos' defense because his story checks out about what he saw. We see, at that very moment, Julian confirming with his contact on the phone that "the witness has been taken care of" and they need no longer worry. Right then, Sam and Jason rush to the hospital and demand to know what happened, making it clear that Julian would have to know about this very coincidental and "convenient" death of a witness he obviously wants silenced. It also just happens that Anna and Griffin are in the hospital overhearing and she rips into Julian telling him she knows he murdered the witness so that both he and Carlos can get away with murdering Duke. Nikolas believes that Hayden/Rachel will no longer be a threat to him and no longer has the leverage to get $5 million from him in a divorce settlement. Yet it appears she has the means to prevent him from getting her in trouble with the evidence she has on him. Sam and Jason catch Franco hiding in the bushes and confront him about their "clear" suspicion that he's spying on them and it's not the first time. He protests he could care less about either of them and he's merely in the park to sketch wildlife on his drawing pad. Yet they notice what appears to be a "negative" drawing he's done of Nina and express their concerns, given this man's history and the belief that nobody is safe around him. He then goes to see Nina, agreeing that they are through, but explaining to her that he needs her to see and know about his drawing before she hears it from someone else. In the hospital locker room, Nathan notices that Griffin has a scar, and he knows where it came from, revealing the history the two guys may have had knowing each other in the past.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

After leaving the crash site, Nick goes to Newman Enterprises and yells at Victor's portrait. He thinks the Newmans are cursed. Victoria hangs out at the bar where she met Travis, the bartender. They get to know each other better but Victoria keeps her real identity a secret. Phyllis convinces Billy to pursue Victoria again. He looks for Victoria at Newman Enterprises but finds Nick. Victoria arrives and tells Billy to leave, he's just making things worse. Nick advises Victoria to patch things up with Billy and not take what they have for granted. Billy goes home and finds Phyllis there. He tells her that he isn't going to live in the past. He kisses her. She pulls away and rushes out the door. Jack visits Victor in prison in attempts to make peace but Victor doesn't want anything to do with it. He warns Jack that betrayal will come not from him but some place closer to home. Jack finds Phyllis at GCAC. She tells him she believes they can still fix their marriage. Paul presses Sharon for answers about Sage's frame of mind when she had the accident. Sharon plays dumb when Paul mentions that Sage left a voicemail for Adam just before the accident. Chelsea and Adam wonder why Sage wanted to talk to Adam about Christian. They assume she figured out that Adam was really Christian's father. Adam visits Victor in prison and accuses him of telling Sage the truth about Christian's paternity. Victor points out that it would do no one any good to bring that truth to light and that the secret died with Sage.

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