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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nicole questions Sasha why she would say they were sisters. Viv and Julius run into Zende and Viv manages to scramble Julius off before he gets too riled up. He does make some reference of Zende making it right with Nicole and not running after Sasha. Viv wants them just to have a nice relaxing lunch without all this drama. Julius says he is trying to get used to Nicole carrying Maya’s baby but he does not like it. Rick tells Zende that he has been where he is with two gorgeous women in love with him and he didn’t handle it very well either and he hopes Zende will not be uncomfortable with that. Zende says he enjoys both of them but if Nicole had not made the choice of having the baby he would not be looking at Sasha. After all that has happened he is still in love with Nicole. Rick says perhaps they will find a way to get back together.

Nicole tells Sasha she cannot backtrack. She said they were sisters and she wants to know what she means. Sasha cries that she wanted to tell Nicole so many times when they were little but she just couldn’t. Nicole cannot believe her dad has another child. Sasha begs her not to tell her dad as he will be furious and cut her off. Her dad thinks it will destroy their relationship if their dirty little secret comes out. She begs Nicole not to tell. Nicole hugs her. Zende tells Rick that he appreciates his advice and Rick has always been a standup guy with him. Julius says they are all in agreement; Sasha needs to go back home. It will be the best thing for Nicole. Viv says she has a hard time being harsh on Sasha. She does need a strong man’s influence in her life and that could be Julius. Sasha tells Nicole that she was always this mistake that Julius did not want and now he wants her to leave town. All she wants is his approval and maybe he will grow to love her one day. She knows she does not have much of a relationship with him but it is better than nothing. Nicole says she will honor her as a sister but she cannot promise she will keep this truth from her mom or dad. They deserve to know the truth. She goes straight to Julius and finds him alone. He assumes she is upset about something he said about her condition and the baby. She says no, it is his dirty little secret. She knows. He does not have two daughters but three – Sasha is her sister.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Victor talked to Justin about the plan.  Victor wanted to make sure Justin didnít mess up the way Philip did.  When Victor got off the phone, Fynn told him about going home.  When Victor got upset, Fynn warned him that he could have another heart attack.  Justin went to see Deimos to make a deal.  Justin wanted Deimos to end the vendetta and to give Victor some money.  When Victor went to see Maggie, Justin sent Victor a text that said the seed was planted.  Maggie told Victor that she didnít want him to go after Deimos

Brady tried to get Nicole to leave town so she wouldnít help Victor with his plan, but it didnít work.  Deimos called Nicole to make her an offer.  Brady and Nicole got in an argument over her working with Victor.  Theresa butted in and sided with Nicole.  Fynn told Maggie she could go home.  When Nicole left Brady and Theresaís apartment, Brady and Theresa got into an argument.  Victor called Brady to pick him up.  Maggie talked Victor into letting Summer live with them.  Nicole went to see Deimos.  When Brady went back home, he and Theresa argued again.  Deimos asked Nicole to be CEO of Basic Black.  Kate walked in and wanted to know what was going on.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Alexis intends to represent Carlos for Julian although she realizes it may be easier said than done, now that the police have a witness who's told them he saw Carlos murder Duke. She is able to identify the man at The Floating Rib and goes out to talk to him, attempting to find out what he may know or if it's possible to discourage him from testifying. He indicates to her that he knows exactly what he saw and she concludes his testimony could all but ruin Carlos' case. However, he seems very afraid to talk to her, knowing she's working to help Carlos and help Julian. She goes to warn Julian that this guy is a credible witness and honestly admits to her husband she cannot promise to be successful in getting Carlos acquitted. Julian, however, is not worried about that. As soon as he is alone, he gets on his phone to have his contact "take care of" the witness. When Alexis goes into the parking garage, she notices the witness appearing dead or unconscious in his vehicle with a needle in his arm. As soon as Michael finds out that Carlos might not go free, he listens to Carlos when he offers to "reconsider" now that he's desperate, about preventing Michael from finding Sabrina. He offers to tell Michael what he needs to know if Michael can help him go free. Jason goes to find Michael before he gets himself in trouble talking to Carlos, as Sonny has asked Jason to do. Michael, however, knows he might need to keep a secret from his dad and from Jason, involving his conversation with Carlos. Sam and Jason are becoming closer. After Anna's arraignment hearing, Jordan expresses to Andrť that she does not want to see him anymore because it looks like he's "interested" in Anna. He assures her he and Anna have only a professional relationship and platonic friendship and she (Jordan) is the one he's interested in. They sleep together for the first time. Griffin talks to Anna and to Mac, at The Floating Rib, about his deceased father and she informs him today is the anniversary of Duke's death. He also expresses to Mac his concerns about Maxie marrying Nathan and hears that Mac has complete confidence and only positive thoughts and feelings about Nathan.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sage's family and friends mourn her death and try to comfort Nick, but he just wants to be alone and remember Sage. The investigation begins into the circumstances of Sage's accident, and Paul discovers that she was talking on the phone with Adam before the accident.  Adam tells Dylan that Sage wanted to talk to him about work, and he already deleted the voicemail message, but later he plays it for Chelsea. In the message, Sage tells Adam that she must talk to him about Christian. Luca offers to help Summer learn about the business world, so that when Victor gets out of jail, she will be in charge of Newman Enterprises. Victoria doesn't feel up to the job of running Newman Enterprises, so she goes to a bar to drink and have a pity party. Sharon starts to feel guilty about keeping the truth from everyone about baby Christian and gets annoyed with Paul when he asks her questions about Sage's state of mind before the accident.

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