Friday 4/29/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 4/29/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nicole says it is a little more than she bargained for, but she is glad she is in the home stretch. Maya and Rick say again how grateful they are. Nicole says there might be a chance with Zende again if Sasha were to leave town like she should. She will speak with her today. Sasha parades for the camera again for Zende and says she could do this all day and for the man she loves. Julius stops by and says for crying out loud if this is what she does all day. He tells her to be careful calling him dad as Zende could still be within earshot. She wishes he was not so ashamed of her….and what he is going to do about it. He informs her that he has taken care of her and put a roof over her head and paid for everything her entire life. He has always cared about her. Sasha says she is grateful for that but she is grown now and she does not need that. She just wants his love and for him to be proud of her like he is of Nicole. She is not some screwed up kid but a model if he would just give her a chance. She is his child and that has to mean something. He says it is a terrible feeling not acknowledging her but she did not have to follow him here. He has kept her a secret for over 20 years and he is not going to hurt his family now. She says he does not know how to love but Zende does. She sees the way he looks at her and treats her like a queen. Julius says she is just a rebound and Zende will drop her in time. She screams no that will never happen and she will never let him go.

Nicole tells Zende that there is so much she has not been able to do tho Maya and Rick have tried to keep her entertained. But Nicole is making an official comeback and never mind Sasha. Julius joins Maya and Rick talking to Vivienne and says he agrees. Sasha should leave Los Angeles and stay away for good. Vivienne cannot understand why Julius has all this animosity toward Sasha. Kicking Sasha out of town seems a little harsh. Nicole tells Sasha they need to talk. She wants to be honest with her. She hates what happened to their friendship as they were close like sisters. But now that she has moved here all she has done is take advantage of her family and of Forrester. She thinks she should make a life for herself somewhere else….anywhere but here. She has overstayed her welcome and it is time for her to leave. Nicole says she thinks she can have another chance with Zende but not with Sasha hovering. Sasha snarls that Nicole expects her to give up everything she has just to make Nicole happy. Sasha says no; she cannot make her leave like this. She laughs at Nicole for using the word sister and why they are always talking about her dad. Nicole asks what is Sasha trying to say. Sasha blurts it out – Nicole is her sister.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Philip turned down Belle’s proposal.  Deimos tried to kill Victor, but he changed his mind and left.  Nicole told Dario that she had second thoughts about her plan.  He talked her into doing the plan.  He wanted some of the money.  Justin and Brady didn’t like Victor and Nicole’s plan.  Justin had another idea.  Dario warned Nicole not to fall for Deimos.  Philip advised Belle to make things work with Shawn.  Belle left Philip’s room.

Claire was upset with Shawn and Belle for letting her stay in jail.  Abe wanted Theo to stay away from Ciara.  Joey wanted Kayla to bail Jade out of jail.  When she bailed Jade out, it led to an argument.  Claire gave Shawn and Belle a hard time about being in jail.  Theo and Abe got into an argument over Abe not wanting Theo to see Ciara.  Theo refused to stop seeing Ciara.  Hope wanted Ciara to get help.  Ciara left the house and met Theo in the park.  He tried to make her feel better, but it didn’t work.  She agreed that he shouldn’t see her anymore.  Shawn and Belle agreed to stick together in order to help Claire.  Ciara went to the DiMera mansion and talked to Chad about Abby.  She wanted to work full time because she was dropping out of school.  Chad refused to help her.  He was willing to help her, but she had to finish school.  Joey wanted to go to L.A. with Jade.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Anna's arraignment hearing takes place and Scott represents her while Paul counters his defense. Paul tells the judge he has a qualified shrink's testimony that Anna is emotionally unstable as well as a flight-risk and a possible danger to herself and others. And so, he concludes he is denying bail. However, right in the nick of time, André enters unexpectedly and passionately fights the charges, and is able to convince the judge to let Anna out on bail. He also adds and sounds like he might have emotional or "romantic" interest in her. Sonny tries but fails to get Jason to go and talk to Michael to persuade him not to get himself in trouble by messing with Carlos, knowing it might happen now that Michael has received "startling information". Carlos has informed Michael that he and Sabrina are now married. So now, he reminds Michael, he has no power or control over anything. Yet, Alexis meets with Carlos and informs him of the "bad news" regarding the witness who positively identified him and who may be able to prove that he saw Carlos murder Duke. At that point, Carlos admits he's worried for the first time and he comes up with an idea involving his reconsidering and telling Michael where to find Sabrina and the baby in exchange for Michael helping him bust out of jail after he gets sentenced. Carly talks to Finn, revealing she is willing to stop at nothing to find out the mystery of where Josslyn's kidney came from now that they know it did not come from Elizabeth's son, Jake. He is ready to do what is necessary to find that out for her and reveals to Brad that he will need to perform confidential research in the lab.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Simon and Ashley show Hilary the data that shows one of their trial patients suffered a severe reaction to their drug. She seems unconcerned until Ashley mentions that Hilary's reputation will suffer if she doesn't put a halt on the clinical trials as the face of their organization. Hilary holds a press conference and makes it sound like it was her brilliant idea to stop the trials. Victoria guesses that Victor is trying to oust her as CEO so that Nick can take over. Nick assures her he doesn't want the job. Victoria says she doesn't know who to trust anymore. She goes to a bar and meets the bartender, who shows an interest in her. At GCAC, Jack accuses Phyllis of knowing that Billy was going to buy Brash & Sassy. They argue and Phyllis leaves. Hilary arrives and comforts Jack. Phyllis goes to Billy's house, where he tells her it is because of her that he is taking what he wants. Before she dies, Sage asks to see Christian. Sharon brings him to her. Sage holds him and tells him she loves him. When the paramedics arrive, they pronounce her dead. The police, including Dylan, arrive and Dylan is happy to see Sharon and the baby are fine. Paul calls Nick and they meet at the hospital. Nick cries over Sage and says he should have been a better husband.

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