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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tries to shut the door in Quinn’s face but she blocks it. He tells her she ruined his life so he has nothing to say to her. Bill walks on into Wyatt’s house who asks him to please knock next time. Bill says he is not much of a knocker. And he remarks to Wyatt that is a nice piece of art on his finger. Liam is determined not to give up but get Steffy back so Wyatt may want to rethink that he is not worried. Ridge finds Steffy at the office and wonders whys she is not home. She admits she probably made a mistake. She made a commitment to Wyatt but admits she loves Liam too. Quinn comes on in as Liam drinks. She says she was wrong to keep him away from Steffy and only to herself. She knew he would not forget Steffy even if he could not remember her. He gets angry while drinking and starts trashing the place – the candles, the flowers, the champagne, all things he did for Steffy but what was she doing….off getting a tattoo ring from Quinn’s son, Wyatt. So it does not matter that he is still in love with Steffy. She is not coming back to him. Wyatt tells Bill that he is not naïve, so Bill does not have to warn him about Liam. But Steffy is his wife now. Steffy says Quinn wanted her and Wyatt to be together so they will never know if it would have worked with Liam. Part of her wants to go back to Wyatt but part of her needs to go back to her ex. Every time she sees Liam she wants to help him and make it easier on him. There was something that broke down inside of him when she showed her the tattoo ring. She is afraid he will break down and do something. Liam tells Quinn that he knows exactly how all of this happened. Quinn did this to him. She says she is sorry, she only wanted to help and she is already paying for it. He says this is exactly what she wanted. She says she thought if Wyatt was happy it would all be worth it, but she is different now. None of it was an act, they were in love and it kills her to see him hurt this way. She begs if they can just get away tonight and all this unhappiness. She cares about him so much and Steffy is gone and it is all her fault but she will give her life for him, anything he wants, she just wants him to look at her like he did as Adam. Please give her another chance. She knows they can be happy. Bill tells Wyatt that the tattoo is not a commitment. It is strictly a symbol that might keep him happy for now but not forever. And his mamma is in cuckoo land and he will not stop until he finds her. Bill tells him he will look out for Quinn and Liam so Wyatt just needs to be there for Steffy wherever she is. Wyatt says he does not have to keep tabs on Steffy. But Bill insists so he calls her. She says she is at the office but she did stop and see Liam and showed him her tattoo. She will be home soon.

Steffy repeats to her dad again that she saw the pain in Liam’s eyes and she just wants to help him. He says she can’t. She married Wyatt because she loved him so Liam will have to get over this on his own. Just keep her promise. She says yes she respects Wyatt and her vows but she knows none of this would have happened if it were not for Quinn. But she saw the pain and she is afraid she might have pushed him too far. Liam tells Quinn that every word that comes out of her life is a lie. He remembers much of his past now and he would go nowhere with her. Quinn says she came here tonight to make it all right. He can send her to prison if that is what he wants to do. That is how much she has changed. That woman in the cabin was the best part of her. She has walked thru this world with this coat of armor but he erased that. She asks if they can start over. He has no one now and she has no one. She begs…..another chance. She loves him. He says that is funny, she loves him but he hates her. She says she can spend the rest of her life in prison but she will always love him. He grabs her by the throat and throws her up against the wall but restrains himself from going further and tells her to go. He takes a good long look into the mirror.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Victor’s blood pressure went up while Philip was in his hospital room.  The judge wanted to throw the book at Ciara and company for spray painting his car.  Theo wanted to stay at the police station with his friends even though Abe told him to leave.  Shawn and Belle argued over Claire.  Abe told hope about his concerns about Ciara and Theo’s friendship.  After Belle’s argument with Shawn, she called Philip so they could meet.

Claire tried to make Ciara feel better about being in jail.  Shawn and Lani worked on a case together.  Deimos went to see Victor to question him about Nicole.  Philip and Belle made love.  Lani came on to Shawn.  She admitted that she lied about the stakeout.  They ended up finding a woman who shot her husband and his mistress.  Deimos told Victor that he forgave him.  Belle talked to Philip about Claire being in jail.  Lani tried to come on to Shawn again, but he turned her down.  Belle proposed to Philip.  Hope got a call about stopping Deimos from taking another life.  Victor blamed Deimos for what happened to Helena.  Deimos tried to kill Victor.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Tracy campaigns to get Finn on the hospital staff and it appears everyone is listening. Nobody wants him to leave but he is adamant about returning to Minneapolis. Suddenly, Tracy informs Obrecht that she will no longer be in charge of this hospital because Monica has been reinstated to her old position as chief of staff. Everybody is encouraged and assumes this will mean Finn can stay on. Yet he needs to be convinced. Tracy and Monica successfully meet his terms, he agrees and they welcome him on board. They want to, at least, acknowledge Obrecht's efforts up until now and offer her a job. But she furiously refuses, knowing nobody likes her and storms out. She goes to see Nathan informing her son she's been fired. He attempts to console her. However, he has his own secrets which Maxie senses he's keeping from her about Claudette. Knowing the secret, Obrecht warns her son not to reveal it knowing the consequences and she reveals, and reminds him, if anyone finds out about Claudette, he could go to Pentonville. When Maxie is alone, she rushes to find Sam and asks her to secretly investigate Nathan. Sam tells Maxie she sees a conflict of interests in doing that since she's Maxie's friend and has concerns about Maxie's need to distrust Nathan and take such drastic action. Yet Maxie is determined to do this with or without Sam's help. It appears "somebody" is spying upon Sam and Jason while they are alone. Suspicion is cast upon Franco as we see he's been out all night, in the rain just like the "unseen" person. He goes back to a despondent Nina who tells him she needs what he cannot or will not give him, regarding her need to have a baby, He admits he cannot agree to those conditions and he wishes he were "enough" for her. He appears very depressed and in a state of despair and we wonder what he might be capable of doing after losing the love of his life. Sonny admits he's worried about what Michael may do since he's tried and failed to find Sabrina and the baby, knowing that Carlos is the father and is keeping the secret from Michael. Michael goes to the police station to talk to Carlos in the interrogation room. Carlos gloats and gleefully informs Michael that Sabrina made her choice, has no more interest in Michael and sees him for who he really is. He further provokes Michael when he reveals he and Sabrina are now married.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

At Crimson Lights, Abby snapped at Max and Ben for making suggestions for fun weekend plans. Max ran off. Ben explained that he and Max were trying to do what they thought Abby wanted. Abby admitted that what she really wanted was to stay home and grieve for her daughter all the time. She wasn't sure she could get through this. Ben hugged her and promised that they'd get through this together. Abby found Max on the patio. She tried to get him to admit he'd made her fall on purpose in an attempt to get rid of her and the baby. Max ran to Ben and repeated what Abby said. Ben thought Max misunderstood, but Abby didn't deny it. Ben wanted to discuss this, but Max begged Ben to take him away from Abby. Ben took Max to the Club for the night, to give everyone a chance to calm down. Back at Crimson Lights, Dylan suggested that Abby's grief was pushing her over the edge. Abby disagreed, and she asked Dylan to investigate her fall. Billy threatened to sell his shares of Jabot unless Jack gave him a ten million dollar severance package. Billy left. Jack discussed Billy's ultimatum with Phyllis. Jack wanted Billy to have a stake in the family business, so he gave Billy the money. Phyllis went to Billy's with the news. Billy offered her a celebratory drink. Phyllis refused., but she asked Billy what he planned to buy. Later, Phyllis told Jack that he wouldn't like what Billy bought. Dr. Gates caught Victor using her phone. He told her that he'd just done something to punish Victoria for her betrayal. Victor coaxed Dr. Gates into telling him about her family. She revealed that her dad let her troubled and drug addicted brother go to prison for something he didn't do, to teach him a lesson, but her brother had been killed. Dr. Gates was angry with her dad, but Victor noted that parenting was hard. Dr. Gates got emotional as she talked about her brother's smile. Victor asked if it was as nice as hers.

Victoria discovered that Victor had obtained Abby and Nikki's voting proxies and used them to secretly sell Brash and Sassy. Victoria was hurt because Brash & Sassy meant a lot to her. Victoria yelled at Abby, over the phone, for selling her rights to Victor. Abby angrily reminded Victoria that she'd been going through hell lately. Victoria quickly apologized, and Abby forgave her. Victoria told Nick what happened. Nick went to to the prison and confronted Victor for hurting Victoria. Victor revealed that he planned to force Victoria out of the CEO spot, and give the job to Nick. Nick didn't want Victoria's job. Victor thought that the board would force Victoria out for making mistakes and Nick would feel compelled to step up. Billy went to Newman and triumphantly told Victoria that he'd purchased Brass & Sassy. At Sharon's, Sage confronted Sharon about Sully being Christian. Sharon pretended not to know what Sage was talking about. Sharon came clean after Sage threatened to run another DNA test. Sage blasted Sharon, who pointed out that she (Sharon) had just learned the truth and was reeling over the news. Sage was unsympathetic to Sharon; she felt that none of this would have happened if Sharon had been honest about her miscarriage. Sharon insisted that it would be wrong for Sage to do to Dylan what Dr. Anderson did to Sage. Sage made it clear that she intended to take Christian home to Nick. Sharon picked Christian up and said she wanted to sit down and talk. Sage suspected that Sharon wanted to keep hiding the truth. Sharon swore that she didn't, but Sage didn't buy it. Sage demanded her son, but Sharon refused to hand him over. Sage got in her car and drove off to find Nick. Sharon jumped in her own car and sped after Sage. A frantic Sharon apologized to the sobbing baby in her back seat for speeding, but she said couldn't let Sage break Dylan's heart. Sharon caught up to Sage and flashed her lights tor and get her attention. Sage tearfully left Nick a voice mail saying she needed to talk to him about Christian. Sage dropped her phone, and when she looked down to search for it, she ran off the road. Sharon saw the accident.

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