Wednesday 4/27/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 4/27/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam sees the tattoo ring and asks if that is what he thinks it is. Steffy answers that it just happened this afternoon. He is sure that Wyatt pushed her into this. Caroline stops by and Wyatt shows her his manly ring. Deacon tells Quinn that she is mooning over Liam when they should be getting out of Dodge tonight. Adam I just some fantasy. She says he is not a fantasy. They had real feelings. He says Adam and Eve is over and she needs to concentrate on saving her own butt if there is even time for that. He barks that she tried to kill him and yet in his twisted head he still cares for her. This is not his first rodeo and he knows Bill is not going to stop until he sees them behind bars. She tells him to stop; she needs to think and she is not going anywhere until…….Caroline cannot believe that Quinn has not been caught. Wyatt says even if his mother had not interfered he thinks it was over for Liam and Steffy. What is meant to be is meant to be. Quinn tells Deacon that she is not worried about herself. She is worried about Liam and she needs to go see him tonight. Liam tells Steffy that they cannot let Quinn win. They were robbed and manipulated. Quinn took that and gave it to her son. He says she settled and of all things she even got this tattoo after he came home and told her his feelings. Quinn is still doing this to them. He still loves her and he knows Steffy’s eyes are screaming that she loves him too. All she says is that she does not want to hurt him. Caroline says it is good to see Wyatt like this and he deserves to be happy. She reminds him though that Liam has feelings for her too. Wyatt says he knows. He and his brother had a little talk and he wants to re-wind that clock and go back to the way it was. He sympathizes but only to a point. They had an on again and off again relationship and two marriages that did not stick. They need to let go and have some kind f happiness. She is there now and he cannot wait until she comes home.

Quinn tells Deacon to please do not try to stop her. Liam does not despise her. He is angry at her and there are things she needs to explain to him. He tells her this is insane and she is going to end up in a jail cell. He begs her to stay but she runs out. Liam asks Steffy to tell him that this ring does not mean what Wyatt thinks it is. She made vows before she knew what was going on. He wants to hear the words that she still loves him. Finally she cries that she does and they shared so much. They had a baby together and she will never forget that. She is sorry but she has to leave. Instead of going home Steffy goes to the office where she has memories of her and Liam on the beach. Liam opens his door and there is Quinn. He does not invite her in. She says before he calls the police she wants him to listen to her. She knows she did things wrong but the old Quinn would not be standing here now asking him to understand. His love changed her and she wants him to know that.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Mark tried to start trouble for Theo at the prom.  Maggie tried to make it up to Summer that she gave her up for adoption.  Nicole agreed to work with Victor to get back at Deimos.  Hope didnít want to make love with Rafe in her bed because she was in there with Aiden. 

Mark planned on doing something to Theo at the prom.  Summer let Maggie know that she didnít hate her.  Justin wanted to know what was going on between Victor and Nicole.  Justin suspected that it had something to do with Deimos.  Justin thought their plan wouldnít work, but Victor thought it would.  Justin wanted to put Deimos away legally, but Victor didnít want to do that.  Justin agreed to Victorís plan, but didnít like it.  Mark rigged it so Theo and Ciara got humiliated during the prom.  Ciara wanted to get back at him.  Maggie talked to Summer about Mickey.  Maggie was hopeful that she would dance again.  Ciara called Hope and told her that she was arrested.  Hope and Rafe went to the police station and found out why Ciara was arrested.  Ciara and the others spray painted the judgeís (Markís father) car.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Julian is uneasy with Alexis who suspects nothing and believes his lie about the private phone conversation she overheard where he's secretly taking action. She has no clue that he is back in the business and he is not about to risk her finding out. As soon as she informs him she just heard that a witness to Carlos murdering Duke has come forward to the cops, he knows he has to take drastic action to "discredit" that witness and as soon as he's alone and out of Alexis' earshot, he makes a call to expose the guy as a known junkie. Hayden/Rachel meets, again with a "hopeful" Curtis who wonders why she does not exercise the "option" of taking $5 million in the divorce from Nikolas and no longer live in fear giving power to the guy who tried to kill her. Yet she is worried that her past as the well-known daughter and co-conspirator of a known criminal will always follow her everywhere she goes. She goes to the hospital to talk to Tracy who gleefully announces she is fired. Not only that. Finn notices her and coldly reminds her that hers and her father's actions are reprehensible and unforgivable. As soon as she's alone at The Floating Rib, FBI agents identify her and tell her she must come with them whether she wants to or not. Tracy, as well as all the hospital staff want Finn to be able to work on staff at GH and are ready to take that up with Obrecht. Kristina goes to visit Morgan and is very comfortable sharing and having him know about Parker, the way she has not been with anyone else. While Kiki is at the apartment, Dillon comes to see her and they are clearly happy to be together. Sam and Jason are also happily together although while they sleep together, someone is spying upon them from outside the window in the rain.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nikki moved out of Dylan's house after telling him that she knows Victor may never forgive her, but she must go on with her life. Hilary blackmails Neil so she can keep her seat on the board of the Winters-Abbott Foundation, but Jack makes it clear that if she disrespects his family again, she will lose her seat on the board.

Sharon gets the result of the DNA test which confirms that Baby Sully is really Baby Christian, and she plans to keep the news a secret from Sage and Nick.  Sharon returns home and persuades Dylan to take a family vacation, but her plans don't work out, because Sage learns the truth about the baby switch from the nurse who helped Dr. Anderson. The nurse tells Sage that Sharon didn't know about the baby switch until she got the results of the DNA today. Sage goes to Sharon's house to confront Sharon, but first Sage has a tearful reunion with Baby Christian.

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