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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill introduces Deacon to Justin, his attorney and suggests he get one for himself. He wants to know where Quinn is. Deacon wonders what is going on. Bill tells him not to play dumb. All Deacon knows is that they were married and had it annulled. Justin tells Bill that he doesn’t like the guy and certainly doesn’t trust him but in this case he thinks he may be telling the truth and knows nothing. Wyatt grabs Steffy’s hand and wants to go get their tattoo rings. Liam thinks everything over and prepares his house for Steffy’s return, complete with bucket of chilled wine. He thinks of their courtship and marriage. Bill calls Liam and asks him over for dinner. Liam says no thanks as Steffy is coming over, just the two of them. Bill reminds him that she is Wyatt’s wife so leave that alone. They are all Spencers and they should have each other’s backs. Liam says yes, he got stabbed in that back. He was robbed and he is going to get Steffy back even without Bill’s help and he can keep pursuing Quinn.

Bill rants at Justin that he wants Quinn found and dealt with. This whole thing is a mess, Steffy with two men in her life, probably in love with one but married and committed also to his brother. Deacon goes back to Quinn and says they need to get the hell out of Los Angeles. He laments that he did not throw her under the bus like she threw him off the cliff. She says that was a temporary lapse in judgment and they cannot leave now, maybe never. Deacon says Wyatt is married to Steffy now so he does not need his mommy to hold his hand. They can go enjoy the beaches of California. He knows she just still has the hots for that kid, her Adam. Steffy praises Liam for fixing up his place. He says he has the feeling that this is not the first time he has done something like this. She says no, and she will drink to friendship. He says he keeps ending up in the same spot with them ending up with a future together. He wonders what those memories mean to her. Quinn tells Deacon that she is not worried about Bill. He says she better. They made a hell of a team until the day she sent him for a swim in the Pacific. This is unreal, they need to get away but she really must be in love with this wimp and now won’t leave. Liam tells Steffy that he is not trying to put her on the spot but he could not remember all those things. He has memories on the beach, riding the motorcycles, and their weddings. He says even when he could not remember inside he knew something was missing and it was her and she brought him back. He tells her that she does not have to say anything; he knows she loves him. They were cheated and manipulated and yet here they are again. He does not hate Wyatt but his time is over. He kisses her hand and sees the tattoo ring.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby had regrets about getting locked up.  She wanted to go home.  Rafe and Hope spent time together.  Abby wanted Chad to take her home.  Chad told Jennifer and JJ what happened when he took Abby to the clinic.  Chad told Jennifer and JJ that he had second thoughts about leaving her at the clinic until she saw a patient that she thought was Ben.  Chad told them that Abby decided to get help.

Joey met Jade at her house so they could make love.  Abby called a nurse so she could call Chad.  The nurse wouldn’t let her call him.  She wanted to give her something to calm her down.  Rafe and Hope continued to get closer.  Chad thought about Abby being sent to her room at the clinic.  She begged him not to let her go, but the people at the clinic took her away.  Abby had a dream that Ben was in her room trying to kill her.  Hope and Rafe started to make love.  Joey and Jade started to make love too.  Abby was worried that Ben was going to come after her at the clinic.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

A guy goes to the police station to inform Jordan that he witnessed Carlos murdering Duke. Realizing he may be lying or "mistaken", she shows him pictures of many people and he positively identifies Carlos, remembers the date and his story checks out. However, she finds it odd that he'd do nothing at the time it happened and wait until now to suddenly come forward. He explains the reason for that is he's been through a lot, involving losing his job, his home, his car and he's now doing a program to work out his issues and part of what he's doing is "learning to make amends". That is why he's coming forward. Right then, Alexis comes by the station, pretty confident that the cops and DA will have to realize they don't have much of a case against Carlos. Yet, with this recent development, Jordan informs Alexis that is not entirely true. She knows the guy is telling the truth although she can see his "credibility" may not hold up in court and he looks afraid to go through with it. Yet she knows how to motive him, telling him he "need not worry" since Carlos has a good lawyer who can get him acquitted due the "circumstantial evidence", which this guy is responsible for, having waited this long to do the right thing. At that point, he knows he has to right the wrong. Alexis is worried and warns Julian what she just found out. Ava overhears and privately tells her brother that given this and given how she knows he's risking his marriage secretly going back in the business behind Alexis' back, the best plan for all involved is for Julian to "end" Carlos. He tells his sister, he will handle this his own way although he does not tell her exactly what he intends to do. Ric Lansing overhears the conversation between the witness and the police commissioner and goes to inform Sonny, knowing it will make his brother's day to know that Carlos may go down for the murder of Duke. Carly tells her husband she does not trust his brother yet Sonny tells her Ric may be able to find out where the kidney came from that saved Josslyn's life (now that they know it could not have come from Jake). Franco is afraid Nina has given up on him and she is afraid he's given up on her. Dillon reveals he's interested in Kiki. Sam is spending time with Jason and reveals to him the negative history of head-butting he's had with Franco and they go off together.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Nick convinces Victor to see Nikki. Nikki asks for forgiveness but Victor says that if she wants to prove her loyalty, she has to give her proxy to someone else at Newman Enterprises. She is shocked that he turned her heartfelt apology into business. Victor goes back to his cell. Sharon suspects Sully is really Christian but she says nothing to Sage. She wants to be sure before she hurts Dylan and gets Nick and Sage's hopes up. She tells Sage she doesn't want to investigate nurse Stevens because she doesn't want to go behind Dylan's back anymore. Michael interrupts an argument between Mariah and Kevin. Kevin takes Natalie out to celebrate. Mariah admits to Michael she is feeling jealous of the time Kevin is spending with Natalie. Natalie drinks too much and wants to have sex with Kevin, but he puts her to bed instead. Sage looks for Kevin. She wants to hire him to help her investigate nurse Stevens. She tells Mariah everything she knows. Sharon arrives and Sage leaves. Mariah reminds Sharon how she lied about the miscarriage to Dylan and was lucky to get pregnant again. Sage overhears. Victor asks Ian what he knows about Meredith. Ian thinks she is the key to him and Victor getting out of prison. Ian punches Victor and his stitches open. Meredith tells Victor that he reminds her of her own father. She describes him and their relationship. Victor goes back to his cell and tells Ian what he learned. Ian says Meredith's father is head of the review board and their ticket out of prison. Kyle asks Summer to give him another chance. She ends their relationship because she wants to find out where this thing with Luca is going. Kyle promises that if Luca hurts Summer, he will protect her.

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