Monday 4/25/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 4/25/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy asks Wyatt how was his meeting with Liam. Wyatt says he did ask him to back off and respect his marriage to Steffy. He didn’t like that but Wyatt says he loves Steffy and he is not going to give her up. They are a team and he knows her commitment to him too. He wants to get their wedding ring tattoos. Liam thanks Bill for bringing him home. Bill says he will drive him free of charge all week. He says Quinn will be dealt with, either in jail or mental hospital. Liam says he is back in his life and now he just has to reclaim it and that includes Steffy. Bill reminds him that no one knew that Quinn was holding him against his wishes and Liam did leave voluntarily on his own. Now life went on and Wyatt is married to Steffy. Liam says he does not want to have this argument right now. They need to concentrate on finding Quinn. He wants her to pay for what she did. Bill says he has his own resources so they do not need Det. Baker. Ridge tries to work but keeps remembering what Katie told him about Dr. Wolin and him telling her that Douglas was his son. He tells Caroline it is funny the timing – he encounters Dr. Wolin and then he steps in front of a truck and dies. Katie drops in on Thomas and pretends she did not get to talk to him earlier at the party. They discuss Caroline and Ridge. She steers the convo to baby Douglas and he says he loves that little guy so much. Ridge overhears him tell Katie how amazing Caroline is, one of the most incredible people that he knows.

Ridge sends Thomas away to get a design and then asks Katie why she is here. He spews that he thought he specifically told her not to be nosing around here. Why is she believing a stranger’s talk over one in her own family. He wants his life and his family to be in a safe place and the media won’t let him to do. The doctor wanted some money and now he is dead. He is asking her as a friend to let those accusations die with him. Can she do that and let his wife and child be safe? She still will not let go that the doctor had any reason to say Douglas was not his son. Charlotte tries to talk Thomas into going with the interns tonight but he begs off with too much work. Wyatt says it is the one detail they have neglected in all this Liam stuff, but he would like to do it today. Bill tells Liam that Wyatt did not trick Steffy. They fell in love, it was her choice and he has to respect that. Thomas tells Caroline that he, the heretofore resident playboy, is more interested in family business than Charlotte. She is looking at a changed man and it’s all because of this little guy. Even the intern, Sarah, can not convince him to go to the party. Ridge explains that Dr. Wolin misdiagnosed his condition and he sought help elsewhere. Now he has this beautiful baby boy. And this is how scandals are born when people talk so he’d like her to drop this. Liam calls Steffy and says he needs to talk to her. It is important and she owes that to him. She says okay just for a while. Deacon walks into Bill’s office and says he is here – so what does Bill want. Bill says one word – Quinn!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Theo got into a fight with Mark when he tried to force himself on Ciara.  Ciara and Henry stopped Theo from attacking Mark.  Ciara thanked Theo for protecting her.  When Ciara got home, she told Hope about her reservations about going to the prom.  Hope comforted her about the prom.  Belle talked to Marlena about Claire and how she wanted to make the prom special for her.  Claire came home and was upset about Ciara.  Theo went to see Ciara. 

Hope told Ciara that they could move home.  Theo went to see Abe.  Abe was upset with Theo for being out all night.  At school, Mark watched Ciara and Theo talked to each other.  Abe talked to Hope about Ciara and Theo being together.  Abe talked about his reservations about their relationship.  She assured him that everything would be okay.  Mark apologized to Ciara for trying to kiss her.  When Abe walked away, Rafe told Hope that he had information about Deimos.  She didnít want to be a part of Deimosí investigation.  They eventually agreed to meet later.  The teens left to go to the prom.  Rafe came over Hopeís house to help celebrate the 80ís.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Franco goes to work at the hospital and Monica coldly regards him and wonders why he's carrying a big gift-wrapped box with a bow. He reveals he has the puppy whom he brought home to Nina, which she angrily told him she does not want and which started a terrible falling out between them. Not far away, Jake is with his dad, indicating he has complete trust and high regards for Franco although he can see his parents and grandmother do not. As soon as Jake sees the puppy and finds out Franco does not have a home for her, he instantly warms up to her and demands his dad let him have the puppy. When Jason says no, Jake declares he hates him. Franco confronts Jason, alone, telling him he is inattentive to his son and does not put him first. Nina goes to work at Crimson and finds herself talking to an attentive and sensitive Julian when he sees she's upset. He informs her that he can see that Franco loves her and encourages her not to give up on them. However, he reveals he has a secret about something, which she assumes is related to Carlos.

Michael and Felix urge Sabrina's aunt to tell them what she may know about her niece and the baby. She convinces them she has not seen or heard from them, yet as soon as they leave, we see that she has a baby in a crib hidden in her house. Molly confronts her mom for representing Carlos. She furiously reminds her of all the abominable things that man has done to their family and friends and urges Alexis to consider what she is doing. Alexis lays down the law to her daughter that her professional choices are none of Molly's business. However, when Molly tells her mom she knows the only reason she'd even consider helping Carlos is because Julian has asked her to, Alexis secretly realizes that may be true and not something she wants. Sonny considers having Ric represent him in legal matters involving Carlos. Yet Ric realizes his brother might intend to kill him if he cannot get him charged with the murder of Duke. Sonny concludes he does not trust his brother to represent him as they both realize maybe the less Ric knows about what Sonny intends to do, the better.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick persuades Victor to accept a visit from Nikki who asks for forgiveness and her voting proxy. Nikki is heartbroken when Victor is happy that the family is falling apart without him. He says "I told you this would happen." Mariah and Michael are worried that Kevin's money has changed him for the worse, and they have lost him to Natalie and his wealth. Sharon remembers everything that Patty told her while she was at Fairview. After a brief visit with Patty when she again tells her that she wasn't pregnant, she suspects that Sully is baby Christian.

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