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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Forrester’s is going to welcome Liam back. Ridge tells all not to quiz Liam too harshly; he has a lot to catch up on. He asks Steffy how she feels now that she knows Quinn manipulated the situation with Liam. Rick asks his dad if he heard about this doctor that died. A friend told him that Ridge was seen with this doctor at a restaurant yet Ridge denied it. Something is up. He is taking these long lunches and not fulfilling his duties as CEO. Rick says he should be running the ship and he will again. Someday Ridge is going to do something so bad that even Eric cannot forgive him. Caroline pulls Ridge aside and says Rick keeps staring at him, wonder what is up. Ridge replies that Rick will always have his eye on Ridge, even where he has his lunch. She says maybe but what if he looks into it and figures out Ridge’s medical history. It is all over the internet about the doctor’s death. Maybe they will find out he was Ridge’s doctor. He says they are fine, their secret is safe. Bill thanks Ridge for doing this for Liam. He will need all the support they can give. Wyatt pulls Steffy aside and says he knows this is hard for her but they will all be there for Liam and help her get through this so it won’t ruin her life or marriage. Liam will have to accept that she is his wife now and just move on. Katie pops in on Brooke at the office. Brooke says she assumes she is there for the party. Katie says yes but she wanted to see Brooke first. She wants to apologize for the other day. She over-reacted and that is not fair and she cannot blame all her problems on Brooke. Liam walks in and is surprised. Bill hugs him first and says he cleaned up good. They are all here today, the Forresters and the Spencers. That is how much he means to all of them. Liam glares at Wyatt but thanks them. He says he is glad to be back. His MRI came out fine and little by little his memory is coming back. Eric assures him when Quinn is found charges will be filed. Wyatt agrees, this was crazy off the wall. Pam and Caroline say Quinn did come to the office, in all these bright colors, it was weird. It was like she was a whole different person. Liam says perhaps she had her own metamorphosis……but doesn’t change things that she is this sick, deranged person always manipulating everyone. He is back and better now. He looks right at Wyatt and states that he is going to get his life back. Bill publicly thanks Ridge and says this will honor Liam and it means a lot to Bill too. They have all been good to Liam and made him feel at home and he knows they are all grateful to have him back. He hugs Liam and says he loves him and is proud to call him son. He states that if Liam can survive Quinn then he can survive anything. Wyatt says he would like to say a word. He is sorry for what Quinn did to him. It was criminal and uncalled for. But like Bill said he is strong and he will survive this. And all of them will stand behind him and help him pick up those pieces and move on. Liam glares at him more.

Brooke tells Katie that she never meant to disrespect her and she does not have to keep apologizing. She will always be there for her and nothing will ever happen between her and Bill. Katie tells Bill that Brooke says she does not need to apologize anymore and that she can sympathize. Bill says he is glad and now he just hopes his boys can do the same. Rick whines to his dad that Ridge hardly shows up at the office anymore and he’d like to be back as CEO. Ridge robbed him of the Forrester mansion just as he did the office. Eric says this is not the time or place to discuss it. Rick wants to speak with Katie. Bill leaves and Rick asks Katie if she saw Ridge the other day at this restaurant as his friend said he saw him talking to the doctor that got killed but Ridge denied it. Katie says she did see the doctor but not Ridge. Bill tells Liam that he knows it does not seem fair and is hard to accept but there is nothing he can do about it now. He has to respect Wyatt’s marriage to Steffy. Liam catches Steffy hugging Wyatt. He gives Wyatt the stink eye and says they need to talk. Wyatt tells Liam that he looks good and he is glad he is better. They were all worried about him. Liam is silent, Finally Wyatt says okay, he gets it, get his dig in, he knows he is pissed. He tells Liam that he knows it is a shock that he came home and now he and Steffy are married. He probably wants to kill him but there is nothing they can do about it now, it is done. She loves him and he loves her and they are all going to have a find a way to move forward. Liam asks if this is his way of telling him to give up on Steffy. Wyatt says he does not want to fight with him about this. Liam says he does not either. Wyatt says he saw the way that Liam was looking at Steffy in the other room and all he is asking for is a little respect that she is Wyatt’s wife now. Liam lays into him that the only reason he got Steffy in the first place was because Quinn manipulated it to keep him locked in the cabin and away from all of them. But he is home now and he is ready to take back what is his!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad and JJ found Abby in a motel.  JJ said Ben was in jail, but she didnít believe she was safe.  Hope got a call from someone who told her to get Deimos.  Brady didnít want Nicole to help Victor go after Deimos.  Chad was able to get Thomas from Abby.  She ran out of the motel room.  Hope went to see Deimos to ask him about Dr. Malcolm and Bo.

Deimos told Hope that she couldnít prove what he did to Bo.  Chad and JJ took Abby back to the mansion.  Jennifer comforted her.  When JJ and Jennifer left the room, Abby and Chad argued over her going to a clinic.  JJ and Jennifer talked about Abby.  He noticed that Jennifer had a problem.  Deimos taunted Hope with the truth.  She pulled a gun out on him.  Nicole showed up while Hope had her gun on Deimos.  Brady told Theresa that heís going after Deimos.  Jennifer denied that there was something wrong with her.  She got defensive when he asked her about it.  Deimos wanted to know what Nicole wanted.  Chad continued to comfort Abby.  Abby agreed to go to the clinic.  Deimos wanted to know why Nicole wanted to hear his story.  She said she wanted to hear about Helena.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Julian is talking privately to Alexis who admits she is representing Carlos, for him, against her better judgment and she has to uphold attorney/client privilege and not reveal to him what he needs to know. She goes off to work and Olivia finds him to engage in a conversation about their mutual infant son Leo. Olivia tells him although she does not want to get in his business, she has concerns for whether he's in trouble and how it could affect their child whom they both agree should have a daddy. Sonny finds out that Alexis is representing the man who tried to get him killed and tells her he knows she's doing it for Julian in order to protect Julian from having Carlos testifying against him. He reminds her that he's certain they are both responsible for murdering Duke and she needs to wake up and realize her husband is not a "legit" as she wants to believe. Tracy is getting better and wants Finn to stay on staff to be her primary provider. Monica wants that too. But Obrecht firmly reminds them she is the chief of staff and she won't let that happen. Carly and Josslyn reveal to her that they don't want Finn to go anywhere. Finn admits he feels at home around them and it's confirmed that people want him around a lot more than they want Obrecht there. While Anna remains in jail, Paul reveals to her that he wants to deny her bail. The reason, he tells her is because he has concerns about her mental health status. He tells her he's consulted with a psychiatrist who confirms his concerns. She learns the psychiatrist in question is Maddox. She talks to him alone, urging him to know he cannot listen to anything Paul says. Yet he wonders how or why she would confess to attempted murder. He also knows the last time he saw her, she knocked Paul out in her living room while she fled with Sonny to South America to find Carlos and take matters into her own hands. He concludes he is worried about her mental health status and suspects, given her current impulsive and irrational behavior, that she may be a danger to herself and to others.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Victoria had an idea to use Pass Key's revenue to launch a startup incubator, to finance new entrepreneurs, like Natalie. Victoria second-guessed her plan, but Nick assured her that it was great. Abby tripped over the clear string Max tied across the top of the Athletic Club stairs. She was rushed to the hospital, and Ben, Ashley, Simon and Victoria went too. Max retrieved the string he used to trip Abby. Cane took Max upstairs to watch TV. Max pretended to fall asleep. Cane left the room, and Max threw the string in the garbage. Lily watched the Club security footage, then she told Cane that Abby's fall had been an accident. Simon took Ashley's hand while they waited for word on Abby and the baby. Ashley told Victoria that Abby believed in herself because Ben believed in her. Sharon and Sage discussed their secret investigation of Nurse Angela Stevens. Sharon gave Sage the key to Dylan's office, at Crimson Lights, and his password, so Sage could sneak and use his police software to do a background check on Angela. Dylan brought Nikki home and told Sharon that she'd be staying there. In private, Sharon grumbled at Dylan for not discussing this with her first, but she grudgingly accepted the arrangement. Sage and Dylan left, leaving Nikki and Sharon alone. Sharon tried to be cordial, but Nikki told her to drop the act. Nikki accused Sharon of being a gold digger and of getting pregnant to trap Dylan. Sharon called Nikki a lush and gutter trash.

Adam told Chelsea that Victor said he wanted Nick to run Newman. Adam thought Victor was trying to goad Adam into accepting the job instead. Adam thought Nick would run Newman into the ground, but he didn't care. Adam said he'd rather be unemployed than work there. Chelsea asked Adam to be CEO of Chelsea 2.0. He accepted, but he asked if she only gave him the job because she was worried he'd go back to Newman. Dylan went to Newman and told Nick that Nikki had been drinking and been hit by a car. After a call from Victoria, Nick went to the hospital. Victoria told Nick that she didn't give Abby enough credit for having grown so much. Abby and Ben learned that they lost the baby, then Abby was rushed into surgery. Ben broke the news to Abby's loved ones. Ashley held Ben while he sobbed. Sage used Dylan's laptop to do a background check and realized Angela was the nurse who told her Christian died. Sage learned that Angela was once Dr. Anderson's patient. Sage called Sharon with the news and told Sharon to ask Angela's boyfriend why she'd been committed. Sage ran into Nick at the hospital and he told her about Abby. Abby blamed herself for the fall, and she apologized to Ben. Ben assured her that no one was at fault. Dylan went back home. He sensed the tension and asked Sharon and Nikki to call a truce for Sully's sake. Dylan found out about Abby's fall, and he went to the hospital. The news about Abby prompted Lily and Cane to recall their own miscarriage. Simon went to talk to a hospital employee, then he returned to Ashley. He told her that the baby had been a girl.

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