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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam lashes out at Steffy and says he was not gone that long. She fires back that he went to Australia and when he came back that he had said he was done with her so what was she to believe. He says but he never stopped loving her and he never will, so tell that to her new husband. He demands that she tell him his name. Zende drops by some proofs and runs into Nicole. He mentions the interns date night. She is sure taking Sasha will be more like it. She is not being a saint here and there are times she wishes Sasha had not come to Los Angeles and maybe things would be different now. Sasha repeats what Viv just asked her if she could pull back until Nicole has the baby and then if they wanted to they could both compete for Zende. Viv reminds her that she and Nicole have been best friends her entire life so this is painful and not good for Nicole or the baby. Sasha pulls away when Viv mentions being a member of the family. She does not think she has to be grateful for that but then perhaps she should repay her. As she is about to unload on her Julius walks in and tells Sasha to be careful with the tone she speaks to his wife. Sasha says all of this is better for Nicole but not her. And she is just supposed to accept that. She did not take Zende away from Nicole. Nicole gave him up the second she decided to be Maya’s surrogate. Nicole made her decision and Zende made his. And believe it or not he wants to be with Sasha and she would be a fool to walk away from him. Steffy says she doesn’t blame Liam now but she needs him to understand how things were and why she got on with her life. He bellows okay, he gets it. She was upset and confused and this guy was there for her and he thanks him for that but now he is back…..and he loves her and he is ready to get married and yes now he wants to know who it is as he is not going to let this person stand in his way. He demands to know who it is. He is floored when Steffy says it is Wyatt. Liam says he came home the second he realized who he was. She says Wyatt was there for her and was supportive and they did not know all of this about where Liam really was all that time. He left all those messages and she thought that was what he wanted. He tells her Quinn tricked them. He can’t get over that it is with his brother. Viv tells Nicole that she is so sorry. Sasha has always been nice and polite and now she seems so angry. Julius adds his two cents that you cannot talk to that girl about anything. Sasha is getting ready for her shoot and is happy to see Zende come in and she parades around for him. He doesn’t seem too thrilled and changes the subject and asks her why did she tell Nicole that he loved Sasha. She must have done that to hurt Nicole. She says they made love and it was not just physical and he knew how important it was to her. And he had said he meant it. He says yes, it is not just physical with him. He is not that kind of guy. She says he is so incredible, the kind of guy she has searched for her entire life. And since she grew up without a father she wasn’t sure that kind of guy existed. Her mom taught her not to get hurt and to find a guy she could trust and depend on. And up until Zende, she had not thought that man existed. She says she is sorry if she said those words but she thought he meant it and no man has ever said those words to her before.

Wyatt asks Bill if Liam’s doctor says he will be okay. Bill retorts that yes physically but no telling what those weeks with his nutjob of a mother did to him, her torture may be more than a few bumps on the head. Wyatt says he understands and he cannot condone anything his mom did. But when Liam finds out about Steffy and him being married he will hate Quinn even more. Bill says maybe but Quinn did not force Steffy to put on that ring. They both know that is not how Liam will see it and hope he can handle this. Steffy says she is so sorry. She wishes she could explain how it was for them at the end. But he just took off and did not want her in his life. She did not think she would ever see him again, so it was over. He muses when has it ever been over for them? He loves her still and she must have known something was wrong….and all those memories, how could she forget? They had to mean something. None of this should have happened. She says but it did and they can’t just go back and fix everything. He says she can, she can undo it. She replies that he is home and safe and that is all that matters. He says this is not home, it never will be without her here. And she can not want to be with his brother now that she knows the truth. She says she did not marry Wyatt because she was angry with Liam. He simply wasn’t here, he wasn’t anywhere. He argues that every single memory he ever had was wiped out except for her. He knew there was someone he had to get back to, more important than his name. He accuses her of not waiting long enough. Surely she had to have known something was wrong. He is shocked that she thinks he would have broken up with her by a text. She says she waited and did not give up on him, but…..he says okay then he will not give up on them either. He tells her they were manipulated and her marriage to Wyatt was a mistake. And despite everything he is back and he is not going to give up on her. He grabs her and plants a big kiss on her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Victor wanted Nicole to help him get back at Deimos.  Maggie wanted Theresa to tell her what was going on.  Theresa told Maggie that Victor gave Deimos everything.  Maggie wanted to see Victor.  Victor wanted Nicole to seduce Deimos to get back at him.  She didn’t like the idea of sleeping with Deimos.  Victor told her that Deimos was responsible for what happened to Maggie.  Joey wanted to know if Steve was giving up on Kayla.  Maggie went to see Victor to confront him about losing everything.  He told her Deimos used her to get everything.

Steve told Joey that he wasn’t giving up on Kayla, but he was giving her space so she could miss him.  Joey eventually accepted Steve’s decision.  When Steve left, Joey was upset with Kayla.  Victor told Maggie that Deimos poisoned her.  Victor told her how Deimos wanted everything in order to save Maggie’s life.  Joey tried to get Kayla to take Steve back.  Maggie told Victor how Deimos’ drugged her.  She was willing to get revenge on Deimos.  Summer went to see Maggie to give her back her charms.  She admitted to stealing them.  Jade wanted Joey to run away with her.  Finn went to see Kayla.  She passed out while he was there.  Summer told Maggie why she stole the charms.  Summer wanted to have a relationship with Maggie.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Lulu goes to meet Dante at their old apartment. Although they intend to meet to simply do the couples' counseling exercises, he lights candles, has bought a new bed and runs a fire for a romantic evening. That is clearly also what she wants. Although they both realize their counselor has advised no "intimacy" this early in their therapy, they sleep together and declare that they have never been happier than right now. Laura somehow knows she has not get to the bottom of the mystery and uncrack the code of what Helena's key meant. Kevin does not want to give up and tells her he found out something that said "heartbreak hotel". They both realize that they, just like many other people, have spent time alone in hotels mourning after relationships end. Jason and Sam are happily together when she reminds him that since the night she believed he was killed, she has had many dreams that she'd awaken next to him, only to discover he was gone and remind herself he died. Right then, she hears a gunshot, discovers Jason has been shot dead and sees Helena in her room taunting her. She awakens to find she's only having a nightmare about Helena having Jason killed and that he's right there for her. Yet she somehow knows there might be some significance in the dream she had about Helena. Michael is still determined to find Sabrina and the baby yet comes up with nothing. He is very surprised to find out that Anna has been arrested for the intended murder of Carlos. He determines he has to go to Puerto Rico to find Sabrina and Felix insists on going with him. As soon as Griffin finds out that Anna has been arrested, he rushes to find her and help her get out, believing she's been falsely accused of murder. Yet she affirms it's true. She had every intention of killing Carlos, did in fact shoot him with 4 bullets and covered it up. Yet noticing his father's killer is still alive and standing in the adjoining cell near Anna, Griffin confronts him. He is very upset to see that Carlos feels no remorse yet he urges Anna to know they must both forgive him or it will take their souls just like Carlos took Duke. Alone in the cell block with Carlos, Anna tells him even if Griffin wants to forgive him, she will not.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Adam visits Victor in jail and demands an explanation as to why he had him fired from his job. Victor denies the allegation telling Adam he talked to Luca to make sure he stayed away from Summer. Victor thinks Adam wants to be the CEO of Newman Enterprises, and he feels guilty he didn't take the job when it was offered to him. Sharon and Sage decide to team up to investigate what Nurse Angela and Patty know about the night Sully was born. Abby falls down the stairs of the Athletic Club because Max left some fishing line on the stairs on purpose. Nikki admits to Dylan that she had a car accident while driving drunk, because she is feeling lonely since Victor went to prison. Dylan invites Nikki to stay at his house and she accepts on the condition that Sharon approves.

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